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    Kikuta  Empty Kikuta

    Post by Rei Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:46 am

    Kikuta  BN7PTuJ

    [Clan Location] Kirigakure
    [Bloodline Name & Type] War Spirit Evocation
    [Current Clan Leaders]

    • [Empty - Zinogre / Yellow - Main]
    • [Empty - Nergigante / Black - Main]
    • [Empty - Mizutsune /  Pink - Main]
    • [Empty - Brachydios / Purple - Side]
    • [Empty - Paolumu / White - Side]
    • [Empty - Valstrax / Grey - Side]
    • [Empty - Odogaron / Red - Side]

    [Current Clan Members]

    • [Empty - War Spirit - Main/Side]
    • [Empty - War Spirit - Main/Side]
    • [Empty - War Spirit - Main/Side]

    Clan History/Description

    In the beginning, the Kikuta were your average clan with no remarkable talents to make them a clan of notoriety. All they had were their blood ties and individual prowess earned through effort to survive the age of warring clans. Even then it was an uphill fight when clans such as the Inazuma and Hozuki were to be their opponents on the battlefield. For years the battles had taken their toll on the clan, even when the side they fought on had obtained victory it was largely due to the more talented clans or a couple shinobi of grand ability. Meanwhile, their own numbers had been mowed down merely attempting to match the opposing force. They were becoming fodder in such wars, and they could see it clearly. Many had left the clan in search of a different life away from that of the shinobi or to use their skills for less than honest means. The Kikuta were dying out.

    The current council, or what was left of it, refrained from entering battles after a time to better the clan and hone what skills they had. However, this also meant the clan would lose a hefty sum of funds that were brought in for the shinobi they supplied. Many Kikuta couldn't see the point, seeing numerous of their loved ones cut down, again and again, had disheartened them. How were they to train in hopes of surpassing natural born gifts? They knew it was possible, they had seen it first hand on the battlefield, a lone shinobi wielding his art like a god among mortals. Cleaving through talented and scrub ninja alike. The chances of such a thing happening for each of them was impossible, that sort of existence only occurring in a chosen few. Against such distraught members, the council couldn't force them for fear of the clan breaking apart completely. To help with funds the Kikuta sought low-risk jobs to feed and keep their numbers as high as they could.

    In the midst of this idle time for the Kikuta, the Hozuki had become the richest clan amongst an archipelago. Having heard as such and about the Hozuki's expansion, the council thought up a final plan in hopes of bringing the clan glory and from the brink vanishing within the annals of history as a clan of little influence. They had brought together ten young adult Kikuta that shared their beliefs for the future of the clan. These ten were tasked with a mission to travel out into the unknown, in hopes of weathering such enviroments would yield strength in some way. It was by far a long shot but they prayed for results. So the ten were off in search of power, in the middle of the Hozuki's expansion they traveled far east.

    Their travels hadn't gained them anything but more skills in surviving the wilds. That is until they had recently gotten out of a swamp scattered land and found themselves on edge of somewhere mountainous. The air was noticeably different here but still they forged ahead. In the nights to come the group was hunted by beasts they hadn't seen before or at all for that matter. The beasts made their move at night under the cover of darkness, reducing their numbers by three. Even when they thought they were safe and even had night watches, the beasts always caught them unawares. This began to affect the group mentally causing them to be prone to paranoia. No matter how they tried to escape now, the beasts followed and continued their assault.

    This continued for two weeks before the group found themselves within a strange cave, fear edged deep within each of them. All of them knew they weren't safe. Nowhere was safe. Despair began to set in, followed by self-pity. If only they were stronger. If only they had the power. Why did they have to suffer? Such thoughts filled their minds, and soon those very thoughts echoed from deeper within the cave. Shocked by such a thing, the group became quiet yet the echo continued to repeat those same thoughts. In such a tone that beckoned them closer as if they would find the answer. Moving deeper into the cave took more time than they had initially thought. A winding path brought them to a small clearing. In the center of the clearing was a pond of what seemed like black water as the surface was lit by seven violet flames that sat gently atop it.

    The scene was eerie yet what held the group's gaze was the figure that sat on the other side of the pond. The figure was hard to discern as the image of it seemed to continuously shift from something feminine to masculine and in-between. Till finally after a few moments of looking them over, shifted to be robed in white with blue skin and horns from what they could see. None of them could find the motivation to seek a closer look. Its mouth moved but no sound came, yet in their minds, they somehow knew what had been said.

