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    Epilogue: Open Season

    Honiko Yoshidara
    Honiko Yoshidara

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    Epilogue: Open Season Empty Epilogue: Open Season

    Post by Honiko Yoshidara on Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:36 am

    The portal was pitch black with not a single shape or object to be identified from the outside looking in or the inside looking out. As soon as Nozomi stepped into the portal, however, she'd find herself stepping out onto the same grassy knoll that she had started out at: the outskirts of the Blood Prison.

    The field however, was now littered with bodies and the ground soaked with blood. Battered and burnt flags swayed in the breeze and several mountains of bodies were piled up on top of one another at seemingly evenly spaced intervals. The portal shut behind her and if the blonde cared to look back at where they'd come from she'd see the smoky outline of the sprawling penal colony. The Blood Prison was no more. Its walls were crumbling, countless buildings burning, and its secrets unleashed on the world. Men were now triumphantly leaving the prison. Some criminals who had liberated their compatriots and others were former inmates who were finally tasting freedom after decades of incarceration.

    They carried chests filled with cash and gems. Massive tomes containing sensitive information and research. Cages which contained abominations and experimental techniques and abilities. Today was a good day to be a villain.

    The reinforcements that had been called by the Warden had been utterly devastated by the combined might of Resin, Hype, Honiko, and Merryweather herself. Tenma had sent several pleas for help and his calls went answered. The Grass Special Forces which partially consisted of a regimen of well trained horseback riding shinobi; coalition forces from several minor nations; and even a reserve battalion of ninja from the Great Nations. All had fallen.

    Hype sat atop a particularly tall mountain of bodies. He was covered in blood like his compatriots and was nursing a wound albeit while trying to look completely unfazed. Honiko was at the base of the same mountain, sitting in the lotus position. The woman was impaled with so many staves, knives, and swords that it was medically impossible for her to be alive. Yet nevertheless, she patiently pulled out one after the other and healed herself, careful not to shift any vital organs into a poor position. The Sage was covered in blood and like her mother, her snow white hair had become a bright crimson. She was exhausted and almost entirely out of chakra, but like Hype she kept up appearances pretty well. Anyone watching would assume that she was just bored and sitting down.  The both of them were very much alive. Resin, unfortunately, had been utterly dismembered and turned into pasta at some point during the fight. Bits of armour and gas mask laying about like forgotten toys.

    Merryweather was the only one who genuinely was not tired or bothered by the day's events. She had picked up Chiheisen and cradled the child in her arms bridal style. The feral child wrapped its arms around her neck and she softly kissed her progeny's head.

    With their arrival, Honiko and Hype perked up. Hype slid down the mountain of corpses. While Honiko removed the last set of weapons embedded into her body and casually tossed them aside. The group converged at a spot in the center of the outskirts turned battlefield. After awhile, they were soon joined by the other criminal leaders. Honiko exchanged a glance with Nozomi whom she had noticed walked through the portal behind Merryweather. A small grin made its way across her countenance. She felt a deep sense of pride in having trained such an unstoppable kunoichi.

    Merryweather was the first to speak. She held her daughter close and triumphantly addressed the small group.

    "What a fantastic excursion! Our names will echo throughout the ages for what we've done here today.....My daughter Chiheisen has been rescued, this sadistic and inhuma-, or rather in-sentient prison has been destroyed, and you all will be richer for your time here today. This is why-"

    Cries of "Get on with it!" erupted from the crowd. The criminals were growing impatient and so she decided to cut to the chase.

    "Well. Anyways. Thank you for your assistance. I consider this a job well done. You will all be paid as promised and you can keep whatever spoils you loot from the prison. I will contact each group separately for payment. Now, as for Flying Thunder God....Merryweather paused and looked at everyone in the area. Her gaze settled on Nozomi and immediately there was a wave of consternation and cursing throughout the crowd of Nuke-Nin. Merryweather held up a hand and a dark chill settled on the area. There was silence.

