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    Many Worlds, Many Threats (A)

    Honiko Yoshidara
    Honiko Yoshidara

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    Many Worlds, Many Threats (A) Empty Many Worlds, Many Threats (A)

    Post by Honiko Yoshidara on Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:54 am

    Mission Name: Many Worlds, Many Threats
    Mission Type: Search & Destroy / Search & Seizure
    Mission Rank: A
    Mission Goal: Recover 3 Gestation Pods. Destroy all remaining Gestation Pods. Kill or Capture Type I Specimen.
    Description: The Cursed Valleys have always been home to a lethal array of supernatural creatures that are said to have existed during and even before the time of the Sage. These creatures are often thinned by Iwagakure shinobi in order to prevent them from overpopulating and attacking various Earth Country towns. Recently, many of these creatures have been slaughtered by a as of yet unidentifiable source. Iwagakure ANBU has traced the killings to a monster that shares characteristics that are consistent with local myths and legends. This monster has been given the designation Type I Specimen. The Specimen is speculated to be from another world either brought purposefully or incidentally by the Goddess Kaguya. While sporadically appearing in early history it has not been encountered in centuries leading credence to the idea that its dormancy may have been disturbed by an as of yet unknown third party. Iwa ANBU has tracked the Type I Specimen to a cavern within the Cursed Valley that is exceedingly complex lending credence to the theory that the third party responsible for its re-awakening is a rational actor with knowledge of ninjutsu. Several gestation pods were recorded before ANBU was forced to retreat from the area. Iwagakure in its weakened and chaotic state cannot spare the manpower to handle the situation and they would be grateful if someone were to take care of the situation for them. It is assumed that these pods are for the purpose of reproducing the Type I Specimen. Your mission is to recover three of the gestation pods, destroy the remaining pods, and capture or kill the Type I Specimen, and gather evidence as the identity of the third party responsible for re-activating this threat to the Land of Earth. You may work with other villages and share the reward or not (if you choose not to work together whoever gets the pods and the Specimen will be rewarded), Iwagakure does not care so long as the job is complete.
    Payment: 100,000
    Requirements: Jounin + Squad / A-Rank Missing Ninja

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