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    Genshi - WIP


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    Genshi - WIP Empty Genshi - WIP

    Post by Tengoku on Wed Jun 24, 2020 2:13 pm

    [Clan name]  Genshi
    [Clan Location] Iwagakure
    [Bloodline Name & Type] Doujutsu - (ファントムソード - Fantomusōdo) Phantom sword
    [Current Clan Leader] N/A


    Clan History/Description: The Genshi were known for being enforcers of law. They could always seem to tell when someone was preparing to attack and counter them. Putting down their enemies with a glance. Often they were kept in court in order to preserve the peace. Observing and adjusting the more unruley as needed. However during the rule of Konoha over the land they saw it as an injustice and spoke out against it. As a result their clan leaders were put to death and they were scattered in fear for their lives to the four corners of the nations.

    Over time many of them were hunted down and eventually forgotten. Those who survived forgot all hope of returning home and hid their abilities from others. Fear of being hunted once more driving them to no longer train their eyes. To never activate it in front of others was eventually a common clan practice. Hiding behind a veil of being average.

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics: The Genshi don't stand out much from others. Their appearance ranges from tanned skin with dark hair to pale with lighter hair colors. Even their eyes are based on the eyes of their parents. That is until they activate their dojutsu. At the first rank ( E rank) the eyes gain a purple glow. At D and C the eye gets a vertical slit through it. At B and A it gains a horizontal slit creating a cross design. Finally at S rank an X is created when activated creating what looks like a snow flake.

    Bloodline Description & Abilities: The Genshi are capable of using their dojutsu to place seals with eye contact on their opponent's or allies mind and body. Only able to do the same for themselves with a reflective surface (Until S rank) The range on this ability is based on their preception. Upon unlocking the bloodline the individual gains the E rank version of the technique but must spend 500 exp per rank to upgrade their doujutsu from there. (E is free but every rank after is 500 exp)
    E rank = 15 meters
    D rank = 25 meters
    C rank = 35 meters
    B rank = 45 meters
    A rank = 70 meters
    S rank = 100 meters

    Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks: When using this Doujutsu the caster can only effect X amount of people + themselves per rank. At lower ranks their doujutsu can not stack with buffs or debuffs and they are limited to their ranks respective level of buffs and debuffs. They can not stack the same buff or debuff twice with their Doujutsu(Strength can't be placed on someone more than once for instance)

    D rank = 1 individual + caster (One buff or debuff per person)
    C rank = 1 individual + caster (Two buffs or debuffs per person)
    B rank = 2 individuals + caster (One buff or debuff per person )
    A rank = 2 individuals + caster (Two buffs or debuffs per person
    S rank = +5 chakra per individual + caster (Three buffs or debuffs per person)

    Clan Techniques

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