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    Testing the Power


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    Testing the Power Empty Testing the Power

    Post by Akame on Mon Nov 26, 2018 6:28 pm

    Learning Lightning Release Chakra Mode, Restricted. Noz gave me permission to do so. It is a B rank technique, which does not require a word count since Akame is A class. Not that it matters.

    Akame parried her clone's strike, driving the pommel of her sword at the clone's face. It dodged, since it was just as skilled as she was at swordplay, the two of them kicking away from the other. Akame had managed to work up a nice sweat sparring against herself, cracking her neck to indicate that she was done warming up. The clone took note of the motion, readying itself into a familiar stance. As expected, the clone took a defensive stance with the intent to defend and parry against any attacks the real Akame may launch.

    The ANBU captain took a deep breath, scanning the area with her sensory skills once to make sure nobody was around before continuing with her plan. This area was remote and hostile to most shinobi, making it ideal to test something you didn't want anybody else to see. There was nobody around her, and with that comfort in mind the captain would focus raiton chakra throughout her body. In a burst of power, a cloak of lightning took shape around Akame's form. The rush of power was intense, on par with what she felt when she utilized her kekkei genkai in battle. It was a wonderful feeling, to be certain. The black hair that was usually so straight and smooth was standing on end at an angle from her skull, none of it touching her back. "Yeah, I think this is a good last resort," Akame said confidently, testing her reflexes and strength with some practice swings in the air. She noted the relatively large drain of chakra the technique took, wondering how Nariko had sustained such a technique for their entire spar. It was no wonder she had been tired at the end, this required a special training of its own to use properly.

    She readied herself, taking an aggressive stance to make sure she got every ounce of power behind every strike. The memories from the clone would provide her with an angle from both ends of the technique as well, giving her ideas on how to better improve how she approaches a target. If she can break through her own defenses, then she could break through any defense. That she was certain about. In a flurry, Akame rushed her clone and unleashed a relentlessly fast assault against it to try and overwhelm it right at the onset. It defended well, because of course it did, but Akame was still faster and stronger.

    Three more blows and the captain landed the fatal blow, ripping the clone's sword out of its hands and then stabbing it in the heart as its guard was torn apart. It poofed from the fatal damage, the memories inserting themselves into Akame's head. She dwelt on them for a few moments, deactivating the exclusive technique as she did so. It had certainly made her faster, both with reaction speed and overall agility. Her blows were stronger as well, and while she had been using it the clashes between the swords had not been quite as numbing as they usually were. This was definitely something one should use if they had no other way of achieving victory. Sustaining that drain for a sufficient amount of time was almost impossible for all but a few shinobi, some of whom are simply legends.

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