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    Fuuingan WIP Empty Fuuingan WIP

    Post by Seigi Tue Oct 08, 2019 5:07 pm

    [Clan Name] Douchiwa
    [Clan Location] Kumogakure/Sunagakure
    [Bloodline Name & Type]   Fuuingan (Sealing Eye)
    [Current Clan Leader] NPC

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    Clan History/Description  The Douchiwa (doe/chee/wah) Clan is a clan that originates from Uzushiogakure but resides in the Lightning Country, and recently, Sunagakure. Within the Lightning Country, it rivals the Inazuma Clan for political power. Countless times, the Raikage’s council has had more Inazuma than Douchiwa, keeping them from having the influence they want most.

    The Douchiwa Clan's eldest ancestor was born at an unknown time, but it is speculated that she may have graced the earth before the death of the Sage of the Six Paths. She was outrageously skilled with her chakra, and she married a younger, notorious samurai. Both were hungry for power and sought control of the fuedal lands around it.. Being in-tune with their chakra, they were able to succeed; her husband became a Daimyo, ruler of a feudal dynasty. They called their dynasty the city of Douchiwa, saying that they “fan the flames of war and shock the lords of gore.” It was a crude motto thought up by some of the soldiers in the Douchiwa infantry. As crude as it was, it was catchy, so it caught on as their “who dares, wins” of sorts. The point, of course, was that a copper fan could both increase fire, which was the Daimyo’s affinity, and conduct electricity, one of the queen’s four affinities.

    It wasn’t long, however, until a demon challenged their great city. The demon was called The All-Seeing Falcon. This demon attacked and destroyed approximately 80% of the dynasty and personally confronted the queen who was merely protecting her husband and children. He told her that he was impressed with her ability to tap into her chakra because it was a rare thing to find in a human. He said, “As I have lived and evolved, so have my eyes. And every eye I have used has been replaced with one superior. To thee I impart the vision of my less mature eye, and only one do I give. For too much power may overwhelm thee. Thou hast not proven worthy, yet my time groweth ever near. For mine eyes look with foresight, and I see death upon me. Lo, my life is to be taken by the greatest among my kind, the Beast of Ten Tails.”

    The All-Seeing Falcon had correctly prophesied his own death by the hands of the Ten-Tailed Beast. After departing from the destroyed city, he had given its queen an infant version of his eye because he had kept and collected his own eyes as they had fallen out over time throughout his evolution. He didn’t give his current eye for the same reason he didn’t give her two eyes: the power would overwhelm a human. So, the queen’s left eye was replaced with the demon’s first left eye.

    The queen was no longer a queen, since the city had been squandered, and her husband was no longer Daimyo. They left on their own to start a family in the quiet of the mountains where the Land of Whirlpools would be established generations later. However, it was not they alone from whose lineage the Whirling Tides Village came; only this clan comes of their blood. Their children genetically inherited the left eye that she was given. The only difference was that the children did not have the full extent of the capabilities with their eyes that she had. When the era of shinobi began and the establishment of the Whirlpool Country was come, people dubbed the ex-queen’s eye the Samsara Fuuingan saying that it was like the Sharingan, and they called the eyes of the children just Fuuingan. Samsara Fuuingan came to be compared, of course, to Mangekyo Sharingan.

    The second generation of this bloodline marked seventy-five people, including the queen and her husband. The queen was old but still alive at this time. She was sought out by a demon, one of the lesser demons from the spiritual realm. It was a huge, talking eel. This eel asked, “Are you not she to whom the All-Seeing Falcon gave his immature, left eye?” She answered affirmatively and showed the eel the eye. The eel then said, “We, too, hath been favored by the All-Seeing Falcon, as we were his humble servants, but now, I regret to inform thee of his death. He was slain by the Beast of Ten Tails, yet before dying, he requested that we seek out a family of mortal humans that would grow in number and become quite powerful under the imperial title, Douchiwa.” From then on, a blood-related, spiritual covenant was formed between the family and the eels.

