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    Tatewari Kuneyoshi


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    Tatewari Kuneyoshi Empty Tatewari Kuneyoshi

    Post by Irui on Fri Jun 26, 2020 1:26 pm

    ]Name: Tatewari Kuneyoshi
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Village: Kirigakure
    Rank: Jounin
    Title: Master Distiller

    Clan: Onibi Ichizoku [Extinct]
    Bloodline: Unknown [Extinct]
    Element(s): Fire

    Stats and Skills:

    Chemistry | Kagaku 化学
    A master of the elements in a much different sense is the Chemist. Chemists mix and match compounds, herbs, formulas, and pretty much anything else in existence to create boundless substances that can do just about anything desired. From lethal poisons to cure-all antidotes and explosives and acids too, Chemists are master of all. They are known to find seemingly harmless plants in the wild and create combinations that turn the tide of battle and, as such, are considered invaluable on large scale operations and especially on the home front. Chemists are those that make life saving medicines used throughout village hospitals, metal treatments used in every smithy, oils necessary for daily living, and so much more. Those without the Skill are untrained in any of this, looking at a plant as just that, while Ijutsu and Kugutsu users are slightly more advanced, however, they are no replacement for a true Chemist, the only one that can craft Level B and higher chemicals. Intelligence is the determining stat for this field, because with Intelligence comes the knowledge of herbs and their effects, the result of mixing various chemicals, and the capacity for truly complex masterpieces of science. The smarter a Chemist is, the faster he is able to reverse or even reverse-engineer effects caused by another Chemist, using the same table as Fuuinjutsu: equal Intelligence often takes two posts, one Tier lower takes four; two tiers lower: seven; three tiers lower: ten. An Intelligence difference of more than three tiers is simply too great to overcome, no matter how much time is invested. Now, unlike Fuuinjutsu, a one tier higher Intelligence will take one post, but two tiers or more will take little to no time at all.

    Unlock: Access to higher ranked knowledge and custom items within this skill type.
    Crafting: A crafting skill allows the creation of items related to it's unique field of expertise.
    Free: None, without spending the Skill Point this can't be learned.

    Sealing Techniques | Fūinjutsu 封印術
    The Ninja Art of sealing. Fuuinjutsu's specialized and complex abilities are involving the use of chakra-laced inscriptions to store things away in a separate dimensional space or even to seal living entities inside of other living entities. The most common application allows for mass storage of many items in a small and convenient scroll or markings on the body, while the more complex can create such legendary powers as Jinchuuriki. The complexity of the seal is created by the user's own cunning mind, allowing for virtually limitless versaility and creativity, making each person's seals slightly different from everyone else's. Intelligence is the key factor here, both for securing one's sealing formulas and for cracking another's. It will generally take no time at all to decipher and undo a seal with the appropriate unsealing technique if your intelligence is higher than the seal creator, but as that advantage wanes, it may take additional time and effort. Equal Intelligence often takes two posts, one Tier lower takes four; two tiers lower: seven; three tiers lower: ten. An Intelligence difference of more than three tiers is simply too great to overcome, no matter how much time is invested into the seal. As this, like many Skills on this list, is not on the three main Ninja Arts, Fuuinjutsu is not inherently known and generally requires a Skill Point placed into to it to learn techniques under its category.

    Unlock: Access to techniques and customs within this skill type.
    Perk: Can make use of chakra ink to form seals with A-Tier Intelligence and B-Tier Stamina
    Free: None, without spending a Skill Point this can't be learned.

    Ninja Techniques | Ninjutsu 忍術
    The most famous and practical of the Ninja Arts, Ninjutsu is founded upon the principles brought about by the Sage of the Six Paths and focuses upon the use of Chakra to accomplish a variety of tasks. As the most prominent of the three main Ninja Arts, Ninjutsu is widely practiced among the shinobi and as such comes more easily than other fields, allowing any shinobi to learn up to C-Rank without the Skill, while having the actual Skill represents time and dedication invested into this, beyond the already hefty amount of training that any academy student would devote, granting access to all ranks. Investing in Ninjutsu allows the character to choose one element or non-element they have an affinity towards which applies a one rank reduction in cost for those technique. This does not stack with UAs or enchantments.

    ✦ Unlock: Access to higher ranked techniques and customs within this skill type.
    ✦ Perk: Picking this skill results in a 1 rank cost reduction in one element's techniques.[FIRE]
    ✦ Free: Everyone can use this skill for free up to C-Rank.

