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    Post by TsukiTatsuda Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:25 pm

    Time was of the essence now more than ever. As Akeno discovered that she simply cannot find her beloved village for odd reasons. Her expression was frustration as she wasted precious time trying to find this village, and so Akeno is being forced to do one thing. That was to find one of the resources and either rid it from guards and plunder the resources. After all making an enemy out of Honiko would be a major error on anyone’s part.

    It’ll take time unfortunately, but Akeno is aware that Honiko has been away for a considerable amount of time. If the guards or perhaps patrols throughout the land were to intercept her, Akeno can use this to her advantage on slipping through Konoha’s ranks and perhaps even getting a hold of her funds if they still exist in the bank. So to start with it, Akeno wraps up her belongings after eating her bland meal and departs as she begins searching for one of these resources.

    [Searching for 1 Metal Resource Site]
    [Estimated Time: 4 weeks | March 4th]

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