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    Picking up some items


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    Picking up some items Empty Picking up some items

    Post by Kimiko on Mon Aug 24, 2020 4:41 pm

    Kimiko wanted to get some weaponry done real quick, so that she was prepared for anything she needed to be prepared for.

    At the Konoha branch of Dhark Unlimited, Kimiko saw some things that she liked, and picked up a few orders of Singing Kunai. 10 orders of them would net her 200 Singing Kunai for 6k ryo, which couldn't really be beat for the quality. She could use these weapons as her explosive kunai, but they were going to have quite a good use for her.

    Additionally, she ordered 5 groups of explosive tags, since they were cheaper than buying at a normal markey place. Why would she spend more money when she didn't need to? That got her 50 yields of explosive tags for the price of 37.5k ryo.

    Altogether, her trip here had cost her about 43.5k ryo, which wasn't all that bad.

    10 groups of 20 Singing Kunai bulk buy: 6k Ryo
    5 groups of 10 Explosive Tags: 37.5k Ryo

    Character Name: Kimiko Uchiha
    Spendable Experience: 20
    Total Experience: 6320
    Renown: 3000
    Ryo: 120,750

    • Strength: C
    • Constitution: B
    • Stamina: B+
    • Speed: B
    • Coordination: A
    • Intelligence: A
    • Perception: B

    Limit Break Points:

    • Physical:
    • Technique:
    • Destiny: 3

    Link to Character Updates: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t2426-kimiko-s-updates#19534
    Link to Character Application:
    Link to Known Techniques:

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