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    Jakken Empty Jakken

    Post by MackAttack12 Tue Apr 30, 2019 10:37 pm

    [Shoton (Crystal Release): Advanced Element]
    [Roman Jakken]

    • [Biran Jakken]
    • [Clan]
    • [Members]

    Clan History/Description

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics
    Jakken's have athletic builds so that they maintain good breath control and stamina. Jakken's are usually bronze skinned and medium height. Jakken's that have been awaken have markings under their left eye.
    Bloodline Description & Abilities

    Crystal Release is an advanced transformation mixed of two elements;Earth Release and Lightning Release. The techniques of this nature are extremely powerful and change matter into a crystalline form. This means that users can effectively turn one's own weapons or defenses against oneself, forcing dragons of earth or water to turn upon their master with a fury as destructive in raw force as it is brilliant in color. This includes even living creatures and people, reducing even the mightiest of warriors into harmless immobile statues.

    The kekkei genkai allows a clan member to produce crystal structures and forms by mixing earth and lightning nature chakra together. One of the most common uses among clan members is as a barrier that provides protection from enemy attacks. Another form utilized mostly by the more advanced users is Angel's Pride. A form in which the user creates wings made from crystals allowing them mobile protection, increased speed and strength.
    Since the kekkei genkai produces crystalline structures, it is generally used as a defensive ability.

    Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks
    Lightning and Fire because they are raw base chakra can destroy the crystal forms with ease. Which means lightning and fire techniques that are one rank lower than the Shoton technique has the capability to crack it or destroy it. Also crystals structures are permanent unless destroyed.
    Clan Techniques

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