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    The Takagari Clan [WIP]

    Irui Mikiri
    Irui Mikiri

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    The Takagari Clan [WIP] Empty The Takagari Clan [WIP]

    Post by Irui Mikiri Mon Mar 23, 2020 1:43 pm

    [Clan Name] You'll replace the [Clan Name] part with the name of your clan. This goes for Clan Location, Bloodline Name & Type, Current Clan Leader, and Current Clan Members as well. You can also color the text to make your registration more unique!
    [Clan Location] The location of your Clan. This is usually a village, but it can also be a base where an organization has settled. Basically, any place that players can register characters for.
    [Bloodline Name & Type] If your clan has a bloodline, put the name here. If it follows a certain type, like Doujutsu or Advanced Element, notate that here. For example: "Doujutsu: Sharingan".
    [Current Clan Leader] This is the current clan leader for your clan. This can be an existing Player Character, a Player Character that you or someone else plans to register soon, or a Non-Player Character.

    ●[Current] This is the list for your current clan members, excluding the leader, obviously. You only need to list Player Characters here. If your clan has more or less than three members, feel free to adjust the list coding! If you need any help with that, just ask a member of staff and we'll be happy to help.
    ●[Members] and

    Clan History/Description: The Takagari Family and Takagari Clan have existed and supported the Hidden Cloud since the Warring States period. Former the Takagari served the Noble Families and ruling class of the Land of Lightning, providing them with exquisitely bred falcons for hunting and sport.  The expansion of the village, and annexation of land through the Land of Lightning demanded an equally expansive method of transportation and surveillance. Ieyasu Takagari, then Clan Leader of the Takagari pivoted and opened their coveted Aviary to the Shinobi of the Hidden Cloud. In time, the Takagari would provide avians of multiple species for the Hidden Cloud's Shinobi class, from messenger hawks to massive aerial mounts. Realizing the potential for enhancing the Hidden Cloud's military, the Second entrusted the Takagari to organize the hidden village's Aerial ANBU Corps.

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics:

      - Can purchase Pets for half their Maintenance Cost
      - Can Breed Pets [Birds] for Shinobi, similar to Crafting
      - Can produce Summoning Contracts for Birds, limited to Kumogakure. Differentiate these from the standard (read: "Basic Betch") Hawk and Crow stereotype.
      - Clansmen use high-altitude species.
      - Maintain's Aviary above the Hidden Cloud village, that sources the birds frequently employed by Shinobi in the village. Players can bring their pet Bird to the Aviary for care to avoid the Maintenance Cost, or possibly losing their pet.
      - Bird vision and bird direction ability
      - Bird's can use the Scavenger perk.
      - Clansmen can either register a Summoning Contract or a Pet. Or eventually turn their Pet into a Contract.

    Bloodline Description & Abilities:

      - Wind Style
      - "Player used FLY and avoided the attack!"
      - Summoning, Kyujutsu, Shurikenjutsu, Sensing, Ninjutsu; long-range styles.
      - 3 Dimensional combatants
      - Standard stereotypical Bird Clone
      - Have an innate ability to work with birds, and by using their chakra, can direct birds to follow their commands. Takagari Clansmen can see through the vision of their birds, when focused, acting as an extension of their eyesight. Flocks are connected to the user's chakra, with it acting as a beacon. Individual's cannot be controlled as finely as a puppet, only directed and given simple tasks. Collectively they can perform jutsu. Weak to Lightning Release, via close-proximity.
      - Clan employs archery and projectiles in battle. Many hone themselves into Sensor-type Shinobi to better direct their flocks.
      - Hit-and-run attacks, using attrition to disorient and overwhelm.
      - Strength in numbers concept.
      - Sensor and Doujutsu Jamming
      - Aptitude for Sound, using bird calls.

    Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks:

      - Lightning weakness
      - Ice Weakness
      - Explosion weakness
      - Low Constitution
      - Emphasis on Coordination, Speed, and Stamina stats.

    Clan Techniques This is the place for any techniques that are related to your clan. This is a list that will be updated as you add more techniques for your bloodline, but to actually register those techniques, you'll need to use the Jutsu Registration forum. Be sure to include the "Group Exclusive" classification if you want only your clan to learn those techniques!
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