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    From Mountains to Fangs


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    From Mountains to Fangs Empty From Mountains to Fangs

    Post by Ulfric Thu Mar 19, 2020 3:58 pm

    The Land of Fangs. Not all too different from the Land of Birds when it came to vegetation. But a whole step down from its mountains. It wasn't hard to see for the cartographer where it got its name from; the mountain spires rising up like sharpened teeth out of the ground. A creative name if anything. But that said, the lands of this minor country were unfamiliar to the man. An opportunity for him to travel all the way through it and start mapping it as he looked for clues to find back the raiding bandits whom had pillaged and burned down his village.

    The tracks he had followed out of his village ran all the way towards this land. Considering the large amount of members they had and the obvious trail they left behind with them, they still travelled remarkably faster than he had anticipated. It left the man baffled as he considered himself a seasoned traveller after all these years. Yet he couldn't match their pace despite the group's size. It didn't make sense. They had only a few horses. The dozen of other traces clearly belonged to men, and at no time were those foot-soldiers ever carried all at once on the backs of the horses. There were simply not enough horses for that. The best deduction he could make was that these men, perhaps trained by their raids, were simply faster than he was. Better conditioned, better trained. The sort of constitution one would expect from soldiers trained to keep up speed even with a solid pack on their back. Nothing like himself, in other words, even though the chain shirt he wore added its own persistent weight during the trek.

    For a moment, his mental fortitude shook as the realisation of his foolish endeavour snapped him out of his vengeful promise. Just a brief moment before he pushed it back to the background and renewed his resolve. No. Ulfric was not about to give up. Vengeance was the only correct retaliation these men deserved. And the moment he'd be capable to lay his hands on even one of these members, the full fury of the grizzly would be unleashed to tear them down and maul them. No, even if it would take him months or years... These men had to die.

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