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The Jade Dragon Tea Shop


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The Jade Dragon Tea Shop Empty The Jade Dragon Tea Shop

Post by Masaru on Fri Jun 12, 2020 6:19 am

The Jade Dragon is a large, exquisite building within Hòu Zhuān Square in Iwagakure. Two separate, broad stone steps lead up to a neatly tiled patio in front of the tea shop, in the middle of this patio is a large Circular fountain with a statue of a Jade Dragon in the center. The elevated position of the terrace provides a panoramic view over the square. Wide, stone steps stand before the wooden, double front door at the center of the building. At both sides of the door is a large, round decorative window and located above the door is a black sign decorated with carefully applied golden letters to form the name of the shop. The sign is flanked by two slim, elegant Jade dragons. A large copper flowerpot sporting a neatly trimmed green bush stands at each corner of the shop. The building sports eighteen windows, nine on each side of the door, all facing the street. Each window is made of wood of a rich deep brown color, and each has yellow shutters. The windows are on hinges, allowing them to fully swing open to let in the mountain air of Iwagakure and to let the sweet, inviting aroma of tea spread to passersby.

The dining area fills the majority of the available space within the building, a hostess podium stands near the doorway where two hostesses are positioned at any given time. They wear a teal green dress with gold trim that reaches past their knees, their job is to welcome the incoming customers and provide them with a table, menu while they await a waiter. The room is filled with aesthetic dark green square and round tables with matching chairs. The tables vary in size from small for 1 or 2 guest to large enough to accommodate 6 people. In the middle of the shop floor lies a large, dark green, rectangular carpet edged with a gold border and depicting two dragons. The lighting is mostly provided by natural sunlight flowing in through the windows during the day, but rectangular wood and cloth lanterns in the same gold-green colors to match the rest of the room are also hung from the ceiling to illuminate the shop at night. Right above the entrance is a framed piece of calligraphy displaying a proverb: "It is better to go for three days without food than one day without tea". Numerous paintings are hung on each of the room's walls, each artistry different than the other. Potted plants are placed at strategic locations spread over the shop, to create a more natural, green environment. Decorative kettles and tea pots are also part of the decor. In the far back from the entrance is the entrance to the back room, separated from the main area by green drapes which can be drawn back to provide an easier access to the kitchen. White fabric dividers are hung above the counter to limit the customer's view of the kitchen. There are several waiters and waitresses that work in the Jade Dragon. It is their job to serve the customers, provide refills and clear tables once customers have left. Their attire consists of gold pants and a dark green robe, tied around the waist with a gold belt; the green robe has a lighter green Jade Dragon patch on the sleeves. Each staff member must always have their hair up and off their shoulders as well as wear a dark green hat with a gold rim.

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