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    Shiro v. Kara

    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    Shiro v. Kara  Empty Shiro v. Kara

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:04 pm

    RULING: Shiro's attempt to steal Kara's personal effects is invalid.

    The rules state the following:

    -All the Ryo you possess is assumed to be on your character's body unless specified being deposited in a bank. If the Player owns a Store or Base it is assumed the items are there if not specified. If the player does not own a store or a base then the  items are assumed to be in your character's house. Specification regarding the items on your character's person can be done via a periodic description in a post or in via your signature.

    As a threshold matter, Kara specified the amount of Ryo that she has in her signature and therefore that money is on her person. The other personal effects were specified to be on her person as indicated here:

    That was good. I’d give you a round of applause for your efforts but. . .”  Since it was her arm that was missing she didn’t feel it was the least bit inappropriate to make jokes at her own expense. “Help me gather a few things and let's be on our way shall we? You can keep me entertained as well as protected, and I’m sure those arms aren’t just good for wielding a sword Mr.?” She expected him to help her and she would go to her home, gather her creations and return to the sand skiff ready to head away from the madness that was the village hidden in abject misery. Whether he gave her a name or not mattered little to her, she was used to not referring to people by their names. Nozomi’s companions were equally outside of her concern, they were capable enough on their own and could choose to stay with her or return to their commander as they saw fit.

    Additionally, Seigi further corroborated this action in his post:

    Seigi would do as Kara says, silently helping her get her things together and packing the skiff as he went over the information that Kara gave her

    By the text and tone of the posts its very obvious that Kara is specifying that all of her possessions are on her person before leaving the village proper. Shiro contends that because Kara's post mentions them being "at home" that she must actually post at her residence. This is incorrect. When it comes to your personal effects that have been acquired through a validly approved update, you can freely specify those effects being on your person. The sequence of events leading up to that item being on your person is a matter of background fluff. Items such as Ryo, renown items, and the like often don't come from a specific or particular place. Therefore, it is reasonable that a background explanation (they were at home and I got them from home and now I am here) is permissible both according to the text of the rule and the tradition of the site.

    Appeals Decision: This ruling was upheld on the appeal with a few additional points:

    1. Items that DO NOT belong to you. Exclusives, enemy possessions, artifacts, etc etc. You actually have to go post wherever that stuff is and pick it up.

    2. Items  that you specifically placed in your shop. As in you went there, posted that you put it down in that shop or locked it in your vault, and then left. I would say in that instance you cannot respawn the items on your person.

    3. If someone fails to specify and you show up to rob their shop/base, they cannot specify AFTER THE FACT. Their items will be assumed to be at that location.

    Note here that Kara's specification occurred well before the attempted robbery.

    This ruling is final and players may proceed with the thread in a manner consistent with it.


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