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    The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback)

    Nyguyen Uchiha
    Nyguyen Uchiha

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    The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback) Empty The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback)

    Post by Nyguyen Uchiha on Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:12 am

    Nyguyen was a history buff. Scratch that, he was a history fanboy. Ever since he was a child, he would spend hours sprawled out on the living roof floor with his nose in some history textbook. His father disapproved of this eggheaded-ness. He complained that if his son spent his life reading about the accomplishments of better men then he'd never leave his mark on the shinobi world. Despite his father's protestations, Nyguyen never lost his love for history. He had managed to retain his scholarly attributes while also training his body for war. He was never the strongest or even the smartest but he did try his best. He would train hard during the day and when time permitted, he'd return to his books. Nyguyen had never expected himself to go down in the annals of history, he didn't believe he had that kind of pull or power. However events as of late had forced him to take an increasingly greater role in the affairs of Family and State. Nyguyen had resolved that if he was to go down in history, he would make his moment as grand as all the noteworthy Uchiha that had come before him.

    Nyguyen had ordered for the Uchiha Clan Hall to be modified for the event. Clan meetings were often traditional and rustic affairs. They was a table set up in front and then everyone faced forward towards that table. The main table usually included the Clan Leader, his spouse, immediate relatives, and the various positions of importance. That simply would not do. A moment this grand would require a grand re-structuring of the Hall. Nyguyen informed the Meeting Host that there'd be a number of changes. The first would be that the meeting would be set up as a series of semi-concentric rows not dissimilar to the United States Congress . Seats would be assigned based on rank, age, experience, and relative important to the village and clan. Those with more seniority sat closer to the front and those with less in the back or in the rafters.

    The seat of honor was a podium and chair erected in the mid center of the room . Behind this seat of honor, were two other seats directly behind the lead podium. Nyguyen would occupy the left and Juniper the right. The Lead Parliamentarian occupied a booth off to the side. He would select who would get to speak and would deal with all manner of Parliamentary inquiries. Normally, the meetings were held at the Clan Leader's pleasure and in accordance with their personal rules. Nyguyen was not going to be so bold as to claim such a position and thus the meeting would be ran under the archaic but still well known (to historians) Familial Rules of Scarlet Procedure. Nyguyen would introduce Satomi Uchiha and the man would take the center-stage. At that point, the meeting would largely be under his control albeit with minor guardrails imposed by the Lead Parliamentarian. Until Satomi was formally in control of the Clan, Nyguyen believed it was best that the meeting be conducted this way.

    Nyguyen expected the Clan's "Leader" to be absent from this meeting. Akihiro was off doing god knows what as usual. The Intelligence Officer was leagues beyond most in the clan, it was speculated that he might be stronger than even Satomi himself. He had taken control of most of the clan's affairs but he wasn't exactly a PR friendly Clan Leader. Eventually, he had dropped off the face of the Earth. Others had stepped in to fill his shoes but it was always temporary. Akari Uchiha had provided a source of stable leadership for several months but eventually she too grew weary of the job. Konoha was soon to be without a Kage and its most powerful Clan without a leader.

    The items that were under discussion would be projected onto the large backwall:

    1. Position of Clan Leader
    2. Position of Hokage
    3. Relationship with the Ōtsutsuki
    4. Retaliation against the Society for the kidnapping of Rin Uchiha, Assault on Konoha/Clan Compound
    5. Renovations to the Clan Compound.

    Nyguyen sat back in his chair and waited for his Clan Mates to file in. Satomi was likely waiting in the backroom. He would announce the man's Resurrection soon enough but for now it was better for the Clan to be all present and accounted for. The Uchiha would have probably heard rumblings that Satomi was back but no formal statement by the council had been made. Once the Hall had been filled and all the seats taken, Nyguyen would stand up.