    Skill Points Remaining: 2

    2000 starting + 1650
    +1000 bonus exp from class-up? (D > C > B)
    6 skill points for B-class.
    -3 SP for Skills
    -1 for Fire Release
    -2 for Stat Conversion [+1000]

    Are these numbers correct?


    Strength: B
    ]Constitution: C
    Stamina: C
    Speed: B
    Coordination: B
    Intelligence: B
    Perception: C

    Unique Abilities:

    Tenacious Spark: Born into a land of water users, Tatewari has learned how to perform impressive feats of Fire Style in even the soggiest conditions. When clashing against an opponents techniques,  Tatewari’s Fire Release will have +1 in power. Clan-less UA Perk]

    Seal-less Combat: A player may choose to perform technique of a certain skill without hand seals. However, this is only gesture-less casting. The player must still "charge" their chakra and follow the other "tells" or triggers such technique requires. For Tatewari, Fire is an element heavily intertwined with breathing, circular motions, and decisive actions. Several of Tatewari's "tells" include breathing-- infamously stoking his inner-fire and kneading chakra using his breath--snapping or clapping his fingers to trigger an explosion, or casting fire from his movements. If Tatewari's Tells are interrupted, he cannot switch to Handseals to complete the Jutsu, as this is a different method of casting. If Tatewari's tells are interrupted, he must perform handseals as if the technique is being restarted.

    One-handed Seals: Pretty straightforward. A player may weave hand seals with only one hand. This results in a one tier loss of Coordination for that hand regarding hand seals.


    Dark haired with copper skin and dark brown eyes, Tatewari is a lean, wiry individual. Mildly carefree and aloof, he doesn't get caught up in appearances, or shinobi costuming, and wears whatever is practical, sometimes mismatched or with clashing colors. Tatewari is a very utilitarian, and practical person,  yet is also a minimalist-- bringing only what is needed with him.

    In the field, Tatewari wears the signature blue pin-stripes of the Hidden Mist and black pants, with with a pair of belts around his waist for holding numerous pouches and supplies. Slung across his chest he keeps a bandoleer of scrolls, containing premade fuinjutsu containing even more supplies and tools. Like his kinsman, he wears the Kirigakure headband across his forehead. Outside of the military life, he dons much more casual clothing, often a darkly colored robe. While barkeeping, he wears a black vest, with a white button-down shirt and matching black pants. A small Kirigakure lapel adorns his right breast, signifying his involvement in the Hidden Mist's forces.


    Born in the misty archipelagos of the Land of Waves, Tatewari is a young man caught up in the savage, and unrelenting world of Shinobi. Descended from a long-dead clan, he and his family live in the shadow of their former glory. Tatewari has used what he's learned to better his life as a civilian, making a living off the Archipelago, and keeping his head down. According to him, life isn't so bad when you don't embroil yourself in Shinobi politics.

    Tatewari has foregone the bulk of the Shinobi career. After passing the Genin Exam at the age of 14, life took an unexpected turn. His mother became severely ill, and he had to take up civilian work to make ends meet. His father, Date, abandoned his career for the more lucrative (and thus dangerous) factory jobs supplying the Hidden Mist's military.  Tatewari departed from the Shinobi forces at the age of 15, and immediately went to work in the restaurants of the Land of Waves. The two of them were able to pool their income to keep their quality of life relatively stable, and pay for medical bills, but Tatewari knew it wasn't sustainable. He branched into more skilled trades, applying his meager knowledge from the Academy for odd-jobs. At some point, he developed a knack for chemistry.  As he's grown older, he's applied his knowledge to brewing and distilling alcohols for the islands-- beer, wine, and spirits-- and taken it with him across the archipelago, as a "rum runner" of sorts. The Kuneyoshi family wasn't always so adverse to the Shinobi world, in previous generations they actively partook in it.

    Ask Tatewari's father, Date, and he will tell you they hail from a long line of Shinobi; proud masters of the Fire Style of ninjutsu: The Onibi Ichizoku.  He says its a cautionary tale that no clan will persist forever. Depending on the day (And what he's been drinking), Date Kuneyoshi claims they're descended from the spirit "Kagutsuchi",  or with vodka he'll tell you they "protected a great fiery cat". All of it is a tall-tale, Tatewari believes, but his father insists the story is true.

