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    Building Up Resources


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    Building Up Resources Empty Building Up Resources

    Post by LeonInazuma on Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:03 pm

    The cold air was surprisingly calm despite the clouds looming over Kumogakure's head. People go about their daily lives or seeking for a life of their own. Sven always wondered what drives everyone to perform their daily tasks. Some of them cracks down on odd jobs to put food and shelter for their families. Some people are simply trying to survive in this civilization. There are some, a rare few Sven noted, that seek to improve their standings and impress others with their growth. Although Sven realized that these people won't hesitate to perform questionable deeds or hire shady groups to do their dirty work. Unfortunately, this includes some of the Kumogakure's crafters as well.

    Thanks to the efforts of a certain Anbu, crime has been kept on the low. People are both in awe and fearful of the Church of Jashinism. Sven recalls a time where priests of Hakkun attended to Kumogakure. In his mind, the man wondered if he could win those priests' favor. That was a thought for another time however as he pursued a specific goal in mind. The unfortunate side of being a shinobi in Kumogakure is that Sven has to build up his workshop from scratch again. Which was not an issue as Sven wandered throughout the streets of Fuyuko District. Inquiring about a smelting furnace to further his career as an armorsmith, and a side note of being the instrument of producing his puppets. Of course, a smelting furnace is not something one person can buy as a whole.

    Sven, using his connections with the local crafters, searches to acquire the parts for a furnace. Some of which Sven had to exchange some favors for, but it was a good investment in Sven's personal opinion. Eventually, after spending some funds for the parts, Sven acquired enough to build himself a furnace.

    Taking the parts over to his currently barren workshop, Sven takes off his suit jacket and hangs it on a coat rack just before entering the forge itself. Then the young jounin set to work on piecing together his furnace. The process took a few hours to set up, and after an hour of stoking the hot coals to see if there are any kinks and require some fine-tuning. Taking some time to double check the newly installed furnace and tightening some of the screws in place. Sven wiped the sweat from his brow as he stood up on his feet. The Lionheart allowed the furnace to cool off to just smoldering embers before stepping out of the forge.

    [Purchasing Smelting Furnace -50k]

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