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    The Otoshigi [Ink and Oil Release]


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    The Otoshigi [Ink and Oil Release] Empty The Otoshigi [Ink and Oil Release]

    Post by Tatts Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:32 am

    [Clan Name]Otoshigi
    [Clan Location] Unaffiliated
    [Bloodline Name & Type]Sea Blessed; SumitonInk Release [Doton - Suiton] [Oil Aburaton Release Kekki Mora]

    [Current Clan Leader] None
    [Clan Member List]

    Clan History/Description

    Closely related to the Yoru, according to oral traditions, the story of the clan came about from an ocean spirit whom fell in love with a dragon, Taking the form of a dragon creature of the sea, she courted him,and after many moons, they made love. Unfortunately a creature of spirit, and a being of the flesh. It looked as if their children would be doomed to an early death.

    Searching around the world, she spotted a Yoru who was praying to an unknown dragon for the health of his ailing wife. The spirit cunning, and desperate showed up as the oceanic dragon that was visibly with child, and she made a pact. She would ensure that the wife would survive, and life a long and healthy life, if but she allowed her to possess her body until her children could be born.

    The woman with the husband's insistence acquiesced. So for the next 4 months the Ocean Spirit inhabited the woman, Kimiki Yoru, a human of Man and Dragon, was the perfect vessel in the spirit's eyes for the mixture of Dragon and Water Spirit.

    Upon birth, the Water Spirit blessed her triplets with her powers, and as promised, healed the wife of her impending death from the dragon's blood reacting poorly with her.

    It was shortly after that the dragon they worshipped, a rival to the Ocean Spirit's lover, came upon the family and the children they helped bear. In a fit of rage the Dragon went to attack them, but the Ocean Spirit, having gained a soft sport for the mortals whom helped her, fought against the best.

    As he was dragged into the depths of the sea, he bestowed a curse upon the family, That if they wished to defile their blood by giving birth to the bastard children of a bastard dragon. They would forever be known as Tatsu no Otoshigi! And neither Land nor Sea would they belong!"

    And that was the birth of the Otoshigi family line.

    Modern Otoshigi:

    Most of the Otoshigi think that the tale is a myth, used to describe why they don't seem to fit in among the land walkers, nor fit in with the ocean life. But some think there is some credence, for no matter where an Otoshigi goes, the water calls them, and how their bodies share strange properties that are more in common with the ocean life than the land walkers.

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics

    While they have some minor shapeshifting ability taking in power of cephalopods, and seahorses, the one thing they can never disguise is their skin which is comprised of many smooth scales, that from a distance look like skin, but are of varied colors and patterns that aren't natural skin colors.  

    The next big difference is that, when the Otoshigi don't feel like disguising it, or they are running low on stamina, their tentacles become visible. Usually growing out of the back of the head, they can sprout anywhere on the body.*

    *: Sorry there are literally no SFW pics, and the one pic that was perfect is definitely site violation .. I mean there isn't any ***, but it's close enough XD.

    Bloodline Description & Abilities

    Sea Blessed:

    The physical side of the the clan's Bloodline represents their oceanic heritage.

    Oceanic Shapeshifting (Minor): [free]
    All Otoshigi have the ability to hide their tentacles at .5 CP / thread, and use "Soft Body Manipulation Jutsu" at will free.

    Semi-Aquatic: [Free]
    All Otoshigi can breath underwater, and in their AE element, but take an additional rank in raiton damage.

    Oceanic Shapeshifting: [500 XP]
    At this stage the ability to hide their tentacles at .1 CP / Post, and can access Otoshigi transformative Jutsu.

    Cuttle Camo: [500 XP] [Requires Ink Artist 2, and Oceanic Shapeshifting]
    The Otoshigi have the ability to alter scale pigmentation with speed and precision of a cuttlefish for natural camouflage, or even making art on their bodies, who's speed is based on their coordination skill, and ability is based off of Intelligence.

    Ninjutsu and Taijutsu can use this to their advantage to make unique and powerful customs.

    Ocean Might: [250 XP]

    Tentacles have a - 1 Tier Coordination to each tentacle, and their strength is boosted by +.
    As well as a + to Swimming.

    Ocean Might 2: [250 XP]

    Tentacles have a -- to Coordination, and a ++ buff to Strength. Gain a ++ to swimming

    Ocean Might 3: [500 XP]

    Tentacles have no debuff, but a raw +1 Tier to tentacle strength and swimming speed.

