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    It's getting Frosty

    Halcyon Yomi
    Halcyon Yomi

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    It's getting Frosty  - Page 2 Empty Re: It's getting Frosty

    Post by Halcyon Yomi Sat Dec 23, 2017 7:38 pm

    Well, this was...unexpected, to think it all would go perfectly as planned and on top of that the sudden end of hostilities. It sort of managed to confuse Yomi immensely, as she wondered what was the reason for all of this in the first place. There had hardly been any spilled blood, not a single casualty and heck, the only issue she herself had were a few scrapes and maybe some bruises from the fall she had made when jumping off the vanishing reindeer.

    Sure, it seemed she'd managed to annoy the clone by using his own summon against him and managed to apparently impress the stranger in red and white, but even so, she was both miffed and annoyed at the very idea that she had been less impressive than Nozomi, a mere genin had turned out to be superior to her, for the second time already, adding even more insult to the entire thing, was that with the clone vanishing and the stranger himself gone, she actually had nothing to show for. It almost felt like nothing had even happened.

    "What the, in the sage of the six paths' name did happen here?" She started cursing, stomping into the snow with her boots as her rage and anger were obviously reaching a boiling point. "I just don't get it, this entire thing's been so...sheesh, I'm off, I seriously need a drink, my head now hurts more than my sides damn it!!"

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    It's getting Frosty  - Page 2 Empty Re: It's getting Frosty

    Post by Nozomi Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:23 pm

    Nozomi's attack successful, Santa's blood splattering across her face from her strike, she was extremely confused when he didn't fall to the ground. Her strike had hit him, and with enough force behind it to leave her own arm shuddering and stinging from the strike. A liver shot with that force and the petal strike should have shut down the enemy and he should have fallen.

    Instead, he spoke. Offering her congratulations, and calling her Petal Dancer, Nozomi’s confusion only heightened when his body disappeared, although a sense of pride soared through her as he said she was the most worthy fight he'd had all across the land. That meant in the other countries, she was the most vicious fighter, and had actually done a good job. Of course, she always took fights seriously, so it was no surprise to her that he had enjoyed their fight.

    Picking up the bag of Ryo and the strange ore, Nozomi stared off into the distance, wondering what it was he had appeared for. What had been the purpose of this man? It could wait, she needed to clean off the blood and get some rest. Her body was going to be tired from this one.


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