    "I offer what you seek. If you will give me all of yourself and more. Enter."

    At first, the group was skeptical as they looked to one another in silence. Then not a moment later, a woman stepped forward into the pond. The others only watched for anything to happen before each followed suit after her.

    "You and those after you shall be forever bound. This shall be our contract."

    Three figures were soon brought seemingly out of the darkness around the white-robed figure. The group recognized the three by their clothes and features. It was the three Kikuta they had lost on their journey. The bodies simply hung suspended as a luminescent image of each one seeped from them into the mouth of the white-robed figure. When finished the figure gained an eerie glow as it became slightly larger and somewhat transparent. From its right sleeve, a blue arm with red beads reached to touch the pond. The figure's touch sent a gentle ripple throughout the water's surface. Soon the flames burst forward, each flame consuming a single Kikuta. The flames burned and seared the group as their screams echoed through the cave. The flames engulfed the group until each fell unconscious into the dark waters of the pond.

    Only to awaken but a few moments later without any sense of the pain they felt earlier. As each one rose from the pond, what black water that covered them all moved in unison to a part of their body to form a mark as if made with ink. Looking around the white-robed figure was gone, but while they were burning and unconscious it had shared its demands of them. They would make sure to follow the demands of its contract, the Shinigami's contract.

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics

    The Kikuta clan as a whole dress in a traditional manner akin to their ancestors, wearing various variations of kimono. Each family having their own colors that are worn to represent them, the colors matching their respective war spirit. The clan heads each sport a haori with the Kikuta symbol on the back. They always opt for loose-fitting clothing even going into battle, a Kikuta clad in armor is a sight yet to be seen. This can either lay in their pride as great warriors or that having armor inhibits their movements.

    Physically, the clan is quite diverse across the seven families, but one can easily tell each from the other, as the genes in each family is exceedingly dominant over any outsiders' that are married into the clan. Notable features for the Kikuta range from family to family depending on their designated spirit, consisting of but not limited to enlarged canines, horns, and tails. Such natural features always appear in small portions on the Kikuta's body.

    Typical Clan Attire:

    Kikuta  4771c39298b6c9f655aeb292204f8a8e
    Kikuta  59d142826b2567436d4274d4587d7c90
    Kikuta  07b8a0034e007b3882baaff82364b3b8

    The clan is run by a council made of the three heads of the main branches and the four heads of the side branches. All decisions go through them and are debated upon to reach a reasonable conclusion that is best for the clan first and the village second. Which is normal for one to look out for their family first but in every case, they do look for what causes the least trouble for the village and kage. No clan is without its power struggles and the Kikuta are no different. The main branch heads hold the majority of deciding power but can be overruled in the case all four side branch heads disagree, so it is a matter of sides taken and what each head values. This has and still does cause factions within the clan to arise leading to a number of disputes between clansmen. In such cases where no conclusion can be made from those within, the kage's opinion and authority are sought to quell the issue before worse comes to the health of the clan. This is only done instances as bringing outsiders in to see the inner workings of the clan is frowned upon.

    The Kikuta are a warrior clan through and through, making their titles as “The Beast Clan" and "The Children of the Shinigami" more widely known. Despite these monikers, they are not a clan of bloodthirsty shinobi who only seek battle, many of them investing just as much time into other practices rather than their battle prowess. Keenly intelligent the clan leaders promote various outlets for broadening one's outlook on life. As such besides the Academy, within the clan young Kikuta are instructed in various arts and studies varying from those of the pen and brush to the likes of philosophy. Along with those are classes passing on the knowledge of battle tactics and art of warfare. Despite the seemingly peaceful times the leaders and older members remember the wars and as such refuse to allow the skills that assured the clan's survival to be lost.

    Due to this precaution many of their traditions may seem exceedingly cruel to outsiders, but then again no outsider is allowed to know of such things as the information flow is strictly controlled by the main branch heads. The Kikuta are at their core merciless and fierce in battle, known as beasts to the few who survived a conflict with them. This is reflected in their tradition to choose future leaders and secure the place for heirs wanting to ascend their parents. A war between those born within the same generation are put to the test in an all-out war simulation once they reach a certain age and have attained genin rank. The young ones are given but one kunai and are taken to one of many secluded clan holy areas within the Land of Water to wage war on each other before all seven heads of the clan. The heads supervise the event and grade each participant individually then again as a whole for their skills in battle ranging from cunning, creativity, and downright oppressive power. The mock war lasts for three days and two nights as the secluded area's size is immense, allowing for those within to rely on their survival training and hunt for sustenance. The event is also over when all participants save for one are rendered unconscious.