    "The Chair recognizes Nyguyen Uchiha, son of Katahshi Uchiha"

    "I do thank the Chair" Nyguyen said as customary of under the Familial Rules of Scarlet Procedure. "Brothers and sisters!" He spoke in a loud and commanding tone. Nyguyen had given lectures before hundreds of students and so he wasn't afraid of the spotlight. He was however acutely aware of the sound of his daughters giggling in the rafters at him. They were soon shushed and he cleared his throat as he did his best to focus on anyone but them. "I have gathered you all here for a historic meeting! These are the times that try men's souls as the great Kabalasa Uchiha once said...." Nyguyen saw Juniper tapping her watch from the corner of his eye and he stopped himself before he got started. "......what he said was unimportant, or rather it is important, but not as important as what we are about to do today. Today, we tackle several important agenda items that will determine the future of this Clan. As many of you know, the world stands on the brink of war. Bold and decisivie leadership is required at all levels of governance, from the Clan to the Office of the Hokage. There is much to discuss and little time, as many of you might have already heard, I do have a big bit of news to announce. We will be welcoming one of our own home today....I think many of you know who I am talking about......while I am eager to welcome him so that he may lead us in discussion on several key issues, I wanted to give each of you the opportunity to speak on any matter that you choose. The floor is open to adding items of discussion onto the agenda or airing grievance, comments, and concerns. With that I yield the floor!"

    Nyguyen sat back down and nodded to the Lead Parliamentarian. All of the Uchiha who had entered would be given a chance to speak if they so desired. If not, then the meeting could progress. Once formal Clan business was under discussion, only certain qualified speakers would be able to speak or vote. For now, Nyguyen was giving the lesser clan members an open forum to talk. Once the big ticket items came under discussion, the only people talking would be those Uchiha of high standing.
    Uchiha Yui
    Uchiha Yui

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    The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback) Empty Re: The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback)

    Post by Uchiha Yui on Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:16 am

    Uchiha Yui would make her way toward the meeting getting several glares, she was still not considered part of the clan by some, she was a mutt and was not worthy of being in this room. Many felt she did something to Nyg in order for him to take her in, some even believed she was his little slut on the side, either way rumors were rumors and she did not care one bit. She was here as an Uchiha as she stood guard by the back door, welcoming each guest that entered with a polite welcome and bow. She was so elegant and she was quite a looker, so despite how some felt she had some suitors as well. One such man entered the room taking her hand and giving it a gentle kiss, this man's name was Uchiha Abelardo.

    "So Yui when will you take my invitation to go on a date, you are far too pretty to remain a guard dog for your master. I promise if you join my house you can live a life of luxury and have anything you ever wanted."

    Yui glared at the man giving a low growl, to leave her duties would never happen but what the man was simply an open cage prison, she would never be allowed to do what she wanted, would she get everything she wanted yes. Her wings however would be clipped with the door of her cage open to mock her inability to fly away.

    "No thank you, I have told you countless times my answer, I refuse to be your desert for people to come see, I refuse to be in a cage with clipped wings, now if you do not mind others are trying to enter the room."

    He would give her a glare as he gripped her hand tightly causing a bit of pain before letting it go, this man had become more and more obsessed with her. If she had to she would put down a mad dog, this was part of her duties to make sure her clan remained safe from internal and external forces.

    Jin Misukage
    Jin Misukage

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    The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback) Empty Re: The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback)

    Post by Jin Misukage on Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:36 am

    Zenaku uchiha, a man of the age of 24. In the age of ninja he was getting up there in age but that just made him more wise in matters but that was not mattered at the moment. Zenaku had heard that a old uchiha was being welcomed home buy as to where he had been all this time was what zenaku cared about. Why be gone all this time and only now just be returning it was a little odd. It seemed that there was also a clan meeting going on so zenaku made his way towards the meeting hall. As he got there he noticed that there was a few uchiha that had already reached the venue and some he could tell was still leading up the pack.

