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    So I bought me a Waterfall

    Kagura Ezume
    Kagura Ezume

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    So I bought me a Waterfall Empty So I bought me a Waterfall

    Post by Kagura Ezume on Wed Jun 10, 2020 1:30 pm

    The Land of Waterfalls… a beautiful country, in Kagura’s opinion. Untouched, at least as of recently, by war and famine, it was a prosperous country that she had arrived in record time; a mere 8 hours of running. She had wanted to make it faster, but she had to slow down to the point where she wasn’t causing a massive wind-wake when she had to go around other people who were on the paths she had chosen on her route to get here. Coming to a jog and then a walk before hitting the gates would only be respectful, and she approached one of the guards, who seemed bewildered by her sudden appearance. “Kagura Ezume. The Elder should be expecting me.” She then took a step back and waited, knowing that this part of the process could take a while, and pulled a canteen from her belt-loop on her back, chugging the contents. Since she was waiting anyway, recovering her stamina took top priority, even if it hadn’t been enough of a drain on her to really make that big of a difference.

    A few minutes later, the guard came back and escorted her inside.

    She was brought to a large and relatively well guarded, large and semi-ornate building. It lacked the militaristic feel of the dominating buildings of Konoha’s administration, but made up for it with style. The designs on the building were amazing, and whoever their architect was had an eye for details, not letting small things that most people would gloss over go to waste. Once inside, the atmosphere seemed very prim and proper, and Kagura adorned her best professional face and moved to the room where the current Elder of the land was waiting for her. Sitting across from them respectfully after bowing, she quickly removed her pouch and undid the clasps, presenting the scroll that had the funding that had been provided and turning it around so that they could inspect it. The Ryo Amount was within the coding of the scroll, and for the ease of their own ability to transport the funds, she didn’t unseal it so they could take the scroll directly. A ninja in their employ moved to the side and inspected the scroll, and then nodded to the Elder, a fit-looking older man with shocking red hair and an assortment of scars.

    “The Hokage will run things for this country remotely, granting all the benefits of being a nation under the Land of Fire. With the funding provided you can retire and do with it as you wish.” It wasn’t ‘word for word’ what the Hokage said, but got the point across while being direct and concise. The elder nodded, grabbed the scroll and putting it inside his robes, and then stood up, which prompted Kagura to do the same, and bow. With not a single word said, he departed, and Kagura then looked to the Ninja that had translated the Fuuinjutsu for the Elder. “Ensure the transition process goes smoothly and everyone is informed in this change in leadership.” With that said and done, she moved back out to the gate, giving the guards a smile as she took off yet again to get home.

    [Buying Takigakure and Annexing Land of Waterfalls into the Land of Fire. Travel back to Konoha (8 hours due to spending 25 chakra to use Kagura’s base A rank speed to travel the half major country)]


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