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    Bully vs Bully (Mission)

    Kouen Miyamoto
    Kouen Miyamoto

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    Bully vs Bully (Mission) Empty Bully vs Bully (Mission)

    Post by Kouen Miyamoto Fri Jun 12, 2020 4:20 am

    Mission Details:
    Mission Name: How to deal with bullys
    Mission Type: Custom
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Teach the little fellow how to defend himself.
    Description: A wealthy family living just outside of Kumogakure has a son experiencing problems with his peers. Bullies come out daily to torment the boy and make countless attempts to mug him for any money or valuables as he may possess. Instead of bringing shame upon the family by flaunting its wealth, the boy elects to take up arms and learn how to defend himself. The father approves of this and has put in an official request for a Kumo ninja to teach his son how to defend himself. Well atleast a little.
    Payment: 10,000
    Requirements: Genin

    There were some missions that Kouen liked, and this is one of those missions; some rich kid needing a ninja on how to defend himself. The local blonde brat could teach him a thing or two on dealing with delinquents, being one himself! He wore a yellow t-shirt, grey jeans with red stripes, a loose belt around the hip and sandals. It wasn't the best outfit that should be expected of a shinobi, but Kouen doesn't believe he needs it anyway. He's only going after a couple of kids after all. The trip outside the gates was stopped at first by the gate guard, but when he told him of his mission, he was given permission to leave. It didn't take long for him to find the house, which was pretty hard to miss. A mansion-esque home as if it were on the country side. It was a really good spot and it almost made him envious, but maybe he could get such a home when he gets the money for it. That's one way he could beat his brother, flaunting his wealth!

    He met outside the house, the kid came out to greet Kouen near the gates but he looked at the mansion, somewhat disappointed that he didn't get to go to the door and see what the inside looked like. He waited for the boy to introduce himself, but he remained quiet, timid, as if he's waiting for Kouen to do the talking. "Uuhhh... helllooo?" he sarcastically said, and the kid quickly corrected himself. "Hello." Kouen rolled his eyes, the kid really needs some work. "The name's Kouen, you may know me as the resident Blonde Brat! I'm here to teach you on how to beat up those bullies!" although the boy seems taken back by the wording, he timidly nods.

    "Right... firstly, show me how you fight." the boy slightly turned his head in confusion. "Fists up! that kinda thing." yet again, the boy only grew in confusion more. "... You're not giving me a lot to work with here..." the boy didn't seem very enthusiastic, slowly raising up his clenched hands. "Do a stance to show that you mean business, left leg gently back, right leg standing tall and a mean face." the kid did as he instructed, until the mean face came along... it was just a wide-toothed smile. "... You need to work on that, you'll probably get sweet candy from a grandma for that smile but you'll get those teeth knocked out by the boys if you pull that on them." the kid quit doing a face altogether, though he maintained his stance. "... I guess that's as good as we're gonna get, when those bullies come today, swing at them nice and hard, think about all the pain and trouble they've caused you and use that as a fuel of rage. I'm a pretty good teacher, huh?" although it doesn't look like there's a malicious bone in this kids body, he's surely got some spite for the bullies.

    He convinced the kid to go to the usual spot that he gets bullied at, while Kouen stayed at a nearby bush to keep eye. He didn't want to step in unless he absolutely needed to, as the kid needed to fight his own battles but if it got too bad, he'd step in. It was nearly half an hour and Kouen's eyelids were heavy, but he did his best to try and keep an eye on the spot... until finally, the bullies came along, three of them with one just a few inches shorter than Kouen. Not that the size mattered, but he could intimidate them easily if he had to.

    He kept a close ear as they approached the boy, who seemed a bit shaky. "Hey brat, the fuck you doin' here by yourself? you learned ya place?" the boy tried to raise his fists, but they were locked at the sides, as if he struggled to bring them up. Kouen watched in anticipation, worried for the boys sake. "Come on, come on, throw a fuckin' punch!" he thought. He placed his hand on his mouth, anxious, as if he knew it was about to go down. The bully pushed the kid back. "Hey, I asked ya, did you learn ya place?" he gripped onto his knee as a way of self-control, to not run in already. "Come on kid... you got this..." but he doesn't, the kid kept shaking in fear, looking around for Kouen. "Nobodies here to save ya, give us the money." he grabbed the kid by the collar, fist raised high in an intimidating pose, as if he was about to punch him but suddenly, an electrical discharge hit to the side and exploded, the bully dropped his grip immediately and the boys stood back. "What the fuck?!"

    Suddenly, Kouen stepped out of the bushes. It escalated far enough, and it was obvious from the timidness of the boy that he wasn't going to throw a punch anytime soon. Although Kouen himself wasn't remarkably tall, his tall height towered the much younger boys. "Who are you? this is none of ya business!" in a violent reaction, he tried to swing at Kouen but with a tight grip from Kouen at the invading punch, he grabbed his right arm by the wrist and bended it to the left, causing an uncomfortable pain for the bully. Before he could even react, Kouen's other hand went up to the bullies face, although not touching, a spark of electricity erupted from his hand at the boys face. It didn't conduct, but the threat was clearly there that he could've been electrocuted. "I could've just electrocuted you then, pop, there goes your life." and the bully started to slowly step back, collapsing back onto the ground, staring at blankness as if his life flashed before his eyes. The other bullies looked to the main bully to respond, but nothing, he was still shook. "I'm going to make this clear, if I have to come back out here again, it will be the last time." the bully didn't say anything, and just started to walk off. The other two seemed both scared and puzzled, running off to catch up with the main bully. He looked around and saw that the boy was intimidated by Kouen... well... that wasn't good, he probably took it too far. "I wouldn't of actually killed him you know, the threat was enough to scare him... and the display of lightning might've helped, it wouldn't actually kill him, just a light shock to make him jump, nothing more." the boy didn't seem approving of it, but Kouen simply shrugged over it.

    "You may not like it, but in this world, you can only beat violence with violence, unfairness with unfairness and all that crap. The worlds not going to forget you're rich, so you might as well get ready for the next time this happens, throw a punch, get hit, grow tough. If you don't expose yourself to it, you're never going to learn, experience is the best teacher I'd say." Kouen made a light giggle to himself, that sounded almost smart! he's pretty sure that's something his brother wouldn't of come up with, so that's a brownie point to himself. "I gave them a good scare, so I don't think they'll come back but don't depend on it. I won't always be around." although the kid looked reluctant to show it, a half-smile grew on his face. He took that as a job done, and made his way back to Kumogakure. He thinks he did a pretty good job considering the circumstances, the boy didn't actually stand up for himself, but hopefully he learned what it means to defend himself now, what it takes. He can't be kind-hearted and timid forever, he'd have to grow out of it.

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