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    Ore Protection Detail (C)

    Inari Osaki
    Inari Osaki

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    Ore Protection Detail (C) Empty Ore Protection Detail (C)

    Post by Inari Osaki on Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:27 am

    Mission Name: Ore Protection Detail
    Mission Type: Protection
    Mission Rank: C
    Mission Goal: Protect the shipment of ores on its way to Meijing
    Description: Recently a small group of bandits have been attacking shipments of ore from the Makoto Mines as they head to Meijing. The workers are too afraid to transport the ores for fear of losing their lives. To settle the matter a Shinobi or team of Shinobi are being requested to escort the shipment to Meijing.  
    Payment: 15,000 Ryo
    Requirements: Genin with a Sensei, Chunnin+

    Strength: D
    Constitution: C
    Stamina: B
    Speed: C++
    Coordination: C
    Intelligence: B
    Perception: C++

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