    "She did kill Tenma aka The Warden of Hozuki Castle and she did bring my daughter out of captivity all by her lonesome according to my sources..." A swarm of locusts buzzed in the airspace above as if indicating proof. Merryweather reached out and a scroll materialized in her hand. But rather than give it to Nozomi directly, she gave it to the Sage instead. Honiko unceremoniously took the scroll for Flying Thunder God and sealed it away with a poof. Nozomi was Honiko's subordinate and rather than risk offending her dearest daughter at such a sensitive moment, she opted to pay her the respect she deserved. Additionally, the cheeky girl had threatened her. Merryweather found this amusing and so she never bothered to reply but after Honiko took the scroll, she gave the blonde a wink before provocatively twisting her daughter's ear. Chiheisen's yelped and squirmed but Merryweather continued to hold her child close.

    Honiko for her part considered the implications of this newest acquisition. Menza had access to the technique but he had fought tooth and nail to keep it from her and the other members of the Society. Her Sensei had allowed him to be selfish under the theory that great power needed to be earned and now it was her's. More specifically, Nozomi's but Nozomi's was her's so by extension this technique was her's as well. She personally had little use of it and figured it would actually provide limited enhancement to her combat style, but it was good to have all the same.

    The crowd rumbled. Some in disapproval (believing themselves to have played a critical albeit indirect role), others in approval (now seeing Nozomi as being one of the top tiered shinobi in the criminal underworld), and a few in utter disregard and carelessness.

    At this juncture, final deals were agreed upon and sealed. Individuals made good on their own bargains and promises. Merryweather tied up her loose ends and slowly but surely, the criminals all drifted away. Honiko pulled her mother to the side and the two had a lengthy private exchange. Neither spoke in an animated fashion but all sensors in the area and those with high perception could tell that the conversation was intense and meaningful. Eventually, Honiko broke off from her mother who was still holding her child. Chiheisen turned away from her mother's bosom to look at her half sister. The young child cocked her head and studied her sibling, Honiko felt the little one's eyes on her and she turned around to look back. The two locked eyes for a moment. The Sage said something to her half-sister and turned away once more and refused to look back. Merryweather for her part, opened a portal and stepped through it. She had gotten everything she wanted in more ways than one.

    Honiko approached Nozomi and Raijin who lay on a cot. The young man was badly injured but his life had been preserved. From the talk of the others, he had done a decent job. He had been one of the first through each of the gates and had fought up to the very steps of the castle before losing. He wasn't her best disciple but he had performed admirably and had secured his place in the Society. Honiko knelt down next to him and healed his injuries, the ones who had sustained him previously were horrible amateurs compared to her own Ijutsu skills. Once he was patched up and stabilized, she'd stand back up and approach Nozomi. Despite the carnage, bloodshed, and now drunken celebrations that were going on around them, Honiko felt as though this moment belonged to the two of them. She gripped her disciple's shoulders.

    "I'm proud of you Nozomi. But you already knew that....what you don't know is that this was your final test. I think you're ready for what comes next."

    With the last bit of chakra she had, Honiko summoned Balerion. The creature dutifully appeared but lacking in the generally arrogant ethos he carried about himself. The meek creature lowered himself and allowed the group to mount him. Honiko helped Raijin on the beast's back, and once they were all aboard. She signaled him to take off. Once they were in the air and a respectable distance from the crowds of criminals below. Honiko laid down. It was the first time she had ever allowed her disciple to see her so weary or exhausted. The woman let her head (blood soaked hair and all) rest on Nozomi's lap. She trusted Nozomi. She was okay with letting her see her be this vulnerable. She had spent nearly everything she had in this fight but she knew that there was always more to give. She was just so tired of it all. Honiko told Balerion where to go, closed her eyes, and drifted to sleep.

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    Epilogue: Open Season Empty Re: Epilogue: Open Season

    Post by Nozomi on Fri Aug 09, 2019 3:07 pm

    Nozomi stepped through the portal that Merryweather had opened up, and found herself arriving back at the start, where she had begun the assault. She almost immediately recognized it, but there was a massive difference in the terrain and even the color. Bodies were strewn across the ground, a massacre having occurred out here. It matched very similarly to the levels of bodies inside the prison, although to a differing degree. Nozomi cut through the guards like they were nothing, but she was an exceptional fighter. Most in their assault weren't quite so strong as to easily waltz through there. Even their best hadn't been able to stop her. While she wished she could have been out here, fighting with Honiko, she knew she was the sole reason Chiheisen had been freed so easily.

