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    Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren


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    Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren Empty Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren

    Post by Ecila on Sat Mar 14, 2020 1:30 am

    Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren Source
    Name: Euterpe de Daímonas
    Age: 18
    Gender: grill
    Village: Kumo
    Rank: Genin
    Title: The Siren, Muse of the Hidden Cloud

    Clan: Kurama
    Bloodline: Level 2-Lesser Bloodline (500) one-handed genjutsu (250)
    Skill(s): Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Sensory


    • Strength: D [150]
    • Constitution: D [150]
    • Stamina: D [150]
    • Speed: D [150]
    • Coordination: D [150]
    • Intelligence: B [ 150 + 300 + 500=950]
    • Perception: D [150]

    (1650 starting exp
    950 UA-350 compensation for Chig ruining my life=600 left to pay off)
    Unique Abilities:

    • Experience Advantage- Euterpe has been training for years through her adventures as the leader of a band of thieving orphans. She starts off with 950 more spendable experience, but must pay it all back before gaining any more.

    • One-handed Seals- Euterpe may weave hand seals with only one hand. This results in a one tier loss of Coordination for that hand regarding hand seals

    • Sonic boom- Euterpe is capable of utilizing the Body Flicker jutsu without the use of a handseal, when she does this however she takes a - to her perception while in use.

    • Flight not Fight- Euterpe's priorities always involve self preservation. She can increase her coordination or speed by 1 tier in exchange for her strength lowering by 1 tier. (Can only choose one per topic and once chosen cannot be changed for that topic)

    • Encore- Once Euterpe hits equal to 30 CP or less, she taps into the hidden reserves locked subconsciously by her Id.This UA activates automatically once it hits the threshold and increases her Stamina by +1 tier as she recovers the difference between the base tier and the boosted version. In exchange, her Id takes over for 3 posts and she takes a -1 to her constitution for the threads duration that does stack with exhaustion.

    • Going Straight- Euterpe must make good on her promise to the shop owner (see history). She starts out with a Resonating Echo Speaker but at least 50% of all her earnings must go to paying back for it (20,000 total).

    • Bathed in Black- Euterpe possesses a natural affinity for spiritual energy even for the Kurama. She can infuse more energy into predominantly clan based techniques to gain +1 in power. However, by infusing more spiritual energy into the techniques, they cost 50% more when she chooses to do so.

    • Id Chakra Drain- Euterpe is one of the few who can drain chakra from people as her body has an above average amount of spiritual energy and seeks physical energy to balance itself. Without using techniques, she can choose to drain 5 chakra from someone by making physical contact with them using her forearms or hands, although she has to consciously do so. This is able to be used through gloves and clothes, but does not extend to other tools or weapons. Every time he makes contact, she can draw out chakra from a person (capped at 15 per person per post) or 15 chakra per person if she sustains contact the entire post. However, doing so opens her up to increased damage (+1 rank of damage) from tangible chakra techniques for the rest of the post round. This is all elemental jutsu, and all attacks with tangible chakra, such as Chakra Flow and other such techniques. The amount allowed for non technique absorption in a thread is capped at half of her base stamina cap, even if taken from multiple different people. This can not set her over his maximum pool of chakra either.

      However, due to her Id she is mentally blocked from using chakra draining technique unless her Id is control. Euterpe must master her Id before being able to access chakra draining techniques on her own. Once she had mastered her Id/or when her Id is control, all genjutsu naturally drain chakra from those affected equal to half their base activation cost per post.

    • Id Take Over: While Euterpe's Id is in control, Euterpe physical appearance takes on the appearance of her id through yin release (aesthetic) and her Id can use the Kekkei Genkai Umare ability while in control. However, while her Id is in control and has not mastered it, it can only use yin based techniques, will not discern between allies and opponents when using techniques, and Euterpe suffers a tier debuff to her intelligence once regaining control due to the mental strain and must make a recovery topic to heal. This take over only happens under the encore ua or if Euterpe is facing extreme mental/emotional distress.


    Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren 340?cb=20180828111435

    Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren Mirajane_strauss_04_by_vengadorazul21_dbe2nzt-fullview.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9MTAzNSIsInBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzI0ZWE2OWU1LWQyY2UtNDMyZC04ZTQ3LTgwOTE4ZGQxZTE1Y1wvZGJlMm56dC0wNDgzMDVjNi1iNDJhLTQ5MDAtYjgwYi0xNDFmNzA3YzUxYjEucG5nIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTYzOSJ9XV0sImF1ZCI6WyJ1cm46c2VydmljZTppbWFnZS5vcGVyYXRpb25zIl19
    Euterpe stands at 5'6 in height and weighs approximately 130 pounds. She has a relatively  athletic body frame with nothing to small or too large. She has a very fit body for someone her age, having been training through her adventures as a cat burglar. She is by no means a muscle woman or a hulk in anyway, having slender arms with slightly thicker legs. Her hips and breasts are somewhat wider than the rest of her mid-section giving her that curvy, hourglass figure people always talk about except. This body frame is suitable for her in battle as it allows her to not drag herself down with too much muscle, but still keep up with everyone and defend others in a fight with her above average reflexes.

    She has a peach-pale skin tone and complexion, giving her a warmness to her appearance, that is clear of almost all blemishes. She dislikes her skin tone because it highlights the white scar on her left upper thigh. Her skin tone allows her to tan somewhat easily, but she is prone to getting sunburns as she stays out far too long (usually falling asleep!). The only blemish on her body is scar. Her scar is rather deep, taking the appearance of two jagged, claw like, lines on her upper thigh that make an "X-shape." They are strangely pure white in appearance.

    Euterpe has long, snow-white hair reaching down to just above the small of her back which curls slightly at the ends. She with two porcelain bangs framing her face and reaching down to her large chest. Her hairstyle's most distinctive trait is a short, upward ponytail obtained by gathering and tying the hair covering her forehead as to get it out of her eyes. Due to her always adopting such fashion, her hair seems to have adapted to it, with the hair on her forehead remaining pointed upwards even when not tied, through sometimes it can be seen down, in which giving her white bangs reaching to the middle of her forehead. While commonly seen with this look, she can style her hair in any number of ways depending on the occasion. Her striking white hair gives her an inviting appearance as compliments her peach-pale skin tone, making her seem warm and friendly. She will style her hair in any number of neat yet creative fashions and will sometimes decorate her hair with some sort of accessory such as colored pins or chopsticks. On some occasions, the length of her hair looks shorter than it actually is.

    Speaking of eyes, her eyes are one of her most striking features. Her eyes are incredibly deep and intense blue. Her eyes are so striking that people often can become paralyzed by them as they seem to look into your soul, giving Euterpe a more fighting demeanor in contrast to the warmness she radiates.

    Euterpe loves shopping and outfits and can often be found in any number of fabulous fashion statements. Her preferred outfit is usually a half-sleeve, ankle-length black dress with slit on the left side up to her upper thigh. The chest is cut in a halter style with white lace trimmings frame the rather ample neckline, and circle around the lower part of her waist just above the hip where she usually ties her ninja headband. Euterpe also wears black, high-heeled ninja sandals that match her dress, and accessorizes with a small black ribbon tied in a bow attached to it. She usually wears a simple, small black earring but no bracelets as she is not much for jewelry and prefers a more vintage, bohemian look.She rarely wears the same outfit more than once beyond this and it is rather hard to pinpoint her style beyond that.

    Id Appearance:

    Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren 6f3b3e720d6cffd06d37191a5eaf58d8cd9fd2f4v2_hq
    Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren 23bb611bf21ff3c6e226395c6bd6f0e4

    Euterpe's Id is deep contrast to her despite normally appearing at the same height as her (5'6). While being able to take any appearance as it a being comprised of spiritual energy existing within Euterpe's subconscious, it usually appears like that of a woman, with somewhat long dark hair reaching about half way down its back. It usually wears a white band which separates its hair, framing its bangs to frame its face. It has a slim yet curvy figure with a thin yet athletic build with somewhat large hips and breast giving it an hourglass figure. It possesses smoldering, crimson eyes in contrast to Euterpe as well as a pale, nearly porcelain skin tone. These features combine with her long, midnight black hair to give off a cold, and terrifying demeanor.  

