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    The Goseijin

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    The Goseijin Empty The Goseijin

    Post by Chen Kimyōnakama on Thu Jun 11, 2020 12:40 pm

    Kekkei Genkai: Detritus Release (Gensuiton)

    Current Clan Members:


    Clan History/Description:
    The Gosejin are not a unified Clan with family ties. Those who possess the bloodline limit are often unrelated and come from all walks of life. What is known about the Kekkei Genkai is that it is a corruption of an older and more powerful Bloodline that originates from beyond the stars. It is speculated by scientists that the members of this bloodline came to Earth and intermingled with the native inhabitants of the planet. The Goseijin are the result of such unions. Their appearance is relatively recent within shinobi history for they have only been around for a few centuries. Their powers have been applied in such unique and unorthodox ways that its difficult to consider them a Clan in any sense of the word.

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics:

    Members of the Goseijin differ drastically in appearance and there is no definitive characteristic that they share except one: green eyes. All members of the Goseijin have neon green eyes that seem to glow. This striking characteristic is what sets them apart from other shinobi and serves as a way to distinguish them. These characteristic can be suppressed by the Goseijin with little effort however they must consciously do so (this must be noted at the bottom of their post if they seek to exercise this ability). It has also been noticed that most Goseijin tend to have dark skin although this is not a universal trait.

    Bloodline Description & Abilities:

    The Goseijin derive their power from the advanced element of Detritus Release or Gensuiton. Detritus Release refers to the manipulation of dead particulate organic matter. It allows for the rapid decomposition and decay, the infection of healthy beings with animated necrotic matter, and the creation of various poisons and biological agents. Gensuiton is bourne of Earth Release. All organic matter ultimately is a product of abiogenesis. Rocks, soils, and earthly nutrients provide the foundation for life which in turn decays and returns to that which spawned it. For as the saying goes:

    "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

    While there are a variety of ways that Detritus Release can be used, it is most effective when it is applied to an animal bought through the Pet System. These creatures do not have the mental willpower to fight off a Detritus Release infection, this makes them excellent hosts for Detritus Techniques.

    Whenever the user animates a necrotic creature, they often do so by touch. This usually results in green sparks. It should be noted that such effects are purely flavorful and do not actually belie competency in Lightning Release. Gensuiton is one rank stronger against Lightning Release owing to the fact electricity only stimulates necrotic animation. It is also one rank stronger against Wood Release as the natural properties of decay threaten to terminate the lively properties of Wood Release.

    Detritus Release: Stage 1  - 500 EXP
    This stage unlocks the Gensuiton. At this level the Goseijin is just now learning how to conjure Detritus Release. Goseijin at this stage are naturally attuned to the world around them. All five of their senses are sharpened and this manifests to a + to Perception. This is a product of constantly being aware of the millions of dead particles that transmute through the air. How the environment interacts with these particles acts as a "sixth-sense" which passively boosts their sensory input and output. The Detritus Release techniques they create can affect B-Rank Pets.

    Detritus Release: Stage 2 500 EXP
    The Goseijin's skill with Detritus Release has become Jounin leveled. They can decay organic matter, manipulate dead cells, and use them as the base for poisons with total ease. Their senses are honed to an even greater degree amounting to a passive ++ to Perception. The Detritus Release techniques they create can affect A-Rank Pets.

    Detritus Release: Stage 3 500 EXP
    This is the pinnacle of power for a Goseijin. Those who reach this level are few in number and their skills with Detritus Release are so potent that some mistake them for Necromancers. Their ability to discern occurrences within their environment are further heightened owing to their ability to sense minute disturbances in the sea of detritus that exists in our every day lives. This manifests as a full passive tier to Perception. The Detritus Release techniques they create can now affect S-Rank Pets.

    Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks:
    Infections and debilitations created by Detritus Release can be healed and/or nullified by Ijutsu Techniques. Depending on the nature of the Detritus Release jutsu, more refined and targeted healing jutsu may occasionally be necessary. Detritus Release is also vulnerable to fire which destroys and purifies necrotic agents. The same is true for Ice Release which freezes and paralyzes detritus. It is considered one rank weaker when going against Katon and Hyouton.

    Clan Techniques:
    - Technique that grants up +2 Tiers to a Pet [A-Rank Cost]
    - Technique that preserves DNA of pets and recreates them using dead organic matter in the area. Spawns an exact copy of the pet once, but the copy dies after the thread is over.
    - X-Rank Perception ESP
    - Decaying the Ground to hurt people
    - Decaying People via touch/weapons
    - Fuuinjutsu Pet Seal
    - Pet Poison Blast
    - Tenketsuu Cancer Coating

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