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    Post by Raijin on Sun Nov 10, 2019 10:23 pm

    It was raining by the time they arrived in the Land of Grass. The group stayed under the cover night. Keeping off the main paths and hiding away from the other travelers on the roads. There was a rendezvous point the Death Eaters had set up for the Dark Lord to meet them. Raijin and his three personal attack squad finally made it to the Land of Grass. There was no exchanging of words on the scenery. They were hardened criminals, paid handsomely by the Dark Lord.

    They would even die for him. They rendezvous point was  in a wooded area. When the four arrived, Raijin was met by his Scouts he had sent earlier. "My Lord." One of them answered as he neared. In total there was seven of them, the Death Eater's were going to make their big entrance. But here was the hard part.

    "No luck locating Kusagakure?" Raijin asked him.

    "Not yet. It looks like this may take a while. The village is well hidden."

    "That's why I have arrived. Its time to speed this up." He held up a seal, releasing the Sage clone. A flood of Sage chakra came into his vast pool. The body of the Dark Lord began to change under the black cloak. His body began to scale much like the dragons he was so used to. The second transformation took over his body, and wings sprouted from his back."Keep looking." Raijin ordered. It was simple. He was there to speed things up. The wings on his back spread out, and they began to flap rapidly. He took off into the air and began his search.

    [Searching for Kusagakure]

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