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    A Sleigh in the Desert


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    A Sleigh in the Desert  Empty A Sleigh in the Desert

    Post by Claus Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:18 pm

    In the land of wind a man rideing a sleigh pulled by a team of rain-deer appeared seemingly out of nowhere. With his heavy red coat he seemed very out of place in the middle of a desert but for some reason he didn’t seem to be minding the high heat in the middle of a blazing hot sun at all.

    As the sleigh sid to a stop before the village gates he frowned heavily.  He could feel the presence of so so few people here. It made him wonder if anyone would even show up to face him and his little test.  He hoped they would because otherwise Suna would be utterly lost cost as nothing would save it from what was to come.

    “Come little nomads! Face if me you wish to see the next sunrise.” He bellowed loud enough for the entire village to hear.

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