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    A Darkened Forest


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    A Darkened Forest Empty A Darkened Forest

    Post by Kurama on Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:42 pm

    Coming with the cool breeze of the ocean winds was a massive shadow that abruptly cast its darkness upon the beach front and quickly made its way inland. The wildlife bustled happily about in the bright sunlight, but as soon as the shadow was set upon them, the animals scurried and the plant life itself seemed to shrivel up, as though the terror looming overhead frightened even nature itself.

    Not a sound could be heard across the forest, providing little entertainment for the scouts in one of their many lookouts posted throughout the Land of Fire. These were wooden structures built into the sides of trees and only shortly visited by the scouts in the region, so as to keep an eye on the land as a whole. Nothing in particular had caught the attention of this specific group. That is, until a deafening silence set in. At first, it was barely noticeable, a lack of sound from just one direction that was easily overcome by the wildlife and the flowing water in all other directions, but as the shadow set in, everything became deathly quiet; the air itself seemed still.

    Immediately, the scouts moved to observe, but they were given no chance to react. The lookout and everyone in it were immediately wiped out, not a trace of their existence left. Unlike the very spacious seas in the Land of Water, the forests of the Land of Fire were not so vast that people were always outside of contact with others. Though these scouts were the only ones to have directly witnessed the danger, there were others that saw a shadow and would soon learn of the fate befallen their brethren.

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