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    Post by Rin Matoi Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:25 am

    Masuyo wore the standard gear most Shinobi in Iwagakure wear. Her footwear consisted of standard black sandals fitted for comfort and security. With the toes and heel left exposed they provided additional balance, while the rest of the foot up to the ankle was protected by the thick material of the sandal. The soles of the sandals are reinforced with hardened material to resist heavy impacts and wear. Fishnet tights draw from her feet all the way up the entire length of her legs designed to fit snugly and providing minimal warmth while still remaining breathable in hotter conditions. A pair of tight black shorts reach down nearly five inches above her knees. White bandage wrap is wrapped around her right thigh which has a navy blue holster strapped over. Around her waist she wears the basic utility belt which carries two green holsters on her right side along with a tool pouch around her back side and a canteen to the far left. She wears a red lapel on her left side extending down to her knee not interfering with her access to her tools.

    A red top is worn with loose sleeves reaching down just a little past her elbows. This is reinforced with a brown leather flak jacket provided by Iwagakure's armory which serves as issued the issued armor. This is accompanied by an additional tool pouch which is wrapped around the abdomen facing the front instead of being on the rear. On both hands Masuyo wears a set of fingerless black gloves backed with small steel plates providing comfort and protection. Around her neck Masuyo wears her forehead protector as a collar. The black cloth is tied in a knot around the back side of her neck with the steel plate facing the front for identification. The steel plate has Iwagakure's emblem engraved on the front. Masuyo has straight black hair which extends down to her mid back. Two strands of hair drop down touching her chest which leads into her bangs which are cut shorter and swept to her right side. She stands at 5'9 weighing approximately 145 lbs. Her fair skin is complimented with her voluptuous form which is completed with a pair of hazel eyes.

    A large reservoir of water was filled by several small waterfalls with one large one cascading down the higher mountains. The reservoir led to a small one through a small waterfall which began a river further down. This was one of the side rivers which ran into a much more major stream feeding water into the Land of Waterfalls. Masuyo enjoyed the sunlight as she humbly sat on the dirt several meters away from the major pool of water. There were lake trout, aquatic plants, pike, fine stones, and with a sharp enough eye and familiarity with the location or marine life in general, freshwater mussels. It was quite a habitat, though outside of the water was equally alive. Butterfly and dragonfly were a common sight as they were naturally attracted to the vitality of the land. It was very obvious this particular ground was highly underdeveloped by human civilization. Masuyo leaned up against a small, slate gray boulder. It was just large enough to be used as a back fresh. Before her she had three family-sized bags of potato chips. Teriyaki and mayo, seaweed, and sweet potato and onion. Those, along with a navy blue backpack which had other essential supply sat beside her. Between her thighs she held the first bag of potato chips upright and open allowing her ease of access. She had a separate canteen with her, one filled with fresh water from the falls. It was larger than the one she commonly carried used to hold large amounts of water for long treks.

    The very next day after training Kameko she busied herself with training. Masuyo was a type of Kunoichi who always tried to improve herself. As such, she is currently ranked as a Jounin of Iwagakure, and deemed the Head Instructor for the military. However just because she obtained such high status due to her effort does not mean she could slack off. Masuyo must always stay ahead of not only her enemies, but her peers. As such, she wanted to hone her Ninjutsu ability. She found herself standing before the pool of water on the shore. The landscape was tranquil enough to allow focus and concentration, as well as rural enough to not have to worry about ambushes or disturbing the peace. In a steady breath she weaved the hand seals necessary for her first technique. Wind Release: Beast Tearing Gale Palm was a very powerful wind release technique which allowed her to create a massive claw of chakra, which at that point could be led up to a plethora of offensive and defensive measures. It would end up being one of the "big guns" Masuyo could afford. She was not attracted to large Ninjutsu, as tackling large creatures was not something she was rather skillful at or planned to specialize in. This did not mean she could slack in that particular field. It was essential she could be prepared for whatever her enemy could throw at her. Extending her arm she unleashed a massive hand of blue chakra what caused ripples in the water and air around her it was executed flawlessly. It was her first technique of the day.

    Springing off the shore she performed an acrobatic somersault in the air as she descended towards to the water. Harnessing chakra to her feet she stood on the water's surface using the basic water walking technique. Her next technique in line was a blade of wind. This particular technique was dependent on the skill of the user, however the technique itself was incredibly dangerous. A near-invisible blade completely made of Wind shape manipulation. It is considered a wind sword that cannot be blocked. The Blade of Wind is a notorious Wind Style technique for it's unstoppable nature. Raising her right hand her index, middle finger, and thumb all joined together as she began channeling chakra into her hand using those three fingers as a focus point. As the blade of wind materialized in her hand she noticed the environment around her reacting as well. The blade of wind had an aura around it which Masuyo could see begin causing incisions in the water almost as if small blades of wind were cutting it. This would be completed as Masuyo slashes the blade through the air as she ended the technique knowing she was complete with its mastery.

    "I guess you could say I grew quite a fond attraction to Wind.
    Here I thought I was a Earth girl, being born and raised as a mud runner."
    She said, entertaining herself with her rather new skill focus towards Wind. Masuyo herself possessed Fire and Earth nature along with her Wind nature giving her a variety of elements to choose from to suit her needs. Fire served as pure damage in her case, incinerating who foes stood in her path. Earth was defensive and monumental creations. Wind served as her primary Ninjutsu path, being quite literally anything she could put her mind to. Wind was perhaps the easiest element to control, and could serve as a blunt impact instrument or one of the finest cutters. It significantly aided her ability to maximize her Bukijutsu, as tools could easily be imbued with her Wind nature granting it increased effectiveness and the finest cutting edge. She was quite literally prepared for anything. With her expertise with wielding tools and professional history in Taijutsu she had grown to be quite the fighter. Very little stood against her, which made her a feared icon in Iwagakure as an instructor and Jounin. She had quite the reputation of being a hard instructor. However this was not out of abusiveness. Masuyo wished to grow Iwagakure into a village comprised of powerful, hardened outdoors Shinobi like herself.

    Approaching the end of her training session she decided not to take any breaks like she anticipated. This day was unlike any other. With Kameko in her image she wanted to improve as hard as she hoped she was. Although Kameko was tasked with crafting during her absence Masuyo was sure she was working her butt off. Although crafting may seem simple to some, at Kameko's current skill level, she would need to push herself to make anything exceptional. Not only did Masuyo want to benefit from the her crafting as a potential customer, but she believed it was a great discipline building exercise to help Kameko grow into a motivated Kunoichi. Getting good at anything was a great sign of dedication. Although crafting was not entirely Shinobi-based it had its perks, and it was something Kameko could master.

    Through long, tedious hours of training Masuyo was notably exhausted. She wanted to unwind for the evening after such a laborious time learning new technique and pushing her chakra limits to a new height. At least she could say she mastered the technique she wished to learn. She was one step closing to become an even more lethal Kunoichi for Iwagakure.

    [Wordcount: 1534/1500

    Jutsu learned:

    Beast Tearing Gale Palm | A-rank
    Blade of Wind | A-rank
    Wind Release: Vacuum Blade | B-rank
    Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere | B-rank
    Wind Release: Slash | C-rank
    Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet | C-rank
    Wind Release: Verdant Mountain Gale | D-rank
    Wind Release: Passing Typhoon | D-rank
    Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique | D-rank
    Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm | C-rank
    Earth Style: Stone Pistol Technique | C-rank
    Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness | B-rank
    Earth Release: Rock Lodging Destruction | B-rank
    Earth Release: Rock Collapse | B-rank
    Arhat Fist and varients except the two B-rankers]


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