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    Abandon Ship

    Hana Kaguya
    Hana Kaguya

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    Abandon Ship Empty Abandon Ship

    Post by Hana Kaguya Sun Nov 08, 2020 4:30 pm

    A one-man ship never sailed far. Towards the end of her journey shortly after retiring for the night she was interrupted by the rocking of the waves now that she was closer to shore. It was something she tried to ignore which was a major mistake on her end. The ship served its purpose getting her across the pond, but enough rocking and suddenly Hana was against the wall of her cabin. The ship had capsized. Having all of her gear present on her she raced to the deck and with the aid of the tree climbing technique she scaled the deck to the highest part of the ship. With brief observation she saw land just a mere three hundred meters away. Easy to cross with her speed and endurance. Using chakra on her feet she landed on the ocean waters and raced to the shore. The air was thin and the forest dense. She had to figure she was in the Land of Fire if her directions held true. The ship she took sunk to the bottom of the sea being one of the dozens failed vessels to join.

    Hana would travel across the country in search of Akihiro, the only ally she had during these trying times. He was great for advice in areas Hana simply lacked foresight. His last known location was Konoha, so she would try for there.

    [Exit -> Full Land of Fire (48 hrs) -> Konohagakure | Fast Travel -12 hours | 36 hrs ]

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