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    The 1st World Shinobi Tournament

    Uchiha Akihiro
    Uchiha Akihiro

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    The 1st World Shinobi Tournament Empty The 1st World Shinobi Tournament

    Post by Uchiha Akihiro on Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:32 pm

    It was quite the event. Kumogakure no Sato had announced it a few months prior to the event but now that the date was finally coming and all the participants had signed up, one could feel the hype on the streets of the village. Foreigners walked the markets, and tourists came from all over the continent just to see the mighty shinobi in action. What would happen? Who would win?! The prize money was quite a bit, but ninjas weren't here just for money. After all, they could do missions for that! No, this tournament was about something else. It was about proving one's abilities. It was an opportunity to go against the world's very best shinobi and kunoichi, and to prove one's worth to the world. There was certainly Renown to be earned here.

    A Kumogakure no Sato Jonin was posting up the tournament tree, while a huge crowd gathered around him. This was the very first poster, set up at Tomiko Heights so that Kumogakure no Sato's elite would be the very first ones to know about the official dates and places to buy tickets. Amongst all the information, there was the tournament tree. The participation rate this year was rather small since it was the first edition and many people didn't even know where Kumogakure no Sato was located or if they could be trusted. But Akihiro knew a few of these names, and he was very eager to see some of these people in action.

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