    Its most noticeable feature are two 8 inch, demonic-like golden horns protruding from the sides of its head about 6 inches out and pointing upwards. These horns draw attention to its forehead which is branded with a small circular symbol with a small dot on the inside and surrounded by several dots around the top. It wears a white ribbon on its neck in contrast to the black ribbon usually seen around Euterpe's. While being able to take any form or clothing it desires, its attire usually consists of a very revealing blue-colored leopard-printed kimono, bearing decorative marks on its shoulders. The kimono is wrapped around its torso with a thick, decorative yellow ribbon that ties behind its back, complemented by thigh-high socks that reveal its heels and toes

    When angered or getting serious in combat, it transforms into a more demonic form than before, with its skin darkening and its horns becoming noticeably taller to about 10 inches, and move to sit closer to the top of head to look more like classic devil horns. Its hair becomes much wilder, and the clothes around its torso disappear, revealing its bare chest to be covered in an intricate, symmetrical tattoo that begins at the ribbon around its neck, and ends at the stomach and hips. A dark mark with the kurama clan symbol is printed onto its stomach, underneath a heart-shaped design in its tattoo. Its lower body significantly changes, with the legs changing into narrowed stilts that gradually widen up to the hips that now flare out into two wing-like protrusions and its feet changes into those of sharp blades though it still is able to move normally. Most noticeably, its crimson eyes turn completely gold and glow brightly and it instead able to grow and multiply its original eyes anywhere on its body.
    Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story
    of that woman skilled in all ways of contending,
    the wanderer, harried for years on end,
    after she arrived in the village of clouds
    brought from the forgotten land of sound

    Traveling and traveling, that is how Euterpe remembers the first years of her life. Her mother and father were part of a traveling band originating from the land of sound and would travel across the ninja world, from the land of fire, to the land of wind, and then to the land of earth every year to play shows in the various villages and sell home made instruments and crafts. From a young age, Euterpe began to learn to sing and play music to help her family and the band in entertaining villagers. By the age of 5, Euterpe could play almost any instrument and learn new ones very quickly. She would often play guitar or the flute and sometimes sang as well. Her mother and father were talented musicians but often played shows for free in the villages, taking donations from people and refusing money from the poor, as well as sometime using their talents to steal from the rich. Her parents lived a very bohemian lifestyle, never wanting fame or fortune, all they wanted was to spread their art and explore creativity. Her parents would both talented in ninjutsu and genjutsu and taught her the basics while they traveled, she would often assist them in stealing money from the wealthy by posing as the bait. Both had strange abilities with sound based jutsu but never displayed them while villagers were around. They would often bring Euterpe with them into the villages to explore, allowing her to experience new cultures. At night her parents would bring her to the show and after have her go around to collect tips and donations. Sometimes her parents did not make enough money from the shows despite their talents and would be forced too....MENTAL BLOCK....

    Euterpe loved her family and their adventures but they never took her to the land of water or land of lightning. Euterpe could understand why as the land of water would involved taking a boat and her father was afraid of sailing but she never understood why they never traveled by land further up to the land of lighting. Her mother always told her it was because they were unfriendly to musicians there so there was no reason to share their music but that never made sense to Euterpe, she could not imagine a land where everyone hated music. She also did not fear the villagers in the land of lightning getting aggressive with the band as both her were skilled in the ninja arts and regularly protected the band with their sound jutsu. If Euterpe ever decided to press further her mother would get angry and frustrated with her and....MENTAL BLOCK....

    Yes, it would seem Like Euterpe had the perfect childhood, well until she the day she turned 12. It was her birthday and her family was playing in a small village at the end of the land of sound right before the land of lightning. Her parents had played in the village all afternoon but had not made much money that day. When they finally gave up, her parents surprised Euterpe with a birthday cake! Euterpe knew there was no way her parents could afford such a cake on their own but her parents insisted that they had not stolen it and that she eat as her happiness was what was most important to them. Euterpe cried tears of happiness upon eating her birthday cake and then got quite sleepy and passed out in her parents arms. When she awoke she found herself in a dark room alone and...SEVERE MENTAL BLOCK....

    Euterpe awoke on the floor, her body aching, debris all around her. She was covered in cuts and bruises and she screamed out when she tried to move as there was a deep cut on her left upper thigh. A building was ablaze next to her and she could hear a symphony of screams, a pair of agonizing screams, that sounded somewhat familiar but her mind refused to make any connection. She called out for her parents but they were nowhere to be found. She was alone, so alone, and began to wail as the fires from the building rages on.

