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    Flashback | Gearing Up

    Hua Li
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    Flashback | Gearing Up Empty Flashback | Gearing Up

    Post by Hua Li on Thu Dec 12, 2019 12:45 pm

    Chuunin rank. Things were about to get serious from now on; the sort of serious which required proper preparations. Weapons, armour. Her hammer alone would no longer do the trick. Even her clothes, which were personally requested to be reinforced, would not suffice. She needed armour. Or at least something that could protect her clothes and body somewhat better than the day to day clothes she wore.

    She had picked out a local smith of Kumogakure. A de facto rival of the trade any day of her life since the man too tended to forge weapons and small metallurgic baubles, but unlike her he knew his way around armour crafting. The two never had much contact other than a curt nod of recognition. Both lived quite away from each other, tending to different districts. Seeing her now browse his wares confused him. Time and again his gaze drifted to the Tengu; unsure if he was seeing right. If she was truly about to buy something from him when Hua Li was known to be a member of a shinobi monster clan. Member of a group who even boasted quite good craftsmen at that.

    But it mattered not to her. She could get the Tengu's crafts any day if she wanted to. To point now was to get a feel of the prices asked from others, and the quality they brought forward. Sometimes buying goods from a trade rival was just an excuse to figure out the next strategy on the market. Nonetheless, she found what she was looking for. A reinforced vest; simple but efficient. Lightweight as she liked it. And faulds and cuisse to match, as if they had been designed with the vest in mind. This three-piece leather armour would protects the largest parts of her body against primary impacts. The rest was a matter of minimal dodging and proper coordination. Weapons had their function too when it came to defence, and those required her arms to be free and moving.

    To that account, the most practical weapon she could think of would soon find its way out of the display and onto the stack - a kusarigama. Not the easiest to wield but damn useful. For gouging, hacking, slashing, killing... A wry smile escaped the yokai when she thought about it. It was also practical for tripping, binding and climbing, of course. Much like her hammer, it was a weapon with plentiful uses if one had the creativity for it. Useful things were good things in the eyes of this engineer-smith. Useful things were things to have...


    Flashback to purchasing of:
    - Vest
    - Leather faulds
    - Leather cuisse
    - Kusarigama


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