    In the days before the Hidden Villages and Shinobi Nations, the Onibi Ichizoku (Lit. "Demon Fire Clan") perfected the craft of "Exploding Tags", selling them to the highest bidder. They understood intimately the nature of Fire Release, viewing it as a source life, energy and warmth; a striking counter-perspective in a world dominated by the Uchiha Clan's destructive use. Their fuinjutsu calligraphy was not only prized as weaponry, but art as well. Through precise brush-strokes the Onibi Ichizuko were said to "dictate the outcome of battle". In times of celebration, their work turned to festivities, producing a dizzying array of fireworks of all styles, colors and patterns. It was a niche talent that was as celebrated as it was feared, and this says Date, is why the Onibi Ichizoku was driven from the shinobi world.

    The Onibi learned to concoct powerfully volatile chemicals, wrought their seals into chemical-bonds, and invigorated them with Fire Release. Fireworks and exploding tags began to evolve. Once a cheap incendiary, the Onibi learned to destroy people, then buildings and whole city blocks. Projectiles, infused with their seals carried the destructive force of ten shinobi. Drunk on grotesque funding, the visionaries of the Onibi grew reckless. Their crafters grew bolder, their knowledge exponentially increasing. They bored into the fabric of matter, dissecting the elements that chained together the world. A spark of dissent, and objection caught like wildfire among the Onibi's branches. They fractured, sabotaged and destroyed their research, but it was too late.
    Fleeing from the mainland, the Onibi Ichizoku took to the sea, escaping by boat to the Land of Waves; their most trusted ally. Here they would settle, disseminating into the cold, misty archipelago. In a country dominated by Water Style masters, the Onibi were forced out of the Shinobi profession. Meanwhile, on the mainland their print-shops burnt to the ground, their homes destroyed, and much of their work lost. Slowly but surely, the clan's fire extinguished and its organization dissolved. Date says the only piece that remains of their heritage is the common "Exploding Tag", and their affinity for Fire Release. There are no more hidden jutsu, secret lairs, or spectacular powers left, just the scarce reminder of a mighty clan that fell from power Tatewari quietly believes his father is wistful. and wishes he could have seen the family at its height. However, tatewari himself doesn't want anything to do with it.

    Despite taking up the spirit-brewing business, Tatewari claims he's "still got it", by showing off with shuriken and kunai tricks at the local bars of the Hidden Mist. A series of recent events have forced him back into practice, namely the ongoing war and arrival of a meteorite. He says its all "bad for business", and would rather help get it over with than sit on the sidelines waiting for the next invasion or "asshole to steal his inventory".


    Tatewari is a gu who prefers to keep his head down and to avoid confrontation when necessary. He stays outs of the way of Shinobi politics and rarely, if ever, invests himself in them. Local shinobi will tell him he's apathetic and lazy to their plight, and a few have labeled him as a coward for dropping out of the military. That said, he has seen both worlds first hand; he knows how hard it can be to be an average civilian in this world; constantly worrying about the threat of a Shinobi attack on a Hidden Village. He's also seen the life of Shinobi and decided it was not for him. In short, Tatewari wants to be left alone, to be allowed to do as he pleases, and enjoy his life. However when pushed to defend others, Tatewari will leap to the defense of others, especially if they are attacking the Hidden Mist. At times he has put away the bar-keeping, and donned the striped-Kirigakure uniform to defend his village.

    Since he was young, Tatewari has pushed himself to become a master of his own destiny, putting him at odds with the Hidden Mist. Rather than "go with the flow" of the Hidden Mist, and master Water Style, he has tenaciously held onto the element of Fire, and only fights for those who will fight by his side. He staunchly refuses to fight for a Mizukage or Daimyo who will not fight his own battles. His work has paid off, as he has developed an almost unmatchable finesse to Fire Style, summoning it in the wettest, and coldest nights. He has demonstrated immense prowess with Fire on the battlefield, going toe-to-toe with fellow Mist Shinobi and besting their Water Style with thunderous explosions, walls of flame, and scorching fireballs.

    Owing his knack for chemistry to his Onibi heritage, Tatewari brews and distills his own alcohols, and sells them to the local bars and restaurants. The "Melon Volcano", "Wicked Molotov", and "Northern Knight Rum" are his pride and joy creations. Eager to make a profit, Tatewari will run the Northern Knight up the coast, between the island nations to offload his supply to customers. He fashions himself as something of an entrepreneur, even if his business skirts the law, and wallows in a legal grey-area. He hopes to expand his rum running business to the Land of Demons, and more countries along the mainland.