    Eventually, Euterpe passed out from wailing and the pain but was found by a ninja. Apparently she was just inside the border of the land of lightning and a patrol had been sent out after reports of a blazing failing and deadly shriek came in Kumogakure. Euterpe was taken to the Village Hidden in the Clouds and awoke to find herself in the hospital. The doctors and nurses were very kind to her there as they informed her of where she was. She tried to tell them about her parents but they informed her that no other bodies had been recovered around the building and everyone inside had died, all that remained was a bag, her mother's bag. Euterpe fell into a deep depression, she could not sleep for weeks and the hospital had to force her to drink and eat. The only comfort she had was a whisper in her mind telling her to survive. While she recovered, Euterpe would often play the instruments found in her mother's bag: a simple flute and stringed lute. She would often play for the hospital staff who were impressed by her talents. It was so strange, all these years her mother had told her everyone in the land of lightning hated music.

    Euterpe was moved into the village orphanage where she had to fight to survive. Overcrowded was an understatement within the orphanage and Euterpe knew she would have to assert her dominance to survive. On the first day, one the largest children attempted to take her mother's bag from her, forcing Euterpe to use the genjutsu she had learned from her parents to the put the bully in his place, forcing the child to beat and humiliate himself in front of all the other orphans, ending with the child nearly dying from choking himself. From that day on, no one messed with Euterpe and she soon was seen as a leader of the orphans as the oversight by the village was poor. Despite this power, Euterpe constantly had nightmares, she would see a dark shadowy figure in her dreams but could never hear what they were saying. She would awake in a cold sweat at least once a month with others telling her that she had been talking in her sleep and saying disturbing things like....MENTAL BLOCK....

    Euterpe remained in the orphanage for five years and during that time she made a name for herself within the village. She was often perform in the streets of the village for money, she would sing and have some of the orphans she taught play instruments. Her voice was so beautiful that she became known as the Muse of the hidden Cloud. However, she also gained a much worse reputation as a cat burglar. Using her unique sound based jutsu, Euterpe would lead the orphans on missions to steal food, money, clothing, anything within the village as they were not getting fed nearly enough. Euterpe would lace her words with genjutsu to distract various shop keepers with her songs or conversation long enough for the orphans to sneak in and steal from various shop owners. This happened often over those six years giving her a mixed reputation as the Muse, but everything changed when she tried to rob a local music shop.

    By the time she was 17, Euterpe had made life much better for the orphans of Kumogakure. She had manged to buy more beds, food, clothing, for everyone through the stealing missions. The ninja set to oversee the orphanage had no idea where the money was coming from but didn't care enough to really ask so long as no one bothered them. All of the orphans looked up to her as their protector and though she found that she did care for them all at some level, she could not manage to make it more than surface level as something in her mind was preventing her from really trusting anyone. Despite this success, Euterpe was getting rather board with tormenting the civilians of the village, she wanted more and to do that she needed to upgrade her sound abilities. She planned to rob a music shop that sold rare sound base weaponry and everything went according to plan until the shop keeper did something no one else had done, he broke her genjutsu. Euterpe had never planned for something like this to happen, as everyone before had easily fallen under her jutsu. The shop keeper easily cornered her and the orphans and used his own sound jutsu to stop them from running away while he called the authorities. Euterpe knew it was her job to take the blame for what happened and begged the shop keeper to let the orphans go and keep her for the cops. She told them their story and the shop keeper stopped what he was doing and allowed the orphans to leave, leaving just him and Euterpe alone in the store.

    The man ordered her to sit down and proceeded to ask her where she had learned her jutsu as she clearly was not a genin or even an academy student, revealing that he was a retire anbu. Euterpe told the man about her past and how she ended up in the village and the man was silent for a long time. Finally, he walked over the Euterpe and presented her with a strange gauntlet. He told her that it was a resonating echo spear, an item unique to Kumogakure and the strongest sound based weapon he had. He told her that he would allow her to leave with the gauntlet so long as she promised to no longer steal from civilians, eventually paid her back, and entered the academy to become a ninja for the village and use her talents to help everyone. Euterpe had no idea how to react as it had been a long time since any older person had really treated her with any kindness or believed in her, she felt a voice in the back of her head softly scream as she accepted the man's deal.