    Kikuta  860387bdaa9e479620bf7241b4087a3b
    "We all came from the one to become many, and we shall return from many back into the one."
    "We are but merely hands of the one kami, the god of death, the Shinigami."
    "You may die here but your soul shall soon be one with the great spirit."

    All bearing the mark of their war spirit, the Kikuta give thanks daily to the one who bestowed such a gift onto them, the Shinigami. For he was the one who answered their call in their time of need and cut them a deal in which gave them the strength to survive. Though the level of faith from member to member can vary greatly, they all without a doubt worship the Shinigami in some way. Places to worship the shinigami have been erected throughout the land of water by the Kikuta clan along with the help of those who were won over by the faith.  These structures range from simple shrines to large temples, in the case of the latter many young Kikuta are sent to such places to gain a stronger faith. Though, such actions aren't mandatory.

    Many of the Shinigami faith aren't forceful of their religion and although they worship the god of death, they do not kill on a whim any who simply come before them. Death is seen as something glorious and beatiful, and should come as the Shinigami wills it.

    War Beasts
    Appearance & Traits:

    Kikuta  Tenor
    - Appearance: Lupine features, Scales/Fur
    - Special Trait: Lightning production via Kinetic energy conversion
    - Passive Stat: + Spd Tier

    Kikuta  Tumblr_p26jtsTmxZ1wyc2nlo2_540
    - Appearance: Wyvern features, Scales/Spikes
    - Special Trait: Spike ejection/regrowth
    - Passive Stat: + Coor Tier

    Kikuta  ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside%7C1024%3A512&composite-to=*,*%7C1024%3A512&background-color=black
    - Appearance: Leviathan features, Scales/Fur
    - Special Trait: Bubble production w/healing properties
    - Passive Stat: + Sta Tier

    Kikuta  Giphy
    - Appearance: Reptilian features, Scales
    - Special Trait: Venom secretion(pores)
    - Passive Stat: + Str Tier

    Kikuta  Giphy
    - Appearance: Bat/Wyvern features, Scales/Fur
    - Special Trait: Enhanced Sensory via echolocation
    - Passive Stat: + Perc Tier

    Kikuta  Giphy
    - Appearance: Wyvern features, Scales
    - Special Trait: Propulsion via intake/exhaust
    - Passive Stat: + Spd Tier

    Kikuta  HandmadeSociableDungenesscrab-size_restricted
    - Appearance: Lupine features, Scales
    - Special Trait: Pain to Adrenaline conversion
    - Passive Stat: + Con Tier

    Bloodline Description & Abilities

    War Spirit Evocation:
    Every Kikuta has been born with a seal somewhere on their body that took the shape of one of the seven spirits of their clan. This has been true since the days long past of warring clans, when the first seven Kikuta recieved the seal from the Shinigami, as part of a deal. This mark alters a kikuta's biological nature as well as their chakra network, morphing the former and melding with the latter. By controlling this through a means of temporarily quickening the alteration, a Kikuta is able to evoke the beastial nature of their war spirit granting them physical and biological features to enhance themselves in combat. This can range from horns, scales, fangs, claws, fins, tails, wings, and specialized organs (e.g. flame sac, electricity producing organs). Although some organs allow access to the elements through naturally producing them, any attempt to mold the element into something going beyond the body(source) without the actual affinity will fail. It can also simply lead to further enhanced senses. Though the level of evocation determines how drastic a feature can get and the feature is always something resembling the war spirit.  However, this is all done at a permanent cost to the Kikuta.

    Paths of the Kikuta
    When a Kikuta wants to surpass their limits or fully gain access to their War Spirit's full capabilities they perform Suimin senso (Sleeping war), a ritual where the Kikuta in question drinks a concotion that puts them in a comatose state. In this state, the Kikuta stands before their war spirit and eventually engages the spirit in a life and death battle where four possible outcomes are possible, one being death. Those who come out of the battle alive do not always succeed in defeating their war spirit or awaken to a path. A Kikuta can only awaken to one path. The ritual itself is not restricted by rank or class within the Kikuta allowing those who believe themselves ready to engage in the ritual, however, the risk of death is real and many no not to simply toss away their lives. Another reason for abstaining it until truly prepared is that the corruption cap seems to lock in at the class the Kikuta undertook the ritual, whether they succeeded or not.

