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    Mission: Elminate the Bandits [Kairyu]


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    Mission: Elminate the Bandits  [Kairyu] Empty Mission: Elminate the Bandits [Kairyu]

    Post by Orihime Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:32 pm

    Mission Name: Eliminate the Bandits
    Mission Type: Assault
    Mission Rank: C
    Mission Goal: Take out a bandit gang
    Description: Some bandits have taken up post at a road somewhere far from the city limits, but still in Kumo’s territory. Stop them from extorting and break up their toll post with by any means. Death is permitted but not necessary.
    Payment: 15,000
    Requirements: At least two Genin, Chuunin+, Genin with Sensei

    In Northerneastern part in the land of lightning they had a long road that extends from Kumogakure to Takoyaiba. This land had always looked deserted, if it hadn’t been the few caravans and travelers who cross among here, Orihime would have mistaken this place as a ghost town. Not many open buildings here; Not many attractions here either, unless you would consider Toshiro’s ‘breakfast in bed’ inn, to be one, then they would have one attraction. The Toshiro family were initially the ones who made the complaint of the bandits who scare people away at day and vandalize and litter the streets at night. Reports say the bandits gather and horse around in the middle of the road, causing great disturbances in the land, until dawn.

    It was dusk; In due time the bandits would soon gather once more. Orihime walked across the roof of an old abandoned elementary school, which was covered in a layer of stones that knock together like hollow skulls with each step. She got a good view where the gang of bandits would form. The air was warmer than what she was accustomed to back in Tagamahara. She reached the end of the roof and sat down on a ledge. She settled and fell quiet.
      She was tempted to let her legs dangle over the building but that would look unprofessional, maybe even disrespectful in some way to the other genin she was assigned the mission with.
      It was going to be her first time to meet another Chinoike. She was nervous, rehearsing all the proper introductions she could say in her head. She fiddled with her thumbs, waiting for her partner…

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