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    Post by Hana Kaguya Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:10 am

    Tsubaki lost interest in the tournament to put it short. To her surprise, Calin and Alkaid never showed up to Kumogakure as anticipated leaving her somewhat alone in the village. She defeated her opponent and that was the end of it. She had no desire to continue any further without her cousins there. She wore a pair of blue shinobi sandals and a black haori kimono. She wore a pair of short black shorts which were naturally concealed by the haori kimono's length. A gold, red, and white sash was tied around her waist to keep everything intact, Under her kimono on her body she wore a simple mesh shirt which was cheap and easily disposable. Tsubaki herself is of short height among her clan, standing only 5'6 and weighing 140 lbs. Her skin was pale, eyes a sapphire blue, and hair a long, silky white extending to her lower back. She wore no makeup, yet her natural complexion made her remarkably beautiful.

    Swiftly she moved about the trails which landscaped the area to find a ship and charter it back to the Land of Water. It was the fastest way to Kirigakure, after all.

    [Exit -> High Seas -> Hozuki Isle | 48 hrs.]

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