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    Undercurrent Empty Undercurrent

    Post by Chika Sun Jul 12, 2020 1:11 am

    Village/Organization Name: Undercurrent

    "We are the invisible hand that guides the tides of history"

    Founder: Shodaim Mizukage - Ayame Hozuki
    Name of Current Leader: Phantom One
    List of Members:

    Base Size: Large (Kirigakure no sato)
    Lands Settled: Operating everywhere the water touches from rainfall, to rivers or oasis Undercurrent has a presence in nearly every corner of the elemental nations from men to bases. However all water must come from a sorce and the closest thing they have to a centralized location is Kirikagure itself.

    The most common meeting place for the organization is a store located in the heart of the Kirikagure marketplace district known as the Cafe with No name.

    Starting Funds: N/A
    Undercurrent H7k62F2

    Attire: In general the organization has no set uniform as the main purpose is to inconspicuously blend in with the general population.

    The only exception to this is the employee uniform for workers at the Cafe with no Name which consists of the following.

    A green above the knee dress with long puffed sleeves and a white collar.
    White Apron and headband
    Small orange bow under the collar
    Black leggings
    Short brown, ankle boots

    Purpose: They exist solely to do the dirty work that the village of Kirigakure can't either publicly acknowledge or endorse.

    General Description: Undercurrent is a black ops phantom organization founded by the Shodaim Mizukage - Ayame Hozuki. They exist completely off the record acting as the village's hidden hand in the world at large able to preform deeply illegal activities like spying on the nations usually untouchable nobility or preforming assassinations of high profile targets in allied territory while giving the village itself full plausible deniability of their actions.

    Receiving no public recognition for their services it's members strive everyday to work hard to further the village's interests at every turn sacrificing of themselves in return for their family's safety.

    Sources of Revenue: The trade of ill gotten goods and services
    Allegiances/Allies: Kirigakure[/quote]

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