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    On a mission?


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    On a mission?  Empty On a mission?

    Post by Shinoskay on Fri Nov 02, 2018 6:15 am

    While the mission was long since complete, as the caravan had been escorted on to the village lands boundaries, Shinoskay had ended up escorting the caravan out till the land of waterfalls. However, as they entered Takigakure Shinoskay, who was using two puppet eyes about 20 and 10 meters high, it seemed there had been a large group that recently passed through this area. The boy had been making a point to remain as focused and vigilante as possible as they traveled, his perception using both the puppet eyes as well as his sensory was the caravans way of watching out for threats.

    He was going to turn back about this time but it seems some 30 plus people had passed through this land, while these people where obviously skilled they had been traveling for hours none stop and had fallen into a fluid consistent motion that not only smoothed out places that some 20+ of them all stepped on but there was also clear places where the bark had broken off. He wasn't sure what he was seeing at first as he entered the area but it nagged at him enough until they came across a patch of wild flowers where bee's were pollinating and so he asked the drones received confirmation that, in fact, a party had traveled through here to the mountains.

    For him it looked clear that the party was shinobi by how light and clearly how little presence they made as they passed, how spread apart the impacted locations were, and how all of the smoothed areas were up in the trees, indicating that the party had passed through avoiding the ground and where skilled in avoiding tracks and trails... unfortunately, though skilled, they still traveled together in such a large group and only the MOST skilled could gather in such a large group and pass without a trace. These were likely highly trained shinobi, it made Shinoskay wonder why so many skilled and trained shinobi would be so desperate to all move together like this as to get sloppy. It was clear something big was going down.

    The bee's informed him they had followed the trail to the edge of the country, enjoying the breeze left behind as it swept them out and allowed them to travel farther then they normally would be able to.

    With this information in mind, and since the caravan was going to proceed further up into the mountains anyways, Shinoskay decided that he would go on ahead and investigate. Since Akari was traveling with him, he decided the best course here would be for him to enter into the abdomen of his bee puppet while she rode on its thorax saddle. From here, with 2 puppet eyes staying on the surface, the bee would burrow down into the earth to travel at 50 meters depth while Shinoskay used his sensory, his bee's (lets say about 200 of them) and his puppet eyes to keep an eye, or 203 eyes, on the surface area as they traveled. He would keep his and Akari's chakra suppressed, to conceal them and his bee's would keep in a 400m radius around where he was to act as forward scouts. He would follow the route the bee's explained this large group of shinobi had taken.

    [Exit to The Great Chang Mountains]
    49/50 chakra remaining.

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    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    On a mission?  Empty Re: On a mission?

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:40 am

    Whew. Okay, there's a lot of issues with this so I'm going to have to list them out. First off though, I'm posting here to inform you that this is officially VOIDED.

    Now to get into the details of why.

    • You don't know where Iwagakure is located (your bees don't either regardless of how it might be logical that they'd know their way around).
    • You need chakra strings to control your puppet, and to make chakra strings you need to be using chakra. Therefore, your suppression doesn't work.
    • You're traveling through bedrock with a puppet that lacks sufficient equipment and stats to complete such a task.
    • Unless you're using your Kuchiyose contract the Kamizuru have, you aren't going to magically find bees to communicate with unless you did it before you burrowed.
    • You can't sense while using Chakra Suppression.
    • You can't sustain bees while using Chakra Suppression because you require chakra.
    • Hypothetically, if you did have the proper equipment and stats for your puppet, you probably aren't going to get all the way from your location to your destination just through traveling 50m underground with said puppet, due to your reserves.

    There's probably some stuff I'm missing but this is no bueno. Appeal in the Discussions board if you feel this is unfair.


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