    From that day on, Euterpe entered the village academy determined to make good on her promise. Thanks to her previous experience from both leading a band of orphan thieves and her travels with her parents she easily rose to the top of her class with her talents and graduated early. She  became known as the siren for her ability with genjutsu and sound jutsu thanks to her resonating echo spear. Her instructors recognized her extreme talent with genjutsu and it became apparent that Euterpe was actually a member of the Kurama clan, a clan famed for its bloodline abilities with genjutsu who had moved to the hidden cloud some years ago. It seems Euterpe had actually been born in the Land of Lightning, but that did not make any sense as she could only ever remember traveling with her parents. Apparently a baby had been taken some years ago from the clan that would be the same age as Euterpe by rouge ninja. The ninja were members of known slave trading organization that searched out unique bloodlines and had been identified before leaving the village but were never seen again in the land of lightning. Those ninja had been her "parents."  

    On the outside, Euterpe can appear like a loving and caring person who treats her friends, and even strangers, with kindness. Growing up in an orphanage, she knows how to appear quite motherly, listening to other people's problems and consoling them no matter how demented or immoral they may be. She rarely criticizes others for their faults, seeing as they are hardly any of her business, and has a great amount of empathy and understanding of others. Even if they are deemed insane she can usually understand the motive for why people do things. She can be quite social if the situation calls for it. Despite being a ninja, she is not indiscriminately violent, and will not recklessly attack people, usually portraying  a smart, stoic, calm, level-headed, and analytical demeanor and is a strategist on and off the battlefield. She usually doesn't like to resort to violence right away and is content with silently observing other parties battling until their fighting reaches a conclusion. No matter the situation she is placed in she never usually seems distressed or worried (on the outside) and has rarely been shown to be in a bad mood, even within the heat of battle or in a situation where the odds are against her.

    While appearing quite happy and loving, it is only because she has a strong grasp over her emotions, so much so that it's hard to tell what she is actually feeling or thinking. She is highly perceptive and can change her demeanor and personality depending on the crowd she is around. On the inside, Euterpe does not tend to actually feel much of any emotion due to her Id and it can be hard to get to know the real her when she doesn't really know everything about herself. However, when dropping the nice act, she is known for her incredibly sarcastic and devious attitude and typically projects a fem fatal demeanor, even when facing great personal difficulty and usually attempts to fool people into thinking she is weak/dumb.She is not above lying and manipulating people to get the job done and is an incredibly talented liar and actress. She can fake a personality and lie with no trigger on near instinct. She is not a trusting person and is known to have fiery temper when she is passionate about something, along with a huge streak of stubbornness.

    With all the acting and lying, it is clear that she enjoys playing with people. She loves to get a reaction out of anyone and is not afraid to freak others out or make them unconformable. She is very manipulative, frequently toying with people, flirting with them, or using her body to get what she wants. She is numb to the judgement of others, if needed she could walk around naked to just throw an opponent off. Seeing genuine emotional reaction intrigues her since she so rarely feels that herself. In the end she will do what it takes to further her goals, whether that means torture, seduction, aggression, or anything else. She is known to play with her opponents if they bore her, sometimes putting them in a complicated situation just to "test" them and see how they react. She is known to leave her opponents alive much longer than she should and also to take advantage of an opponent's weaknesses to have them submit to her, no matter how underhanded they may be.

    In reality, Euterpe is really much more of a loner type despite her empathy for others and the caring facade. She has spent a great deal of her life alone and believes in self-reliance. Her own preservation is her number one priority and she has no problems with that. Social settings tend to bore her and she would much rather be alone playing music as she is an incredibly talented musician and can usually play any instrument she can get her hands on even if previously unknown. She also possesses a great singing voice, though she does not sing in front of others very often. Despite this, she still can love and trust people, and can be a good team player, skill she needed to learn to keep her clan alive. She may not always do things if they don't agree with her thoughts, but she will try to protect those she cares about adamantly. She can be a compassionate and fun when finding something or someone that interests her.