    Nobody else had made it, Raijin was the closest behind her. The Prison had provided a decent challenge, but it wasn't quite what Nozomi had been expecting. She was left with a bit of an empty feeling, yearning for more still filling her. The guards were easy. Gin had been easy. The Warden had been easy. A twinge of anger towards Merryweather persisted.

    All of that faded away when she spotted Honiko. Covered in blood, ran through with weapons, but very much so alive. She saw the old man who had been assigned to hold off the Special Forces with Honiko, but she didn't see the man with the gas mask from earlier. None of them mattered though. Honiko and Nozomi locked eyes, and Nozomi saw the grin on Honiko's face. The pride that was for her and her alone. Nozomi's spirits lifted immediately.

    Stepping away from Merryweather, the portal closed, and Nozomi moved towards Honiko, taking her place by her side once more. The talon of her necklace was in full view, worn proudly. To her credit, Nozomi looked as pristine as she had when she had entered the prison, now sporting more gear than before, looted from Gin. The two looked to be polar opposites. Nozomi standing tall, any blood that may have tainted her had been long since washed away, while also completely unharmed. Honiko, covered in blood and half healed wounds. They were both dangerous and intimidating in their own ways.

    Merryweather began to speak, rushed along by the criminals who didn't care for such things. They wanted to know who was receiving the promised reward. Nozomi watched Merryweather turn towards her, and kept her eyes on the woman. She was acting the doting mother now, but Nozomi knew. Her anger boiled up once again, now no longer thinking about the pride Honiko had in her. The two faced, lying, pretentious, child abusing, god being. Nozomi's eyes flickered to the 3 tail's eyes for the briefest of moments, Isobu's chakra leaking out slowly, before Nozomi forced her will back over it.

    Merryweather presented Honiko the scroll for Flying Thunder God, an obvious jab towards Nozomi, but Nozomi kept in check. She wasn't about to lose her temper here. Not now. Not in front of everyone. Not in front of Honiko. She did, however, resolve to kill Merryweather if she ever got the opportunity.

    From there, Honiko and the pair stepped away, to have a conversation, while Nozomi waited patiently. Someone approached, carrying Raijin in on a cot. He was stabilized somewhat, no danger of dying, but he was wounded. Nozomi's gaze shifted to the people who had brought Raijin, and they quickly left, not particularly wanting to be around her for very long.

    Everything began to fall away though. The criminals began to celebrate, and Merryweather left. Honiko healed up Raijin, and the excursion was done. It felt like they had been here for months, but it was a few short hours at best. Honiko addressed Nozomi now, able to express her pride in words now. Nozomi smiled, genuinely warmed by her master's words. Still, something was odd. A test? "A test for what? What comes next?" Those were the questions, but Nozomi knew they wouldn't be answered right away. She would find out soon enough.

    Honiko summoned Balerion, and when they all had taken their place, the group left. Honiko laid her head down, getting blood that may or may not have been her own on Nozomi's lap. Nozomi didn't care. She was at peace for the moment. It was troubling to see Honiko this tired though. She'd never known the woman to run out of energy.

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    Epilogue: Open Season Empty Re: Epilogue: Open Season

    Post by Raijin on Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:25 pm

    Bayushi could feel the thumping of something massive and large. All ways a bit dazy but he was becoming more apparent of what was actually happening. The loud thump was of course the flapping of Balerions wings. He was on top of the great dragon, he had been feigning in and out of consciousness. He remembered blinking once as he was put on to the dragon, and catching sight of a child much like Honiko. Then he blacked out and everything after that was a blur. But he remembered something instinctively. Those Sharingan eyes.

    He sat up abruptly. They were on their way back. Honiko looked exhausted laying upon the Nozomi's lap. They were covered in battle scars and blood. Which he knew were not theirs but their enemies. Which also meant that they had won, though he had been defeated. The dreaded Uchiha clan was nothing to be trifled with after this clash. He did not question the comfortable stance with Nozomi and Honiko. It didn't matter, they had won. He hoped his efforts had paid off. Raijin closed his eyes and enjoyed the ride on Balerion.


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