    The Douchiwa and the Uzumaki were both large parts of the founding of Uzushiogakure, and throughout it’s history, both clans tended to compete against each other in terms of complexity and strength of their fuuinjutsu, wanting to gain the favor of the Daimyo. This caused a sort of “cold war” between the two clans as each one created more powerful Fuuinjutsu. This rivalry became so fierce that even villages on the mainland took notice, seeing more and more powerful fuuinjutsu created, stemming from the village. In fear of their own lack of fuuinjutsu and the constant, growing strength of the two clans, the continent banded together and attacked The Land of Whirlpools, utterly destroying it. The remaining members of the clans both agreed to go their separate ways in fear of their rivalry causing even more destruction.

    With the destruction of Uzushiogakure in 280 AS, the clan’s numbers once again dwindled down, forcing them to migrate to the continent, heading north, towards Kumogakure, while their Uzumaki counterparts went east, towards Konoha. The eels who had served as the All-Seeing Falcon’s servants migrated with the Douchiwa. They were accepted as refugees, and slowly throughout the years, earned their place in the village.

    Now, the clan, distant descendants of that to woman whom the All-Seeing Falcon bestowed his immature left eye, resides in Kumogakure no Sato. They serve the Raikage and constantly compete with the Inazuma Clan to an almost detrimental extent. Both clans hold a measure of political control, but whereas the Inazuma Clan frequently holds the office of Raikage and fill seats on the Raikage’s council, the Douchiwa Clan establishes its value and political capital as the primary police task force of the village similar to the Uchiha of old for the Hidden Leaf prior to the Uchiha Massacre. Douchiwa protects the Hidden Cloud Village as the primary form of law enforcement. They take pride in their Kekkei Genkai, a dangerous Doujutsu, and many in the clan have summoning contracts with the aforementioned eels of Unagi no Kuni. In fact, as the Inazuma Clan grew and the rivalry between these clans developed, the eels began to despise the Inazuma as well.

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics One thing that all Douchiwa do is keep their left eyes covered when they aren’t using them. Usually, they wear an eye-patch over the Fuuingan or cover it with their headbands; they may wear masks that automatically cover these eyes. Another less noteworthy characteristic is that Douchiwa kunoichi usually wear kimonos, and shinobi typically wear the Ronin outfits like Rurouni Kenshin’s, Afro Samurai’s, or Inuyasha’s

    On their clothes, usually on the back of the neck or over the heart on the left side of one’s chest, Douchiwa wear a crest or sewn image of the clan’s symbol. The clan’s symbol is basically a purple and red Yin Yang symbol. It symbolizes energy, life, and the cycle both undergo.A sizeable number of Douchiwa (maybe 35%) use swords. The original family used swords due to the era in which they lived; then, for many generations, swords were discouraged among them as unnecessary compensation for weakness in ninjutsu. Now, however, many Douchiwa use swords simply because it allows for more competition with the Inazuma. Like everything else, Kenjutsu is used as a means of proving themselves better than the Inazuma Clan. However, it is a rare occurrence for Douchiwa to excel over Inazuma in Kenjutsu.

    The Douchiwa genetically have affinities for one of two elements: Raiton or Katon. Furthermore, they are great with both Taijutsu and Fuuinjutsu. They have good stamina and agility, too, because these are the things that greatly aid them in the use of their Kekkei Genkai.

    Bloodline Description & Abilities  The Douchiwa are the proud wielders of a powerful Kekkei Genkai, a Dojutsu. This Dojutsu is called the Fuuingan, which means “Sealing Eye”. The Fuuingan is a violet pupil. The pupil’s shape, of course, is a circle, but inscribing the circle is a black sealing pentagram that gets more elaborate with each stage of development, as does the pupil itself.