    Like fire, Tatewari is also a passionate and driven individual. He knows his circumstances aren't the best but is determined to make the best with what he's been given. Generally an upbeat personality, who takes joy in his brewing hobby, he's happy to make friends and connections. Tatewari values respect, and isn't shy about defending others if it calls for it. Tatewari possesses what some would call an  "infectious extroversion". Despite possessing shinobi training, he rarely finds a need for it.

    RP Sample:

    It was a pleasure to sacrifice.

    There had been murmurings at first, small whispers in the back of his mind. Reminders from another voice, soon those whispers became scratches, gnawing on his brain stem. They'd kept him awake, thrusting him from sleep with a ferocious urgency. He felt it in his skin, bones and veins, an itching like none other, a crawling sensation; muscles tremoring, eyes twitching. A slithering feeling squirmed beneath his skin, racing and coiling in joints, winding its way up his arms and legs. When sleep finally came to him, brief as it was, he recalled only the footsteps of thousands of centipedes bursting from his mouth.

    He'd awoken screaming, in the Hospital, ripping catheters and needles, tearing the hospital gown away. He remembered, vividly, sinking fingernails into scarred flesh and dragging, trying to rip and gouge out the insects crawling inside. Oh how he'd raked his faced, his neck, and shoulders, drawing blood, tearing stitches along his cheeks. This skittering skin, it wasn't his own--

    But then the clamoring and gnawing had grown quiet. He recalled the warm trickle of blood down his chest, how nerves once flayed by fire were tickled. Pain morphed into pleasure. A scratch here, a slice there; any pain to sate the crawling skin. Worse still, no matter how hard he'd tried to drag it out, to make one wound last, it never had, and this crawling skin left him chasing for more. Soon he understood the whispers, translated by the litany of the Church clicked into place.

    His path through the continent had taken him here, to the desolate Land of Earth. Mora had called it God's plan for him, a testament to the strength of Jashin. As a Defender of the Faith, their god demanded sacrifice-- blood and suffering. The itching, and convulsing, it was the way Jashin spoke to his followers, coaxing them into action.

    ANBU had received reports of the evacuation in the land of Earth, and made the mistake of supplying him with the coordinates. Off the record surveillance of the situation to watch troop movements, scour for intel where he could. By the time he;d arrived the evacuation was already under way, he followed the trails of footsteps through the dust and scrub. Found deserted towns and settlements in its wake. He'd called out with his Sense, finding only feeble shinobi signatures, but still he'd pressed on, always keeping far out of sight of evacuation teams.

    After killing a man ona mountain pass, the itching had stopped, and he wore his face and clothing in place of his own. A Perfect Copy technique finished the job, giving him auburn hair and green eyes, and darkened skin. The yellow tunic felt alien to him, but it was a necessary part in concealing himself.

    Twice he'd felt a familiar signature far off in the distance; the boy from the Land of Waterfalls.

    Curiosity had got the better of him, and he gave chase, until he found himself in a small town in the process of evacuation. His eyes closed in concentration as he scanned the winding streets and buildings. In the distance, airships loomed. Evacuation rarely was calm, and now death was nipping at the heels of countless civilians, all flocking to the exits. He'd learned well from the Land of Waterfalls skirmish, and chose his movement wisely, watching from nearly a kilometer off.

    "By the grace of Jashin...." He muttered under breath, whispering a prayer into the void, bringing his fingers together in a crossed, perpendicular pose.

    He stood now, looking through fresh eyes, and descended, moving towards the chorus of screaming voices. Concealed in the din of pure panic, he was able to move, freely, following clusters of civilians, Shinoib scarcely paying him attention as he ducked down alleyways. The Evacuation teams were anticipating an attack from approaching airships. They never had never planned for another force to be at work in the Commonwealth.

    Fresh electricity snarled between his teeth.

    False Darkness!

    Spearlike, energy flashed from his mouth, blinking across the distance to the nearest crowd of civilians and occupied shinobi. In the rush to evacuate with belongings and family, they;'d never see it coming.

    It was a pleasure to sacrifice.

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    Tatewari Kuneyoshi Empty Re: Tatewari Kuneyoshi

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    Update: So my new thinking with this, since we're getting lots of traction going in ToW with Irui is to not cash in the Rollover experience. Tatewari as a Jounin has enough exp to start. I'll keep Irui going, and maybe use Irui to introduce him or something. I like continuity.


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