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    Advanced Cryptography

    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    Advanced Cryptography Empty Advanced Cryptography

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:27 pm

    After Shimiko had returned from Wangchuk Mountain she immediately send to work on the ciphers that she and Vik had found. The pair had come across the ancient Chinoike writings in a hidden room deep within the mountain. Neither he nor she recognized the writings and so Shimiko had brought them to the village's cryptography experts. After many days of intense research and studying, the cryptographers had finally cracked the code.

    The cipher and its maps pointed to a series of locations throughout the Land of Hot Springs. The locations were marred by specific events which could only be explained through poems, legends, and various sayings that only a Chinoike would understand. Shimiko had gathered that there was in fact an ancient and supreme power that lay dormant within most Chinoike. Nana had often told her that she was descended from Vampires though her mother's line and while she had always believed they were fantastical stories it appeared there might have been some truth to the old tale.

    This is it....This is what I've been searching for...

    The power and its grantor were alluded to but not specifically explained. The cost however was plain and it shook the Chinoike to her core. If she was willing to do this then there was absolutely no turning back. The cryptographers who had helped her agreed to be mindwiped. This was a major Clan secret that could not get out.

    What she was planning would change the direction of her household. She had to commit to it 100%. The woman prayed to Jashin to give her guidance and then penned a letter:


    Dear Vik,

    After careful consideration, I have decided to accept your marriage proposal. I do have some conditions though. Please find attach a list of items to prepare for our wedding.


    The letter made her nauseous. She was giving up a chance at true love in exchange for power and political cover. It was disgusting but necessary. She knew that anything she put before the Church would be lost anyways. She'd make the necessary sacrifices for a brighter tomorrow. The letter was sent out and Shimiko started preparations for her wedding in the Land of Hot Springs.



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