    First Dimensional Fuuingan (1-d)
    Fuuingan WIP 327521-96900-curse-seal-mark_super2

    At this stage, the Fuuingan automatically has both photographic memory and the ability to identify and unseal fuinjutsu barriers. Fuuingan can program seals and counter-seals of Fuinjutsu up to C rank, as the Douchiwa has only minuscule mastery over their Kekkei Genkai eye (akin to the Uchiha and their first Tomoe). The Fuuingan can store only five seals inside of its eye at a time. The Fuingan's ability with the "Seal all Creation" jutsu is limited to but merely C rank ninjutsu.
    100 EXP to unlock

    Second Dimensional Fuuingan (2-D)
    Fuuingan WIP Sasuke___Cursed_Seal_Tattoo_by_Hand

    At this stage, it can now “seal” a picture into the eye itself, which will show up on the user's right hand like flash photography. That picture can also be stamped onto a scroll with that hand. 2D Fuuingan can make and unseal up to B-rank seals. It can now store up to ten seals with the Fuingan eye, observed via tracking. Furthermore, one can use the 2D Fuuingan to seal small items into other objects; this means sealing a kunai in something as random as a boulder (place kunai on boulder and focus on kunai with Fuuingan to make it sink into rock leaving a seal mark). Furthermore, the 2D Fuuingan can send D-C rank summons back to the spiritual realm using Kuchiyose Joumae at the moment the summon seal appears (see technique description for details/restrictions).
    300 EXP to unlock

    Third Dimensional Fuuingan (3-D)
    Fuuingan WIP Sanskrit_cursed_seal_2_by_splashley10

    Fuuingan can program seals regardless of the chakra nature up to A rank including the usage of the Seal all Destruction jutsu, observed via tracking. The Fuuingan can store up to fifteen seals at a time inside the eye. Fuuingan can now, with the use of the Fuuingan’s hand seal (One-handed Tiger/Rat with right hand), seal nearly any one thing into another, except bijuu without the proper assistance from others and a technique meant for dealing with such situations. However, any technique used to seal a bijuu can be greatly accelerated by the 3D Fuuingan; moreover, the 3D Fuuingan can send up to A rank summons back to the spiritual realm with Kuchiyose Joumae.
    600 EXP to unlock

    Parallel Dimensional Fuuingan (Parallel)
    Fuuingan WIP Akihiros_cursed_seal_by_mod_a_holic-d3f88fc

    At this stage, Fuuingan can program seals and counter seals for Fuinjutsu up to S rank. Their usage of Seal all Destruction allows them to be the perfect counter against Ninjutsu attacks provided they have the stamina and storage to maintain it. Their seals (including those for Seal all Creation) are used at a rank less chakra expenditure due to the eye's advanced sealing prowess. It can now maintain up to twenty seals inside of the eye for this purpose. The Fuuingan can use certain very powerful Fuuinjutsu, which are listed below. Plus, it can send any summon back to the spiritual realm using Kuchiyose Joumae, even Boss Summons. Once per topic they have the ability to erect a powerful technique sealing all ninjutsu, effectively overloading their Fuingan to protect them from a barrage of attacks (see Seal all Destruction Overload for More Information).

    Upon unlocking the Parallel Fuuingan, when your character dies, they can have their body
    1000 EXP & Near-death Experience viewed through Fuuingan to unlock

    Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks

    The most prevalent limit to the Fuuingan is, first and foremost, that it is affected by light, even the faint light of a dark night with no moon, any light at all. This is why it must remain covered most of the time. Exposure to any light at all can only take place for a consecutive 12 turns, after which it will bleed and remain perfectly blind for the next 12 turns. Each turn spent with the Fuuingan covered buys the user one turn of safe use. Therefore, during the twelfth turn, one can cover the Fuuingan for eleven turns and start afresh. Note that the longer it is used, though, the more it hurts. The last four turns of use are extremely painful. Even on the first turn, a Douchiwa feels direct pressure on the eye from the light. Additionally, covering the Fuuingan (or allowing it to bleed out after 12 turns) cancels out all active seals, techniques, and abilities except the internal storage of counter-seals for the observed techniques of opponents.