    Zenaku bowed to the lady at the front door who he took as the guard or just a pretty face as to welcome the members. He wear a long black jacket with a silver zipper. His arm sleeves was so long that they hung over his hands a few inches, he had open toed sandles that came up to his shins. He was a little pale with short spiky hair on the top and the rest of his hair was in a braid. Zenaku did not feel like taking a seat so he leaned up against a wall in the back where he could see all of the meeting as he had his arms crossed with his green chunin flack jacket on.

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    The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback) Empty Re: The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback)

    Post by RinUchiha on Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:34 pm

    This day was one Rin Uchiha did not expect to occur. Sure he's heard of these clan meetings, but back then he was simply too young and basically was a nobody. So naturally he's never attended to these meetings until now. For this occasion, Rin decided to don what he considers to be an old relic. For the last time he wore this suit was back in that dreadful castle, the same place where he first met Alkaid. Rather ironic eh?

    Rin's hair is healthy as it was dark as the night. His hazel blue-green eyes taking in the view around him as he traveled up to this designated meeting point. The dark stubble seems to frame his jawline as it apparently makes him appear older than he really is. Rin dons on the black suit jacket with silver threads, and even the buttons are made out of silver. He also wears a pair of dark slacks, and a pair of black dress shoes. Subtle things such as the belt buckle are made out of silver, and smaller buttons are made out of pure silver that seems to reflect the faint orange hue from the lighting.

    Underneath the suit jacket is a dark long sleeved dress shirt with a dark grey best of velvet that also has silver trimmings and the buttons are dark silver. Which when Rin enters the building, thanks to his dexterity the teen takes off his jacket and neatly folds it over his right forearm. To which he keeps it raised where normally his right hand would be resting against his abdomen.

    Upon entering, he took a moment to gather his surroundings and quickly realized Rin might be overdressed for this occasion. Despite this being a clan meeting, they were still shinobi. There were many unfamiliar faces, including the guard at the entrance who seems to be greeting other people. His scarred hand is the only of his battle scars that shows, albeit there are minor scars like a scratch along his right cheek. Rin lightly bows to the lady guard out of respect.

    "Lovely day for a meeting isn't it?" Striking small chat as it sort of customary to at least become acquainted with their kin. However given Rin's history, he is by far removed from the heart of the clan than anyone here. Perhaps this was fate's play at hand, and honestly it would explain why Rin always walks away from death multiple times over. At any rate, the Parliamentarian was quick to announce his arrival.

    "Rin Uchiha, The Ironblood, and son of Maiori Uchiha."

    To be honest, he is not at all familiar with these customs when it comes to these things. Not only was this his first clan meeting, he doesn't really know what is required especially if it is words. So at the very least Rin lightly bows to the Parliamentarian to show some form of respect. Not really saying anything as he knows how easily people will twist his words against him. Dealing with Menza has proven that much. Which in Menza's defense the deal wasn't necessarily a bad one. Even laying out the risks of what would happen if he failed. At first Rin's argument is that he didn't want to the type to kidnap someone he never knew just to protect the people he cares about.

    However thinking back on it, Rin mentally cringe of how ignorant he was. Either way, Rin sees his mother who was sitting in the middle row. Neither of them are that high in the hierarchy, Rin least of all in the Uchiha Clan. He would have greet her, but this meeting is strict to say the least. So while Rin climbs up the stairs, he offers a small smile to her and Maiori nods her head in response to this. Her face was stern, but Rin could see the tension from her shoulders ease. No doubt she was the most worried for Rin's safety. At any rate, Rin ascends up to the very back albeit it is for different reasons than just because he thinks of himself being below the standard point of view among Uchiha.

    Perhaps the only Uchiha that Rin has encountered before that was surprisingly generous yet firm in her authority was Akari Uchiha. Frankly he did feel like he could place his faith within Akari as she seemed capable of leading the village. Akihiro, as Nyguyen put it, was off doing gods know what. Frankly from the attack on Nozomi, Rin isn't on the best of terms with him. In a way Rin expected to be abandoned by the villages to Menza's wrath, but to learn that Akihiro simply did nothing and squabbled with national affairs? That was virtually a slap in the face that Akihiro only sees everyone as pawns. In fact, he probably isn't any better than Menza, if not worse so. Honestly, going against Menza surprisingly opened his eyes that the Major Nations are not all good and not all bad. However they're easily blinded with promises in power. Which makes them incredibly unreliable in his opinion.

