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    The Uphill Climb (Flashback)

    Valen Minamoto
    Valen Minamoto

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    The Uphill Climb (Flashback) Empty The Uphill Climb (Flashback)

    Post by Valen Minamoto Mon Sep 07, 2020 1:49 pm

    He was panting, of course he was, he was fucking exhausted. He had spent most of the night practicing with a few new technique’s he’d come up with and the effort of working them into his repertoire was showing. It was in the middle of the day and as usual when training his upper body clothing was off. He was covered in a sheen of sweat and his breathing came in quick, but controlled breaths. Three people surrounded him, and he had to keep from using anything other than the six techniques he had been working on against them or he’d break the rules that they all had agreed to at the beginning of the spar. It was fine with him of course, he had the tools he needed to win. He had created them, designed them personally and for the most part they could be used against multiple targets at once. So the three on one fight was much more even than one might think.

    Amari was a woman of average height, which put her about nine inches shorter than Tamwyn. She had a slender, but well muscled build with long black hair tied into a professional looking bun. She had pale skin, a dash of freckles across her cheeks and startling green eyes. She was a Chuunin acquaintance of Tamwyn’s who had agreed to assist him this day. She was quick, and lethally precise. She specialized in wind style techniques, but she couldn’t use them to the same degree that Tamwyn could use lightning. She was a quick wit and a sultry smile. She loved to flirt to get a rise out of people and had trouble knowing where the line was at times.

    Veras was a tall, well built man who stood a good seven inches taller than Tamwyn, putting him at 6’7. Frankly he was more akin to a living wall than a man. He had a swarthy complexion and dark eyes. He was solidly built and preferred close quarters combat. He had power, speed, and durability going for him. He could take just about anything Tamwyn could throw at him and keep on coming. Tamwyn himself could handle quite a bit of damage but Veras still had him beat in that department, even when he used Lightning Release Chakra Mode. His short clipped dark hair was neat and trim. He was a disciplined man and he was also a Chuunin here helping Tamwyn get his new techniques down. He was a brutal fighter and didn’t talk much during them, instead preferring to be as efficient and vicious as possible.

    Soryu was a rather plain looking man. He had short brown hair, brown eyes, was average height, and had a rather boring build. He wasn’t particularly well muscled either. He was just average. He had a likeable personality, but he was someone you could easily forget. Tamwyn however, was frankly terrified of him. Soryu was everything Tamwyn was, minus the lightning capability, but better. He was faster, stronger, more durable than even Veras. He had a massive jutsu repertoire of multiple elements, including wind release. He didn’t believe in leaving anything unfinished and he wasn’t fazed in the least by unfavorable odds. He just didn’t stop coming and he moved with an efficiency that put Veras to shame. Every single movement was potentially game ending when he fought and if you didn’t act, you were out of the fight and probably on the bench for a few days. He was a jounin, who had decided to help Tamwyn too. The man knew what was coming, and he was helping one of the Raikage’s students prepare for it.


    Of course, one couldn’t be prepared for such a thing until you experienced it. Veras was a veteran, in his mid to late forties, and was from Iwagakure. He moved to Kumogakure after Konoha had taken over his nation. He had seen atrocities, had seen death everywhere. Had come out of it and kept going. He was an invaluable resource to the pale haired genin. Tamwyn was still terrified of him of course.

    The jutsu Tamwyn was working on implementing into his arsenal were new ones he had made. Shocking Surfaces,  Xuen’s Cunning, Overload, Chain Lightning,  and Hell Slash. He had learned them individually earlier. Now he was working on putting them into practice in actual fights so as best to utilize them for brutal affect. The three around him were helping him with that by attacking him and he could only use those jutsu, none of his others. That was easily the most difficult part since it meant he couldn’t utilize his Lightning Release Armor, but he could still use Xuen’s Cunning, which helped quite a bit when close quarters combat was necessary. Taking deep breaths, the genin would be prepared to move at a moment’s notice to defend himself from his comrades when they came in on the attack.

    Shocking surfaces, worked by channeling Raiton chakra into a surface one was touching. Even the ground worked as a medium. It would extend throughout that surface, effectively ‘trapping it’. It couldn’t expand more than 60 total meters, but that was quite a large area to trap with a lightning trap. When he used it the raiton chakra coursed out from him into the surface at high speed and anyone else who touched it, besides the user of course, got a massive electrical assault on their system. It was shaping up to being one of his more favoured tactics.

    Transference was a Raiton technique, of course, that utilized a highly condensed amount of Raiton chakra within his coils that he proceeded to trap and let loose upon contact with an individual. It wasn’t unlike Shocking Surfaces although it did have its difference that made it quite useful in it’s own right. The technique could pass through conductive materials and still hit a target. He ends up in a kunai clash with someone? They were electrocuted. It was another favorite little ‘dirty trick’ he had up his sleeve and it caught opponents off guard with deceptive ease.

    Xuen’s Cunning was a taijutsu technique designed to trick the enemy and reduce their ability to follow the user's real attack. It utilized anything to the users advantage, a feint, a distraction, anything. Then it assaulted the target with attacks that would hopefully leave the target unable to defend themselves from the user’s barrage. Overload was another close quarters combat technique that revolved around utilizing what he learned from how Lightning Release Armor affected his nervous system. Instead of augmenting his however, he assaulted a target he touched with Raiton chakra. The channeling of massive amounts of Raiton chakra into the target's nervous system would cause it to temporarily shut down. The resulting shutdown would temporarily remove all five senses from the afflicted target.

