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    A call back home.


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    A call back home. Empty A call back home.

    Post by Diana Wed Jun 24, 2020 3:35 pm

    Diana looked up in the sky, her hardened clay pack ready to fall a part at any moment. Sure she had a lot of fun adventures, but after a small issue in the land of Water she had made her way to the land of Waterfalls. But it wasn't so bad, for reasons unknown something had called her back, and while it wasn't the best reason, it was something.

    Something was calling her home, and that unnerved her. She didn't have any memories of Iwa, yet she was sure she had grown up there. Why did she leave? Why did she willingly risk her life to become a missing-nin? And would they welcome her back? She didn't know, and while she was afraid, Diana had to know why.

    She'd open her pack and pull out a crystal marble. it was one of the few crystals she knew she had from before her time as a wanderer, and holding it brought back hazy memories to the surface. They weren't...bad per say, more like a sort of anemoia. She'd look at it a bit more, the strange feeling only leaving her once she put the crystal back in the bag.

    Standing up and picking up her hardened clay walking stick she'd begin to make her way down the tall mountain, and start her trech to the Great Chang Mountains, hoping that whoever found her wouldn't try to kill her on site.

    She was tired of running.

    {Exit to The Great Chang Mountains, No travel time}

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