    Regenerating Fluids: [250 XP] [Requires Ink or Oil release, and Ijutsu].
    By passive infusing ink/oil/water with Ijutsu, the user's body regenerates

    Ocean Form: [1,500k]
    Can transform into a sea form,top half Siren , bottom half Octopi / Krakenoid .

    Gain an addition +1 Tier boost to Speed and Coordination when in water.
    Raiton is an addition Rank higher in damage and can't use Jutsu that require hand seals.

    Ink Release:
    [1,000 XP]

    Both Ink and Oil Release are made from Suiton and Doton naturally mixed together within the Otoshigi,

    Free Form Ink: Can free form ink, hardening, softening, shifiting, riding, surfing, etc it at will. It's movement speed is -1 Coordination Speed, and the amount able to be moved at a time, and range is:

    Stamina (amount);  E:10 cubic lbs; D: 25 cubic lbs; C: 100 cubic lbs; B: 500 cubic lbs; A: 1 cubic ton; S: 5 cubic tons

    Coordination: (range): E: 10m; D: 20m; C: 50m; B: 70m; A: 100 m; S: 500m.

    Has the same effect, and weakness as Water Release: Water-Heavens Convergence
    but uses Inks.

    Ink Generation: [250 XP]
    Can generate Ink from their bodies (mouth, hands, hair, any part). The amount generated at one time is based on the Stamina amounts listed above.

    Ink Artist: [free]
    Ink Release automatically grants "Ink Blood" from Fuiin. For the purpose of generating Ink.

    Ink Artist 2: [250 XP]
    Can alter the color and texture of Inks for free, and gains a 50% reduction to Ink and Artistry based Jutsu.

    ink Artist 3: [250 XP]
    Can create and spot forgeries. Gaining a passive +1 Tier of Perception for the purpose of spotting / creating forgeries, or spotting quality of art.

    Ink Artist 4: [500 XP] [Requires Chemistry]
    Can alter the Ink in the body to create unique and powerful Inks.

    Ink Combat: [250 XP] [Requires Ninjutsu and Taijutsu]
    Ink can now be hardened to the user's current Constitution Rank when used in combat, and gains a access to the clans Ink based Nin-Tai.

    Oil Release:
    [1,500 k] [Requires Free Form Ink]

    A more refined form of Ink Release, can create alcohols, essential oils, and ignitablable oils. Allows access to Oil Jutsu, and can convert ink abilities / jutsu to oil based ones.

    Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks

    Being a semi-aquatic creature, the Otogoshi requires constant hydration less they suffocate via dehydration. This makes fire techniques especially dangerous as it can dry them up quicker than they can hydrate.

    The next weakness is in Sumiton, while strong against fire and water. It's weak to Raiton.

    Abaraton on the other hand is only strong against Water, weak to Raiton. But increase the power of fire based Jutsu by 1 Rank, and instantly lights the covered area in flames.

    Clan Techniques

    None at the moment.

    Activation Cost:
    Speed: -
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A

    Tatsu Kotoshura


    Strength: E
    Constitution: E
    Stamina: B [950]
    Speed: D [150]
    Coordination: C [450]
    Intelligence: B [950]
    Perception: C [450]


    800 XP Debt.

    BokuPower: Things using the Bokuton Element, are 1 Rank more Powerful, but Ijutsu is 1 Rank Weaker.

    Chemist Prodigy: A player may create chemistry creations one rank higher than what their current experience or skill set allows. This can result in an increased countdown (for poisons and drugs) or cooldown (for medicines and provisions.) The increase is the next rank's timer increased by .5 (rounding up.)

    Learning Advantage: Tatsu can learn 1 Rank Higher Jutsu than normal, but her rank up is increased by 10% (stacks with other learning boosts (high int, sensei, etc.)

    Kitsuki Kurahasa
    Kitsuki Kurahasa

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    The Otoshigi [Ink and Oil Release] Empty Re: The Otoshigi [Ink and Oil Release]

    Post by Kitsuki Kurahasa Sun Feb 16, 2020 4:18 pm

    While they have some minor shapeshifting ability taking in power of cephalopods, and seahorses,

    *^ Denied. This clan can't also have latent shape-shifting abilities. Altho tbh, you could just use the Transformation Jutsu.

    I'm not keen on allowing another free form manipulation clan. Especially not one of liquids so the free-form manip of ink is unfortunately denied.


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    The Otoshigi [Ink and Oil Release] Empty Re: The Otoshigi [Ink and Oil Release]

    Post by Enkai Sun Feb 16, 2020 9:21 pm


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