    Moreover, the Parallel Fuuingan recovers only half as quickly as the first three stages. Each turn the Parallel Fuuingan is covered buys the user half a turn of safe use, which is not doable. This means that one must cover it for two turns just to get one turn of use out of it. After the 6th turn, when it is no longer usable, it takes 24 turns to heal, at which point a Douchiwa is likely to revert to 3D Fuuingan because it heals faster. Instead of waiting 4 turns to only get 2 usable turns of Parallel Fuuingan, the user can wait 4 turns and get 4 usable turns of 3D Fuuingan.

    Fuuingan users with the Fuuinjutsu skill gain the ability to have intimate knowledge of seals and fuuinjutsu above the user’s skill level, equivalent to their eye (1D is equivalent to C-rank 2D is Equivalent to B-rank, 3D and Parallel Fuuingan to A-rank) but only the KNOWLEDGE of seals, but having the Fuuingan without its corresponding skill means that the eye holds the entirety of the user’s understanding of Fuuinjutsu. In fact, the user does not comprehend the complexities of Fuuinjutsu apart from the eye, which is why he/she cannot learn canon fuuinjutsu OR create Fuuingan-based customs that simulate the effects of canon fuuinjutsu.

    Clan Techniques

    Name: Seak All Creation
    Rank: S
    Power: S
    Activation Cost: 30
    Upkeep Cost: N/A
    Range: Scales
    Speed: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Fuuinjutsu
    Classification: Douhiwa Exclusive
    Requirements: Fuuingan
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: Douchiwa Sign (Half-ram)
    Description: In this jutsu, one forms the hand sign and uses the Fuuingan to seal whatever is its focus; concentrating on a single object, the eye can seal that object directly into itself when within range. The chakra cost is based on the size and mass of the object. (Note: The following is to be used as a scale by which one bases all objects' chakra cost for sealing in this jutsu; use common sense.)
    Ninja Tools/Katana = D-rank
    bush/waist-high boulder/tub of water/the water itself = C-rank
    thick two-story tree = B-rank
    15m of ground,
    oak tree/30m of ground = S-rank.

    Furthermore, the Fuuingan can only seal objects of physical mass, yet the Parallel Fuuingan can seal even the energy-based substances, such as, chakra (i.e. the fireball of a Fireball jutsu, water dragon of a Water Dragon Bullet, wall of earth, bolt of lightning, etc.). When sealing the chakra of jutsu, the chakra cost for the user is equivalent to that of the technique used (You pay a C rank to seal a Fireball).

    The range of this ability also varies based of the level of the eye in a scale as follows:

    1D: 15m
    2D: 30m
    3D: 45m
    Parallel: 100m

    Weaknesses: The most detrimental drawback to this technique is the fact that the Fuuingan must remain uncovered in order to sustain the item(s) sealed within itself, which wastes both posts for the eye. Since the Fuuingan can only last 12 turns uncovered anyway, this can be ruinous. Also, each sealed object/jutsu takes the place of a normal technique seal among the Fuingan's given slots, which is the Fuuingan's normal ability. NOTE: This cannot be used to seal parts of objects; either the entire object goes, or none of it does. Also, sealed jutsu must be "deleted" from the Fuuingan's retina membrane in order to free up space, and this also deletes those items from existence. Tracking also plays a part when it comes to the sealing of objects, as sealing a katana moving in the hands of a user with Godlike dexterity with masterful tracking is about impossible in comparison to a still katana. Obviously the object or jutsu must be within one's line of sight to be targeted by the seals and must be fully visible (no sealing swords in their scabbards). While the Fuingan is sealing an object or ninjutsu it cannot do other things, ergo the eye is not capable of sealing other things during its usage, and cannot seal more than one ninjutsu at a time (see Seal All Destruction for multi-technique sealing).

    Name: Kinesis-Manipulation Seal
    Rank: B-rank
    Power: B-rank
    Activation Cost: 10
    Upkeep Cost: 5
    Range: 20 meters
    Parent Technique:
    Hand Seals:
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    Activation Cost:
    Upkeep Cost:
    Parent Technique:
    Hand Seals:
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