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    The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback) Empty Re: The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback)

    Post by Kimiko on Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:16 pm

    Having left Konoha with Akihiro, Kimiko hadn't really expected to ever go back to the village for any length of time, and specifically not for a clan meeting, but yet here she was. The clan had supposed to have been freed from Konoha after the whole Tatsu incident, and they were going to find themselves a new home in a minor nation, but yet here she was, back in Konoha. Akihiro had gone missing, in a "nobody knows where he is" sense, not in a "rogue ninja" sense. Even she hadn't seen him in a while, although she wasn't incredibly concerned for his safety. If there was anyone that would be safe from harm, it was him.

    As usual, Kimiko had decided to wear a more practical set of clothing, something that allowed for a great ease of movement for her but wasn't overly fancy. Her usual long sleeve black shirt with the Uchiha clan symbol on the back over a black tank top, with a pair of shorts and her shin high combat boots was all she needed, although this time it was without the usual green hoodie and flak jacket, nor the headband that symbolized her as a member of Konoha's military. While she still was officially a member of Konoha, she was here for the Uchiha and not for Konoha, so she hadn't brought any sort of combat gear with her.

    Passing by Yui, Kimiko moved passed her without so much as a second glance. In all honesty, she was tired, sleep hadn't been coming easy for her as of late. Not to mention people hadn't expected to see her here in all likelihood. Like Akihiro, she had been gone from the village for quite a while, having chosen to travel with him and Mockingbird, to keep him safe and so she could travel the world under official business, but with him having disappeared, she'd returned to Konoha to find that a meeting was to be held. Of course, she couldn't miss it, so here she was.

    One of the more important people in the clan due to her affiliation with the clan leader and her (still) official rank of Jounin in the village, Kimiko of course had a seat up near the front, where the spouse would usually sit, but since Akihiro remained unwed, she was the next closest thing. After Nyguyen finished speaking and gave his  Standing up, Kimiko announced herself. "Most of you know me, but for those who don't, I'm Kimiko Uchiha, the current clan leader Akihiro Uchiha's partner. As he's currently missing in action, I'll be representing him for the meeting."

    "How many of you even cared that he's missing? I came here to request aid in finding him, and I come back to this? A meeting discussing a new clan leader. A new Hokage, sure I get that, but I expected more loyalty from my clan. We've always given everything to protect our clan, our people, and get our revenge. When Satomi went missing, Akihiro spared no expense convincing Masuyo to get a party out to find him. In fact, he was on the scouting team that discovered the corpses of Lord Satomi. He conquered nations for the good of the Uchiha and Konoha, and even saved Konoha from the ruin that Neko-Tatsu would have brought upon us." Nyguyen had opened the floor for grievances aired, but Kimiko simply wanted them to show the same courtesy. As far as loyalty was concerned, she had been the textbook definition of loyal to the Uchiha, but now when their leader was missing, the clan didn't seem to give as much a concern.

    "So where are the search parties? Where is the intrigue? Why are you all so focused on who is going to be the next to grab power whether in Konoha or in the clan, that you don't even care to check if the current leader is even alive? It wasn't most of you that went looking for Satomi when he died, it was Akihiro. And the lot of you would have let Rin die to the Society as well. At least Akihiro was working on a plan to free him before I told him of Neko-Tatsu's dealings with the Society, and luckily someone else got to it, so here he sits safe and sound." Kimiko wheeled to bring her eyes up to Rin. "And I'm happy about that, don't get me wrong. Clan blood shouldn't be spilled, but have some sense of loyalty for Sage's sake. You'd all rather have revenge than actually do something to prevent the deaths and problems in the first place."

