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    Character Housing

    Kagura Ezume
    Kagura Ezume

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    Character Housing Empty Character Housing

    Post by Kagura Ezume Fri Oct 15, 2021 11:59 am

    Character Housing Character-Housing

    Every character has some place they call home, whether that home is a studio apartment in the slums, a rural plot of land outside the village, or a lavish manor in the richest part of town. Wherever that home resides, it likely has rooms apart from the basic bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and so on.

    Typically a type of house is included in one's Living Expense. However, players who do not wish to partake in the Living Expense system may pay for a home to be built out of pocket. The value depends on the size of the home, but whatever the method of obtaining a home, the player MUST post a thread for their purchased rooms to exist. Purchasing rooms for your house and never posting a topic for your house will make any attempt of using those rooms invalid. Every house naturally has one freebie room, plus however many extra rooms come with the house price. So for example, a Poor House will have a total of two rooms. This is the base freebie room and the +1 room combined. Below is a list of the available homes to purchase:

    Poor Housing: 1 room. 60,000 ryo to purchase. Free with Poor Living or above in your settlment, otherwise 10,000 Ryo/Month.

    Modest Housing: 2 rooms. 100,000 ryo to purchase. Free with Modest Living or above or above in your settlment, otherwise 25,000 Ryo/Month.

    Comfortable Housing: 3 rooms. 200,000 ryo to purchase. Free with Comfortable Living or above in your settlment, otherwise 50,000 Ryo/Month. A Minor Annex can be built for an additional 100,000 ryo. Grants +1 room.

    Wealthy Housing: 5 rooms. 400,000 ryo to purchase. Free with Wealthy Living or above in your settlment, otherwise 100,000 Ryo/Month. An Intermediate Annex can be built for an additional 200,000 ryo. Grants +3 rooms.

    Aristocratic Housing: 8 rooms. 1,000,000 ryo to purchase. Free with Aristocratic Living or above in your settlment, otherwise 200,000 Ryo/Month. A Major Annex can be built for an additional 400,000 ryo. Grants +5 rooms. Annexes of any size can be built indefinitely at this point.  At this point the player may request a thread be made for their home.

    If this isn't enough for you, consider talking to your Kage or leader about purchasing a Clan Sized Plot of land to continue expanding.

    It should go without mentioning that not paying your upkeep on your living expense will remove your house as well as the rooms. This means if you've invested in Aristocratic Living and purchased 8 rooms, failing to pay for the Living Expense for that month will result in your character being evicted. Paying the following month will result in your character needing to invest in purchasing rooms again. Buying housing is a safer option, but more costly up front, but will half the monthly living expense and ensure that you cannot be evicted.  If you fail to pay the living expense on a house you own, you will not lose it, but will not gain the benefits of your rooms until you pay the debt off. Likewise, using the Living Expense system to rent out your luxuries is cheaper at first but results in your character being a slave to your landlord. The first room can be any one of these rooms and will cost nothing, and then staggering prices after that. Rooms 2 and 3 cost 25,000 each. Room 4 is 50,000, and the cost increases by 25,000 for each additional room.  Selling a house or Room can be done at any time, but you only gain half the Ryo you put into it if you sell it back to the village.  Selling between Player Characters is authorized but only for full price. Below is the current list of rooms which is subject to updates:

    Bedchambers: The character receives a passive +1 advantage which can be applied to any stat. House benefits may be shared with an additional character. (Limit: 1)
    Guest Room: House benefits may be shared with an additional character.
    Shrine: All posts in threads that take place within the character's house thread earn +5 additional experience.

    Archives: The character trains Ninjutsu techniques at no wordcount. (An additional Elemental Archives Room must be made for each element, the first must be non-elemental.)
    Dojo: The character trains Taijutsu technique at no wordcount.
    Library: The character's Intelligence is treated as +1 tier higher for recognizing through renown. The character also trains Genjutsu at no wordcount.
    Noma Dojo: The character trains Kenjutsu technique at no wordcount.
    BukiDojo: The character trains Bukijutsu technique at no wordcount.
    Kyūdōjō: The character trains Kyujutsu technique at no wordcount.
    Calligraphy Room: The character trains Fūinjutsu techniques at no wordcount.
    Tea Room: The character obtains one B-rank antidote every month (cannot be stockpiled.) Train Kuchiyose technique at no wordcount.
    Infirmary: The character gains a +5 modifier to implants and trains Ijutsu at no wordcount.
    Meditation Chamber: The character trains Sensory Techniques at no wordcount.
    Workshop: The requirement to be able to craft the next level item is reduced by 1.  Trains Kugutsu Techniques without wordcount.

    Armory: Items may be bought from the Shinobi Marketplace without posting there and are stored here. This does not include village-specific items or armor.
    Barn: The character obtains one C-rank provision every month (cannot be stockpiled.)
    Garden: The character receives a 50% discount on provisions and medicine. Doesn't stack.
    Greenhouse: The character receives a 50% discount on poisons and drugs. Doesn't stack.
    Dungeon: The character can place captives, prisoners, and hostages securely in this location.
    Treasure Room: A secure room fortified with steel plates while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance from the outside. An ideal place to store ryo, items, material, or technique.
    Menagerie: Pets can be kept without the need for maintenance.
    Roost: The character gain access to messenger birds, and can send letters and messages to people without needing to visit them in-character (the bird must have a set delivery location, or you must know the exact location of a character outside of a set delivery location).
    Secret Tunnel: The character may leave your village without posting at the gates or travel somewhere within the village without being detected. (Note that construction needs to occur to some degree. For example, a secret tunnel leading to the village vault or outside the village would need to be approved by the Kage.)

    For any room that states you do not have to train with a word count, this means you do not have to train the technique IC as long as you are capable of learning it. It must still be claimed in your updates. Only one home may be had per dwelling. Having multiples of the same room do not stack any discounts or boosts. For example, this means building 6 Bedchambers does not give you 2 passive tiers to your stats, or building 6 Shrines will not give you +30 EXP per post. Only rooms that provide a specific function (such as multiple secret tunnels or multiple Guest Rooms) actually "stack."

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