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    Irui Mikiri, Timeskip


    Village : Kumogakure
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    Irui Mikiri, Timeskip Empty Irui Mikiri, Timeskip

    Post by Irui on Fri Jun 26, 2020 1:26 pm

    Name: Irui Mikiri
    Age: 14-16 (Pre-timeskip), 19 (Timeskip)
    Gender: Male
    Village: Hidden Cloud || Kumogakure; Land of Lightning || Kaminari no Kuni
    Rank: Genin
    Title: Spymaster, Ascendant, Defender of The Faith

    Clan: Mikiri
    Bloodline: Dark Release || Meiton
    Element(s): Lightning, Yin, Dark


    Ninja Techniques | Ninjutsu 忍術
    The most famous and practical of the Ninja Arts, Ninjutsu is founded upon the principles brought about by the Sage of the Six Paths and focuses upon the use of Chakra to accomplish a variety of tasks. As the most prominent of the three main Ninja Arts, Ninjutsu is widely practiced among the shinobi and as such comes more easily than other fields, allowing any shinobi to learn up to C-Rank without the Skill, while having the actual Skill represents time and dedication invested into this, beyond the already hefty amount of training that any academy student would devote, granting access to all ranks. Investing in Ninjutsu allows the character to choose one element or non-element they have an affinity towards which applies a one rank reduction in cost for those technique. This does not stack with UAs or enchantments.

    ✦ Unlock: Access to higher ranked techniques and customs within this skill type.
    ✦ Perk: Picking this skill results in a 1 rank cost reduction in one element's techniques. [Lightning]
    ✦ Free: Everyone can use this skill for free up to C-Rank.

    Sealing Techniques | Fūinjutsu 封印術
    The Ninja Art of sealing. Fuuinjutsu's specialized and complex abilities are involving the use of chakra-laced inscriptions to store things away in a separate dimensional space or even to seal living entities inside of other living entities. The most common application allows for mass storage of many items in a small and convenient scroll or markings on the body, while the more complex can create such legendary powers as Jinchuuriki. The complexity of the seal is created by the user's own cunning mind, allowing for virtually limitless versaility and creativity, making each person's seals slightly different from everyone else's. Intelligence is the key factor here, both for securing one's sealing formulas and for cracking another's. It will generally take no time at all to decipher and undo a seal with the appropriate unsealing technique if your intelligence is higher than the seal creator, but as that advantage wanes, it may take additional time and effort. Equal Intelligence often takes two posts, one Tier lower takes four; two tiers lower: seven; three tiers lower: ten. An Intelligence difference of more than three tiers is simply too great to overcome, no matter how much time is invested into the seal. As this, like many Skills on this list, is not on the three main Ninja Arts, Fuuinjutsu is not inherently known and generally requires a Skill Point placed into to it to learn techniques under its category.

    ✦ Unlock: Access to techniques and customs within this skill type.
    ✦ Perk: Can make use of chakra ink to form seals with A-Tier Intelligence and B-Tier Stamina
    ✦ Free: None, without spending a Skill Point this can't be learned.

    Sensory Techniques | Kanchijutsu 感知
    One of the more utility-based Skills, Sensory attunes ones senses to the presence of chakra throughout the world around them. Many are incapable of this feat, while some actively seek to learn it for its incredible usefulness. A sixth sense can afford sight where none could be had, in areas of low to no visibility and even through villages and the like. Knowing this Skill grants access to the Sensing Technique, the foundation for all sensors. The power of a sensor is largely determined by their Perception, which is the attunement to all of their senses, as well as the world around them. Some sensors have even found or developed unique techniques that further extend their range to levels that rival even the Byakugan, while a rare few are so adept that such a level is natural to them. Chakra levels, locations, intent, and chakra nature can all be detected from a distance.

    ✦ Unlock: Access to techniques and customs within this skill type.
    ✦ Perk: To sense chakra levels, locations, intent and nature while able to suppress their own.
    ✦ Free: None, without spending the Skill Point this can't be learned.


