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    Other goods


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    Other goods Empty Other goods

    Post by Raijin Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:40 pm

    The Raijin clone had to make stop by the actual marketplace. Before coming to the shop he performed the transformation jutsu. Using the guy he had ran into at the gates as his cover. He walked into the store and grabbed the things he needed. Paid the shop keeper, and left.

    Large Sealed Weapon Scroll | 3,000 ryo ea. Pre-seal ten weapons of your choice.
    Small Sealed Weapon Scroll | 1,000 ryo ea. Pre-seal five weapons of your choice.
    Baldric | 50 ryo ea.
    Backpack | 50 ryo ea.
    Hip Pouch | 50 ryo ea.
    Holster | 25 ryo ea.
    Exploding Sphere | 10,000 ryo ea. A large metallic sphere 2 feet in diameter. Filled with a potent explosive compound the sphere has kunai welded into it. 5 meter blast radius. 25 meter shrapnel radius.


    Strength: C
    Constitution: B > S (Jashin)
    Stamina: B > S (Jashin)
    Speed: A > A++ (Jashin)
    Coordination: B > B++ (Jashin)
    Intelligence: C
    Perception: A

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