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    To Protect & Serve [B-Rank]


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    To Protect & Serve [B-Rank] Empty To Protect & Serve [B-Rank]

    Post by Shin Thu Feb 11, 2021 11:36 pm

    Mission Name: To Protect & Serve
    Mission Type: Bodyguard
    Mission Rank: B
    Mission Goal: Protect a wealthy Family
    Description: A member of a wealthy family within the land of earth has had his life threatened on several occasions. He would like personal protection until the threat is dealt with, guard the member through their daily routine and eliminate the threat.
    Payment: 25k Ryo
    Requirements: C-Class

    They had been walking through the village, Shin following Noboru from a decent distance and keeping an eye out for any potential threats. The threat happened to be the person he was now in combat with, whose initial move had been to try and choke out Noboru. That had been a rookie mistake, for Shin had been able to intervene briefly. Noboru had managed to get out of the way and hide somewhere behind Shin, giving the Muramatsu shinobi the opportunity to fight back.
    “You said these were just goons.” Shin barely got the words out as he would need to jump out of the way of an incoming jutsu. Not the most physically gifted of shinobi, Shin still had a ton of aces up his sleeve. The enemy that was threatening the man’s life - the man known as Noboru - happened to be a rogue shinobi that did not show any affiliation with a particular village, though his charge had a few suspicions.

    Shin would bring his right hand towards his mouth and breath out wind-infused chakra. A small orb, a whirlwind essentially, would hover just a few centimeters away from his palm. Without much caution, Shin would only make sure that there were no innocent bystanders in the way before he would launch the orb of wind at his opponent. As the technique was hurling through the air, Shin would weave another orb from the Wind Release: Spiraling Wind Ball technique. This one he would take a bit more air aiming, hurling it directly at his opponent's center. The technique would hit his opponent just as intended, which would send the rogue shinobi hurling through the street. Moving on to his next technique, Shin would form the rat, rabbit and dog hand seals, taking a deep breath and quickly exhaling, seven wind bullets would be hurled at his opponent.

    Once the scene would settle, Shin would find the target on the ground lifeless, the Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere putting in the finishing blow. There were numerous cuts on the individual's body, as the man had been hit by one Spiraling Wind Ball and then seven consecutive Vacuum Spheres. Whatever this individual’s reasons were for attacking Noboru would remain in question, and it was likely whoever hired him would find another rogue shinobi to target Noboru, but Shin knew that whoever it was, likely would not do so for a while. It made no sense for him to launch consecutive assaults if he did not wish to be caught, but Shin knew for sure, the next time Noboru made a request, he would put an end to it finally.

    -10 CP Wind Release: Spiraling Wind Ball
    -5 CP Wind Release: Spiraling Wind Ball (1 extra produced)
    -10 CP Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere
    -265/290 CP
    Name: Wind Release: Spiraling Wind Ball
    Rank: B
    Activation Cost: 10
    Upkeep Cost: 10 per 2 balls afterwards
    Range: 0 - 100 m.
    Speed: A+
    Element: Wind
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: N/A
    Requirements: N/A
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: -
    Description: This technique allows the user to breathe wind-infused chakra into the palm of their hand, shaping it into a small, whirlwind-like ball. Then the user will shoot it at their opponent. This technique seems to be very fast and powerful, as it is capable of smashing through thick rock. They can be launched in rapid succession.
    Weaknesses: N/A

    Name: Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere
    Rank: B
    Activation Cost: 10
    Range: 0 - 30 m.
    Speed: A
    Element: Wind
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: N/A
    Requirements: N/A
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: Rat → Rabbit → Dog
    Description: The user takes a deep breath and then exhales several small blasts of wind chakra in such a manner that they are dispersed over an expansive range, enough to make it difficult to avoid them entirely without taking any damage. Due to the properties of this technique, the expelled blasts are capable of piercing into and potentially through an opponent's flesh when they collide with it. The user can exhale a maximum of seven bullets per usage.
    Weaknesses: N/A
    -Trained Wind Release: Spiraling Wind Ball
    -Trained Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere

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    To Protect & Serve [B-Rank] WzALqda
    Character Name: Muramatsu Shin
    Spendable Experience: 1415
    Total Experience: 3345
    Renown: 500
    Ryo: 810, 000

    • Strength: E
    • Constitution: E
    • Stamina: A+
    • Speed: D
    • Coordination: B
    • Intelligence: A
    • Perception: D

    Link to Character Updates: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t4426-muramatsu-shin-updates#34379
    Link to Character Application:
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