    Burst Path
    Kikuta obtaining access to the Burst Path gain the ability to alter their war spirit's evocation. This is possible as they're chakra system is improved to better meld with their mark, allowing them to take on a second elemental affinity from the basic natures. Examples of such allow for a war spirit to become half elemental or rather when invoked the features manifested can be purely elemental and switch at the user's whim. Another bonus to this path is that when in bestial state, the user is granted an expansion in size to rival that of a small house. Around sixty-five percent of surviving Kikuta achieve this path.

    Achievement via ???

    Stygian Path
    Kikuta obtaining the Stygian path seem to undergo a complete change as they awaken. Though it seems to vary from each Kikuta, some see their hair become completely white or simply a few streaks, others gain red rings around their irises. The colors of the spirit dull greatly, many simply becoming a mix of black and ashen grey. The hide being either black or ashen with cracks along them emitting a red glow. The Stygian path allows full domination of the war spirit as if the Kikuta is the very spirit themselves incarnate. Although not granting any size bonus, the Stygian path allows the Kikuta to undergo evolution to a different form when awakened. A humanoid form much like that of a werebeast is permanently attained, where their features are forever mixed with that of the spirit. This form grants exceptional boosts to their physical capabilities and unlocks certain clan techniques which wouldn't be accessible beforehand. One being a technique to stall the rate of corruption throughout their chakra network, although temporary.

    Stygian Mode (Zinogre) Example:
    Kikuta  __stygian_zinogre_monster_hunter_3_g_and_etc_drawn_by_umitsuki__sample-9e8108a62f0deff7040a2f172212f447

    Achievement via ???

    Zenith Path
    Those who awaken to the Zenith path are easily noticeable among the Kikuta like those of the Stygian path. However, those who follow this path find themselves without any of the war spirit features they may have had before taking the ritual. Becoming appearance wise simply normal. It is not until they invoke the spirit that they truly note what they are now capable of. Whereas before their mark materialized scales and claws, now in their place armor fashioned after their war spirit is granted. They are also able to materialize a weapon fashioned the same way but whatever the weapon is upon their first time using Zenith mode will be locked in. The Zenith path follows a theme of unity with the Kikuta and their war spirit. The armor and weapon seem to be almost lifelike and being tied with the user's chakra network causes them to grow stronger with the Kikuta. Example: B-class Kikuta attains Zenith, armor and weapon manifested will be B-rank. Kikuta then reaches A-class, armor and weapon will represent this growth and also become A-rank. However, retraining Zenith mode will still be necessary to get used to the new strength.

    Zenith Mode (Zinogre) Example:
    Kikuta  Tumblr_noxowvDzA21ssr51lo1_500

    Achievement via ???

    Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks

    - Single Element
    Clan members are limted to only one element.

    - Rage
    A state where a Kikuta is forced into enragement where their sanity is overidden by the war spirit.
    This is caused by the user being below 30% of their chakra pool as well as being fatally wounded for two full rounds. In this state, the Kikuta is no longer able to distinguish between friend and foe becoming nothing more than a wild beast. The enraged beast will lash out at any and everyone with the area with the intent to kill until knock unconscious or killed. Must attack or attempt an attack on a NPC or PC within the same thread each round.

    - Chakra Virus[Corruption Cap]
    It has come to be known by the Kikuta as a form of chakra virus that eats away at the user's chakra network deplenishing the amount of chakra capable of being used. This occurs as the user evokes their war beast and the effect being greater depending on how much of the beast is evoked or how complex the evocation. It is to be noted that Kikuta with high constitutions have been seen to resist the effects somewhat longer than those without.


    Class | Corruption Cap
    E | 50
    D | 100
    C | 150
    B | 175
    A | 200
    S | 225

    Jutsu Rank | Corruption Count
    E | 0
    D | 1
    C | 5
    B | 10
    A | 15
    S | 20

    Constitution Rank | Cap Bonus(no stack)
    E | 0
    D | 10
    C | 20
    B | 30
    A | 40
    S | 50

    Clan Techniques
    - TBC -


    Rei Uchiha

    Strength: D                      
    Constitution: D                  
    Stamina: D                        
    Speed: D
    Coordination: D
    Intelligence: D
    Perception: D

    Physical: 1
    Technique: 1
    Destiny: 1

    Missions: D-0 | C-0 | B-0 | A-0 | S-0

    Renown: 0

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