    Chain Lightning was an interesting technique that allowed him to fire off a concentrated blast of Raiton chakra at a target. When it struck it’s target the lightning would ‘arc’ off toward the next closest heat source that wasn’t the users before firing toward that as well. The initial blast was devastatingly strong. The subsequent ‘arcs’ caused the technique to lose much of its power as it was fired however and over the course of moving from target to target the technique became weaker and weaker. Still, it was a fairly nice technique to have if there was a group of people he wanted to attack. It was also his strength technique in terms of raw, unadulterated, power. Sure, he had Kikoho for its massive size and range. However even that technique didn’t have the sheer raw power as the initial blast from Chain Lightning.

    Finally Hell Slash, which was a personal variant of the Hell Stab technique, covered his arm in Raiton chakra and increased his cutting power by a substantial amount. The strike could easily allow him to shatter stone and break down walls with relative ease. The interesting part about it however. Was that the user could swing their arm like a blade in the air and fire off the concentrated raiton chakra into a hyper condensed, crescent shaped, wave that struck out with almost as much force and power as he had strength. It was another in a line of close quarters techniques he had made and he intended to utilize it, as well as the others to vicious degrees of success in the war.

    Standing in the middle of his three opponents Tamwyn would be patient as he waited. Although he would finally decide that in this case, taking the offense was probably his best bet. Extending his hand toward Veras he blasted off a burst of chain lightning. He was physically the hardiest of them all and could take the initial blast. It hurt like hell, according to him, but he could take it. The blast took him in the chest and he prevented himself from being pushed back. However the blast ricocheted over to Soryu, who grunted, before arcing off toward Amari who simply dodged the technique by shifting to the side. Tamwyn wouldn’t be about to let up however, as before the technique had even reached Veras he was already moving toward Soryu, Xuen’s Cunning in full effect.

    He used the arcing blasts of lightning going around to distract the user and an initial punch went out. Soryu moved to dodge the strike, his plain features following Tamwyn’s movements easily and Tamwyn followed through with the weaker attacks momentum before using all of Xuen’s Cunning to strike at the man while he was focused on the first strike. Soryu blocked that, however during the contact with Tamwyn’s arm the pale haired Chuunin channeled a massive amount of Raiton chakra into the man and shut down his senses. Preventing him being able to see, hear, smell, taste, or feel. This caused him to stop and begin blinking his eyes in confusion as Tamwyn spun to the side as Veras came through like a wrecking ball.

    Veras impacted Soryu soundly, who couldn’t even tell he’d been hit, before both fell into a heap on the ground. Channeling Raiton chakra into his arm, Tamwyn spun and caught an arm covered in wind chakra. Amari was user a weaker technique than he was. Which was the only reason she hadn’t pushed through his arm with hers and cut him. Raising a leg and kicking her away from him, he’d send her into the air before slashing his arm at her and sending the condensed blast of lightning up at the woman. The blast was fast as hell, but not very strong. After it’s impact with her, she landed on her feet, although stumbled. Veras was slowly getting to his feet, and Soryu was still literally senseless. Tamwyn took the opportunity to utilize Shocking Surfaces and channeled a massive amount of Raiton chakra into the ground around him. As all three target were well within range of the technique.

    The Raiton chakra coursed through the earth beneath his feet and all three became electrocuted, even if Soryu didn’t realize it yet. Amari gasped, screamed a moment, before passing out and Veras grunted before standing up and pulling out a kunai. Tamwyn pulled out his own kunai and activated Transference as they moved toward each other. Veras swung for him and Tamwyn went for the block. The impacting kunai rung out a steely sound of impact as they struck each other, sparks flying off the contact point of the blades. However those weren’t the only things exchanged in contact. Tamwyn’s Raiton chakra enveloped his kunai, before transferring over to Veras’ and then into the man’s body, causing him to bunch his shoulder up in pain as the chakra electrocuted him. Eventually Veras would fall, panting as the pain finally settled.

    A moment later, Soryu’s nervous system would kick back in and all of the pain he had felt, while not coming all at once, would register. This would lock him up for a moment or two as he too grunted in pain before finally standing and nodding toward Tamwyn. “You focused me and took me out of the fight early. I didn’t even get to use a technique. Well done.” He would say, prompting a nod from the Chuunin before Veras moved over to Amari. “She’s alright, just knocked out. We’ll take care of her Tam, good work.” He would say, prompting another nod from Tamwyn. “Tell her I’m sorry for me? I didn’t mean to knock her out.” He would say, a flash of concern showing in his yellow eyes, to which both men laughed before Veras spoke. “When you’re helping someone learn their techniques it’s a job hazard Tamwyn, no big deal. She’ll wake up grouchy, but she won’t hold it against you.” Prompting Tamwyn to nod again before waving farewell to the men and leaving. He was slowly becoming more and more prepared for the war and soon he’d be thrust into it. Whether he wanted to or not.

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