    Strength: D [1]
    Constitution: B [3]
    Stamina: C [2]
    Speed: D [1]
    Coordination: B [3]
    Intelligence: B [3]
    Perception: C [2]
    Total Raises: 16/22

    +2 Raises acquired by sacrificing the promotional and bonus Skill Points for raises during Reset

    Unique Abilities:


    Gorowase |


    Fast Hands:The player takes a reduction of -1 Tier Speed, for a +1 Tier buff to Coordination. 5 CP to activate

    Strong Willed: User gains a +1 Tier buff to Intelligence, but gains a -1 debuff to Perc. 5 CP to activate.

    Draining Touch: Irui's blood line that allows the absorption of chakra, is heightened to drain chakra from a single touch. This UA allows him to app techniques that can drain chakra, although those techniques leave him more open to receiving damage from chakra as well.

    Without using techniques, he can choose to drain 5 chakra from someone by making physical contact with a them using his forearms or hands, although he has to consciously do so. This is able to be used through gloves and clothes, but does not extend to other tools or weapons.

    Every time contact is made, he can draw out chakra from a person (capped at 15 per person per post) or 15 chakra per person if he sustains contact the entire post. However, doing so opens Iriu up to increased damage (+1 rank of damage) from tangible chakra techniques for the rest of the post round. This is all elemental jutsu, and all attacks with tangible chakra, such as Chakra Flow and other such techniques. The amount that this UA allows for non technique absorption in a thread is capped at half Irui's base stamina cap, even if taken from multiple different people. This can not set him over his maximum pool of chakra



    Irui Mikiri, Timeskip 2292720

    Art Reference 1: [img=] Shigaraki Tomoura, Boku no Hero Academia[/img]

    Three years after his immolation, Irui remains heavily scarred and disfigured from Mora Mikiri's "Dark Release: Judgement", which doused much of his upper body in flame. Irui covers much of his upper torso, face, neck and arms in cloth wraps. Sectionsof silver hair poke through the gaps near his scalp, and the scarred remains of his eyes and lips are visible through the holes. Bandages are wrapped in a criss-crossing pattern to form a flexible mask, allowing him a greater freedom of movement.  The wraps appear to be secured via fuinjutsu, and may partially adhere to an undershirt, facilitating ease of removal and placement.

    Over his wraps, irui wears a white Kumogakure flak jacket, with a customary single shoulder strap. It bears three pockets in the front for storing a variety of tools. He also adorns the standard, slim cut black pants of the Hidden Cloud's military, but prefers the black open-toe boots over the traditional white-and-red design. Irui bears the same headband as before, though bearing the char and blood stains of his immolation as a reminder, and accent peice to his outfit. Irui also wears the fingerless gloves of the Hidden Cloud, crafted with a vibranium metal plate.

    Irui has replaced his traveling cloak with a long dark navy-blue/black hooded robe, reminiscent of the Orthodoxy's religious robes, worn over everything else. Tailored for him by the Orthodoxy, Irui's robes are both form fitting and practical, designed to emphasize his proximity to the Church, and display his battle scars proudly as testament to their faith. Irui wears the cloak however with the chest closed, concealing his flak jacket beneath, giving him a bulkier appearance. Trimmed with dark red along the ends of the sleeves and center-line, the robes feature glyphs from the Church. Irui's robes feature long, billowing sleeves that extend past his fingertips. At his mid-section, Irui wears a matching black Ono-stylized belt, with necessary equipment attached near the hips or behind, however he has grown fond of using Fuinjutsu to lighten his load considerably.



    - Awoke in hospital with Shimiko
    - Has been serving the Church as its "Defender of the Faith", publicly declaring his ties to the church, much to the chagrin of the Mikiri.




    - Distrustful of others
    - Paranoid and anxious; pulls at his bandages out of habit
    - After Mora, whether an opponent is strong or weak, he always use his full force and always aims to quickly dispatch opponents. If Mora was so eager to torture him, why should he give others the benefit of the doubt?
    - Openly prays to Jashin before entering combat
    - Dark sense of humor/gallows humor
    - Deeply sarcastic, strangely confident. Comfortable using force.

    Roleplay Sample: N/A


    Character Name: Irui Mikiri
    Spendable Experience: 1780 /2000 (B)
    Total Experience:

      Strength: D
      Constitution: B
      Stamina: C
      Speed: D
      Coordination: B
      Intelligence: B
      Perception: C

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