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    Random Thoughts At Work


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    Random Thoughts At Work Empty Random Thoughts At Work

    Post by Tamwyn Thu Jul 16, 2020 5:24 am

    Good morning Gladius! Tamwyn (Or rather, Andy/Valen as everyone already knows me) here with a suggestion. Now, I’m willing to bet that I’m in a minority on this but I’m gonna pitch it and see what happens anyway, so let’s get into this.

    This suggestion comes from a random thought I had at work last night after talking about certain things involving lightning stuff, but it’s actually more related to the point about the Hozuki Clan. A clan which frankly, is obscenely powerful given it’s immunity to physical attacks which include.


    And potentially even Dust, given how that Kekkai Tota works, although I haven’t spoken to anyone about that thought.

    Now, the Hozuki play a part in this suggestion, and that’s it, only a part. The other aspects include the Hyuga, Kazehana, Senju, Tetsudashi, and Inazuma. Which any of you that have boned up on your site history know are the clans that make up the direct descendants of the Sage of Six Paths with the Hozuki making the sixth. Now, I have had it said to me in the past that these clans are generally allowed to have ‘stronger’ capabilities because of that tie. The Kazehana’s ability to fly with a D rank jutsu, ignoring flight rules for example. Or even the Hozuki’s capabilities, which while I haven’t confirmed they have so much going for them is because of their status as one of those six clans but I feel it’s a reasonable assumption. So with that in mind let’s get into the meat and potatoes.

    I personally, and I might be alone in this, clans that get to be ‘stronger’ because of their ties to the lore yet have no drawbacks to that increased strength Is a bad idea. That’s because I feel like if two people join the site and one individual picks Kazehana and another chooses a clan that isn’t one of the listed six that they should have similar power levels overall. This is because while in that scenario both had their free pick of clans (for the most part, looking at you Otsutsuki) the Kazehana will have certain advantages because of that tie to lore with no real measurable drawback.

    To that end, I can fully understand why those clans should be and deserve to be a bit stronger than others. God forbid they’re descendants of the Sage of The Six Paths. That deserves some power in my eyes and I assume most would agree. However I feel it should come at a bit of a sacrifice. A ‘trade off’ if you will and wouldn’t you know that on the site we have the perfect example of a trade off for more power in a clan? Why I even mentioned it before.

    The Otsutsuki have a fair bit of power, more than your average clan, and they get that power by sacrificing their Enhanced State slot for being a member of that clan. My suggestion therefore, is to retune the six clans that make up the sage descendants to being worthy of having the same sacrifice? A couple of them need more love than others, Inazuma for example. A couple would probably actually be fine to just slap the requirement on. Senju for that example in my opinion, although I again, might be alone in that thought. However it would provide a certain level of drawback to those clans and give a bit more ‘meat and potatoes’ to the reasoning that ‘Clans descendant from the Sage get to be stronger than others’.

    As a side thought, you could even see about potentially looking at those six clans and see about ‘retconning’ a couple off the list in favor of others who have either seen more popularity or have come up a ‘bit’ stronger than perhaps was intended. Some thoughts include knocking Tetsudashi off in favor of the Muramatsu, whose constitution ignoring Dust Release Kekkei Tota is more than worthy of being on the list. Perhaps knocking Inazuma off in favor of Chinoike, or Mikiri. The site lore wouldn’t be that hard to change, hell a c+p into a google doc and the ‘find and replace’ feature would fix it right up.

    Hell with this concept one could feasibly see about giving Hozuki a minor buff, like say removing that pesky hard stun that’s on TOP of their 2 tier increased damage from lightning perhaps.

    If you can’t tell yet, I’m bad at ending these. So I’m just going to say that those are my thoughts on the matter. I might be alone in them but I figured it was worth suggesting. Anyone have their own thoughts regarding this?

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    Chen Kimyōnakama
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    Random Thoughts At Work Empty Re: Random Thoughts At Work

    Post by Chen Kimyōnakama Fri Jul 17, 2020 12:36 pm

    I see your point but part of it is rather interesting in that the reason for the whole "Sage descendant" thing is just as an explanation for why some canon clans are so exorbitantly powerful. The Uchiha Clan is naturally the strongest clan in the series because they have so many defined abilities and removing those abilities would probably not be very popular as that clan is one of the most popular in Naruto RP. Therefore, rather than have Uchiha stomp on every clan's faces, each of the major villages has a fairly strong clan.

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    Your point about their being some disparity within the the Sage descended clans is well taken. I'd be fine with potentially buffing Inazuma and oddly enough Tetsudashi used to be MUCH stronger but I think staff realized it was too OP and cut it down. I still think its strong enough to be a Sage descended clan, and I'm definitely not in favor of changing the lore. I can see a buff for Inazuma being appropriate but I think Tetsu is plenty strong as is. It is the hardest material on the site that doesn't require Chemistry or crafting to make.


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