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    Irui's Jutsu Arsenal


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    Skills & Elements: Lightning Release, Dark Release, Nin, Gen, Summ., Sensor
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    Irui's Jutsu Arsenal Empty Irui's Jutsu Arsenal

    Post by Irui on Fri Jun 26, 2020 6:57 pm

    Links to Profile & Updates Thread:



    -Rope Escape Technique
    -Transformation Technique
    -Invisibility Cloak Technique
    -Water-Walking Technique
    -Clone Technique


    - Body Flicker Technique
    - Genjutsu Kai
    - Temporary Body Paralysis
    - Lightning Release: Signal Flare


    - Resonating Echo Drill
    - Haze Clone Technique
    - Walk Into Yin (Custom)
    - Lightning Release: Lightning Rod
    - Lightning Release: Thunderbolt
    - Lightning Release: Ball Lightning
    - Lightning Release: Snake Thunder


    - Lightning Release: False Darkness
    - Irui Style Lightning Release: Resonating Echo Drill: Thunderclap
    - Lightning Release: Lightning Rat Violent Quake


    - Sensory Technique
    - Dark Release: Inhaling Maw
    - Dark Release: Judgement



    Character Name: Irui Mikiri
    Spendable Experience: 1915
    Total Experience: 4035 / 6500 (A to S class)
    Ryo: 50,000
    Current Stats:
    Strength: D
    Constitution: B (+2 (w/ JI) | S
    Stamina: C (+2 (w/ JI) | A
    Speed: B (++ w/JI) | B++
    Coordination: B
    Intelligence: B
    Perception: B

    Jashinist Immortality

    Link to Character Updates & Techniques: Link
    Link to Character Application: Link

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