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    The Akimichi Clan


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    The Akimichi Clan Empty The Akimichi Clan

    Post by Okane Tue Aug 17, 2021 11:19 pm

    [Clan Name] Akimichi
    [Clan Location] Konohagakure
    [Bloodline Name & Type] Karada no sōsa - Body manipulation
    [Current Clan Leader] N/A

    ●[Current] -
    ●[Clan] -
    ●[Members] -

    Clan History/Description: The Akimichi have always been a clan that endures. Through the shinobi wars they have defended their home with a physical might few could endure. Their sheer power and size making them physical marvels. Their ability to adjust calories into power making them fearsome in any battle. However after many territories were caught up in a world war the majority of the clan realized they could no longer stand alone. Choosing to join the might of Konoha as their nearest and friendliest neighboring hidden village. They would offer to allow their clan members to join the shinobi ranks and academy and in return their clan would be placed under the villages protection.

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics: Most members of this clan appear to be on the larger side of body weight. But they are built this way intentionally. Their bodies can grow (And shrink) as they learn to control their abilities. The majority of the clan is heavy set and those that aren't are likely either not part of the clans warriors or using their ability to hide it.

    Bloodline Description & Abilities: All members of the Akimichi are born into a heavy set or big boned bloodline. The first level of this is free and simply allows them to adjust their weight to a more athletic appearance. However in this state they can not use their clan jutsu or any jutsu related to their bloodline and must release this form to use them. At this level all clan members gain a ++ to Constitution. In any state they take their clothing and gear grow with them equally.

    By spending 500 exp the Akimichi can unlock the second level of their bloodline. Allowing their bodies to endure more and gaining a full tier to their constitution. In this state they can adjust the size of one of their limbs at a time up to five times its size. However they can only do this with one limb at a time.

    The third and final level is unlocked by spending 1000 exp. At this level the Akimichi gains two full tiers to constitution and gains access to the clan jutsu that covers growing their entire body to ten times its normal size. Making them walking behemoths of raw power.

    Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks: The Akimichi are more known for endurance and strength than speed or coordination. As such the members of the clan take a negative -- to speed.

    Clan Techniques

    Name: Human Bullet tank
    Rank: C
    Power: C
    Activation Cost: 3
    Upkeep Cost: 1
    Range: Touch
    Speed: base + 1 tier
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Taijutsu
    Classification: Group exclusive - (Akimichi)
    Requirements: Tier 2 bloodline
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: The Akimichi Turns themselves into a spinning ball of wreckage. Increasing their speed by a tier as they become a rolling ball of destruction. Shifting their size to become a five meter diameter ball. Then they spin and move like a ball. The damage of this can be increased by wrapping themselves in blades.
    Weaknesses: Once they start in a direction it takes them five meters to stop or turn. So once they set a path they are dedicated to it.

    Name: Partial growth technique
    Rank: B
    Power: B
    Activation Cost: 5
    Upkeep Cost: 3
    Range: Self
    Speed: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Taijutsu
    Classification: Group specific (Akimichi
    Requirements: Tier 2 bloodline
    Parent Technique: Human bullet tank
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: The Akimichi can focus their chakra into one limb at a time. Converting the calories in the arm to enlarge it to five times its size. Raising their strength in that limb by 1 tier +
    Weaknesses: The enlarged limb makes maneuverings difficult. Thus reducing coordination by a --

    Name: Multi Size technique
    Rank: A
    Power: A
    Activation Cost: 10
    Upkeep Cost: 5
    Range: Self
    Speed: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Taijutsu
    Classification: Group specific
    Requirements: Tier 3 bloodline
    Parent Technique: Partial growth technique
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: The Akimichi that masters their body becomes truly fearsome. Able to grow their body to ten times its normal size. Gaining a Tier ++ to their strength and becoming a truly fearsome part of any battle.
    Weaknesses: Being ten times the size of a large man is bound to make you a target. In this state they lose a full tier to coordination. However their reach seems to make up for that.

    Clan secret pills - Requires Chemistry skill to make

    Three Colored Pills

    These pills were created by the Akimichi clan to forcibly convert body fat into chakra with a process commonly referred to as Calorie Control. Calorie Control increases the overall chakra levels of the body, while also enhancing its Speed, Strength, and Constitution based on how much fat is converted. While practiced and skilled users are able to accomplish this process on their own, most Akimichi must use these pills, which are crafted using a secret clan recipe and are, therefore, only available to members of the Akimichi Clan. There are three pills, one for each color, with scaling effects:

    Spinach Pill: The first pill converts roughly twenty-five percent of the body's fat into chakra, increasing Strength, Speed, and Constitution by + and Stamina by ++. This effect lasts for up to five posts. Afterwards, Stamina is reduced by -.

    Curry Pill: After taking the Spinach Pill, the user may eat the second, which converts roughly half of the body's fat into chakra. This boosts Strength, Speed, and Constitution by ++ and Stamina by 1 Tier. Note that this boost replaces the first pill's and last for up to five posts. Afterwards, Stamina is reduced by 1 Tier.

    Chili Pill: Easily the most potent pill, the Chili Pill converts all of the body's fat into chakra, and can only be taken after the Curry Pill. This effect boosts Strength, Speed, and Constitution by 1 Tier, and Stamina by 1 Tier++. This effect can last for up to five posts and replaces any previous boosts provided by the other pills. Once the time limit is up, the user is left emaciated, with no fat remaining in the body. This is a potentially lethal condition, as exhaustion and death soon follow, so medical attention is required if the user is to survive. Using this third pill will enter the user into Butterfly Mode and allow the use of its related techniques.

    Taking these pills out of order is toxic to the body and will cause emaciation in addition to continuous vomiting. It will also not provide any of the boosts.

    After using all three pills five times, a user may learn to perform the Calorie Control process independently of the pills, which requires 500 Exp. Those that perform the Calorie Control process without the pills are generally expected to have larger stores of fat. The drawbacks do remain however.

    Character Name: Tomi, Okane
    Spendable Experience: 290
    Total Experience: 5440
    Renown: 4600
    Ryo: 2,064,100
    • Strength: C
    • Constitution: C
    • Stamina: B
    • Speed: D
    • Coordination: A
    • Intelligence: A
    • Perception: A

    Link to Character Updates: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t3029-okane-tomi-updates#23588
    Link to Character Application: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t3005-tomi-okane
    Link to Known Techniques: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t3029-okane-tomi-updates#23588

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