    Id Personality:
    Wrapped in mystery, not much is still known about Euterpe's Id to her or anyone else, not even its name. Euterpe only has faint knowledge of its existence based on second hand account and has not yet been able to communicate with it on her own. Her id takes on the darker emotion/trauma that Euterpe's suppresses and can act rather unstable in combat. Her Id takes on her suppressed, somewhat psychotic paranoia. All of the grotesque impulses Euterpe has during the day are funneled into her Id and leads it getting paranoid quite easily, often double-checking things for Euterpe or sometimes reading too much into something. In extreme cases, it can believe anyone around Euterpe is an enemy, and go into fits of psychotic paranoia where it believes people are trying to kill her based on mundane actions or something completely out of their control.

    Euterpe, though appearing calm at first is also actually quite sadistic and masochistic, growing more and more excited as she fights and giving in more to her Id who influences more of her personality as the fight goes. Once her Id gets into a fight there is no stopping it until Euterpe regains control. It will kill without remorse and kill with no sympathy regardless of any individual's status or ties to Euterpe. It takes pleasure in torture and pain not only by dealing it to others, but by also receiving it. It is known to play with its opponents, relishing in the battle and pain that it dishes out and receives. Sometimes this masochism can be dangerous, as it can end up causing Euterpe a great amount of harm when she finally regains control as their levels of pain tolerance are starkly different. It is a fan of killing opponents slowing as well as most pain-based torture, especially psychological, but also enjoys using humiliation to torture others, whether it be through sexual means or others. Overall, it finds human lives to hold very insignificant value and acts only for its self-interest, staying alive and therefore keeping Euterpe alive.

    Beyond how it acts in battle, not much is known about the id as Euterpe has yet to be able to communicate with it. When her Id takes over, Euterpe loses consciousness and becomes bathed in a dark aura with her body taking on the appearance of her Id through yin release.
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    Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren Empty Re: Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren

    Post by Chronicler Raven on Sat Mar 21, 2020 6:54 am

    Lifestyle is not a UA and does not apply to char creation. You need to add that in the updates.

    Sonic Boom Considering the drawback for one-handed seals is -1 tier coordination, the no hand seals technique requires a similar severity in penalty. In this case -1 tier perception.

    Flight not Fight: Stat trades don't get options. Pick either coordination or speed, or make that two different UAs.

    Encore You have +1 tier stat and chakra recovery for -1 tier stat. This is not balanced. The ID takeover does not add an (immediate) flat drawback and is therefore not acceptable. It might be better to simply recover 15% CP of your max pool for -1 tier penalty.

    Bathed in Black: Rather than +50% cost, make that +1 rank in cost.

    ID Takeover: This seems more like an RP/aesthetic in its entirety as, aside from the 'Encore UA', its triggers and effects are very subjective to the player.


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    Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren Empty Re: Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren

    Post by Ecila on Sun Mar 22, 2020 12:39 pm

    A majority of these I have taken from already approved uas and also been working with Nyg on.

    Sonic Boom: all other body flicker uas just take a "-" reduction not a tier so that doesn't seem fiar
    EX: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t3425-akari-uchiha

    Flight not Fight: There are multiple instances of their being an option so I'm not sure where you got that idea from. It also just makes more sense cause I could just make two skills doing the same thing and take up more space which is unnecessary
    EX: See also, Akari

    Encore: Once again, taken from an already approved UA with an added downside in Id taking over. Staff I believe is currently working to better define Ids within the kurama clan
    EX: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t2213-tsuki-tatsuda-kumo

    Bathed in Black: Same thing
    EX: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t1040-uchiha-akihiro-the-sparrow

    Id take over: As stated previously, I believe staff are supposed to be discussing ids rn, but I am open to all feedback regarding a system to mastering the Id as I found it a great tool for character progression within writing my history and would help flesh out the kurama clan greatly.

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    Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren Empty Re: Euterpe de Daímonas, the Siren

    Post by Kitsuki Kurahasa on Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:33 pm

    Encore: Once again, taken from an already approved UA with an added downside in Id taking over. Staff I believe is currently working to better define Ids within the kurama clan
    EX: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t2213-tsuki-tatsuda-kumo

    As I stated in DMs once the Kurama Clans Id mechanics are flesh out then we can discuss the appropriateness of this UA. Same goes for the other Id UA. I suggest removing them for now.

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