    "I haven't forgiven Kirigakure for murdering Lord Satomi. We negotiated a deal, for 1 million ryo and 2 of Kiri's exclusives, which I don't even know if they honored in the first place in light of Neko-Tatsu's death and Kirigakure's cooperation with that, so as not to disrupt the Exams, but I don't see revenge up there on your list for Satomi. Did you know that Kirigakure's former kage have cooperated with the Society? They were even hesitant to join Akihiro's attempt to arrest Nozomi Himitsu outside their gates. He's the only one who actually tries to get shit done around here. Maybe it's time we did something for him for a change instead of brushing him aside like he's yesterday's news."

    She looked over the crowd of gathered Uchiha, and upon seeing her parents (Karasu her father and Yakan her mother) sitting around the middle row she finally relented. They didn't meet her eye, some form of guilt evident by her words. Rumors that Satomi was alive again had been abound, and everyone had more or less moved on from Akihiro Uchiha, knowing that it was likely that the Lord Satomi would reclaim his seat as the Uchiha clan leader. She could see that some people felt uncomfortable by the speech that Kimiko had given, a quiet rustling of people in their seats, but not as much as she'd have liked. Kimiko was an Uchiha loyalist to the core, but she frequently forgot that not everyone cared as much about her clan as she did.

    Taking her seat again, Kimiko's eyes moved to Nyguyen before she crossed her legs criss cross style on the chair and leaned back, closing her eyes. The girl was tired, but she was willing to wait and listen. Eventually someone would respond, or someone else would say something as well. She'd said what she wanted to say. Of course, she didn't know that Satomi was alive, nor had she been around to hear the rumors of his revival.

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    The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback) Empty Re: The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting of of 736 A.S. (Specialty Flashback)

    Post by Satomi Yesterday at 1:37 am

    "She does have a point." A deep voice reverberated throughout the hall. From the backroom a figure began making its way out. There was a podium and a chair in the center. And the figure stopped in front of the podium and gazed upon them. It was none other than Satomi Uchiha. The Nidaime Hokage came dressed in his all white and black uniform, the Uchiha emblem emblazoned on his back and shoulder. His customary white and black hair was changed, back to his original style of locs.  He was easily one of the most renowned ninja on the planet, but it had been sometime since he had passed. Since this was his rebirth it was time to reintroduce himself. "Greetings everyone. I am Satomi Uchiha. It is my greatest honor to be able to be here with you today. I owe you my presence here to the combined efforts of the Uchiha clan. Especially Akihiro and Nyguyen."

    He agreed there did need to be some focus on contacting Akihiro. There was much to learn in his long absence and it seemed the young prodigy had set himself apart from the rest of the ninja world. From what he learned from the archives, he would be hard to find especially if he didn't want to be found. In the meantime, "I have been gone for too long. So for now. I only want express that my justice is but for a single person. I trust Akihiro and Nyguyen's efforts have solved our problems with Kirigakure for now. In the process, I was brought back to life." He stopped to nod his thanks to Nyg.

    "Alkaid Kaguya was my assassin. I have returned to right this egregious betrayal." Satomi's eyes found Rin. The Kaguya woman had used her position with Rin to make this move on his life. A mistake on his part, one he would do well never to repeat.

    He did not blame him, Rin was now more important than ever. "Rin, I hope you will back me in this effort. You would play a pivotal role in taking her down. She messed with the wrong family." Satomi saw all those who shared the Uchiha name his real kin. There was no difference between blooded or adopted.

    Turning his attention back to everyone else in the hall. "Also. I would like to figure out if Akihiro is well. Though he may have dropped off for his own reasons, I'd like to be sure. For our clan affairs. I have more to understand about our goals and what has happened to us during my time...away. But let me not hold up the meeting. I'm sure there's many questions that will be answered in due time." Satomi would take a seat and wait for inevitable barrage of shocked reactions to come his way. And he smiled, for he was around his family.

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