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    Conflicted Spirit [Kitsuki - Specialty Flashback]


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    Conflicted Spirit [Kitsuki - Specialty Flashback] Empty Conflicted Spirit [Kitsuki - Specialty Flashback]

    Post by InarieKaguya Thu Jun 18, 2020 8:45 pm

    Inarie poured her eyes over the texts that detailed the Yoru clan’s history. The more she discovered the other half of her heritage, the more Inarie felt disturbed. The sheer unaccountable number of lives being stolen by these fanatics drove a primal anger within her. These Loyalists will do anything to keep their clan’s obligation intact. Including killing their own numbers to keep their so called peace. Not to mention there have been three attempts the Loyalists tried to assassinate Inarie. Every single one of them failed, but the latest one was the most brazen.

    During one of Inarie’s patrols throughout Kirigakure, doing the standard procedure as a Chunin, a Loyalist disguised as a traveling merchant smashed the marketplace as he tried to use his hideous and monstrous strength to crush Inarie. Ultimately he failed of course with Inarie decapitating him, but she personally felt like the citizens were in danger. As some people actually got hurt by the latest attack, luckily none were fatal, but still other people were getting dragged into this mess. The situation was becoming more public by the day.

    Inarie can be found near one of the beaches, sitting on the sand with her back against the palm tree. Her rose pink eyes settled low on the sand as the wind gradually shifted the dunes. Her mind troubled by the current events, and worried in what Inarie will have to do in order to ensure the safety of these people. Sure some high ranking individuals made heinous acts in the name of greed and power. But she’s not protecting them. No, Inarie made up her mind long ago that she isn’t going to protect those murderers, those tyrants. Instead Inarie protects the citizens and other shinobi of Kirigakure.

    Looking at her left hand, noting the outline of her scales that can be seen on the palm side of her wrist even with the arm guards on her. All of this time she viewed this other power as a gift, and yet the majority with this same bloodline have been thrown into a blood filled history that can’t be washed. Of course the Kaguya weren’t much better with their xenophobic ancestory. But at least they protected themselves unless they turned on each other.

    Inarie’s left hand curled into a fist as she summoned her inner anger, the blood of the dragon, boiling within her veins. Inarie wove five handseals, and the scales that were on her left hand spread rapidly up to her left shoulder. Covering from fingertips to her shoulder are metallic blue scales as her nails turn dark as the night. They rapidly grew up to two inches past her finger tips and shaped similar to talons. It wasn’t like the monstrous Yoru that attacked her at the market. That man’s arm was deformed and twisted like he was some experiment with the Cursed Ones.

    WC: 502
    [Learning Arm of the Dragon]

    Character Name: Inarie Yoru Kaguya
    Spendable Experience: 0
    Total Experience: 2,955
    Renown: 0
    Ryo: 321,000

    • Strength: C
    • Constitution: C (B/Physical)
    • Stamina: C+
    • Speed: B
    • Coordination: A
    • Intelligence: C
    • Perception: B

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