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    Harbouring Fire

    Uchiha Akihiro
    Uchiha Akihiro

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    Harbouring Fire Empty Harbouring Fire

    Post by Uchiha Akihiro on Wed Feb 05, 2020 11:27 pm

    Akihiro traced the immense caravan of wagons along the road emerging the Eastern Gate of the Leaf village, and followed it until he reached the Land of Fire's harbour. It was one of the main ones, on the eastern coast from which most ships sailed away to trade with the various lands. Well, saying he tracked the wagon line was perhaps too generous: He wasn't exactly following tracks leftover by a few wagons. He was following alongside a massive line of wagons pulled by all sorts of different animals from oxes to horses and even donkeys. It was virtually impossible to not notice them.

    He arrived at a harbour full of life. The result of healthy economic trade with Kirigakure no Sato which had once brought prosperity and wealth to both villages. While the Hidden Leaf was in complete disarray at the moment, the harbour didn't seem to be affected by it. Merchants and sailors rarely cared about the political situation of their village right up until the moment it hit their pockets- at which point they did care, and a lot. Akihiro could not blame them. Looking out for the safety and stability of the Hidden Leaf was, after all, the Kage's job. But the Kage had failed, and most of the Leaf's shinobi forces were in no position to help. Even Akihiro himself had been branded a missing ninja, and was in sour spirits.

    The sight of a massive mast above the buildings slightly improved his mood tho- the sight of ships had always fascinated Akihiro. They were fter all some of the most impressive works of engineering a village could acquire and clearly at the upper part of any list of most useful ones. They were a massive investment and if used well could bring in a lot of money...but they were also frail and needed to be protected carefully, as the sinking of a single one of these massive beasts meant the loss of a significant investment.

    Akihiro's mood turned sour again when he noticed the cargo barrels were being loaded into the ship. The ships were part of Konohagakure no Sato's military force and usually directly controlled by the Kage herself. Such a massive amount of cargo being loaded from the village onto the ship just had to mean trouble. Activating his Sharingan, Akihiro quickly noticed a patrol aboard the ship, near its stern. Leaf ninjas. He needed to figure out what was up.

    Quietly, he sneaked up towards the water and used the water walking technique to approach the ship's stern, climbing up its wooden armor until there was no more to climb and he boarded the ship. Quickly and with the use of a single kunai, Akihiro took out the guards.

    The sailors panicked when they noticed there was an attack, but their expressions went from panicked to confused when they noticed it was Akihiro who took out the security detachment.

    "Please sir, no fire!" an old but tall and imposing man shouted from the upper deck. Akihiro thought this was a strange request not because of the request itself but because of how everyone's expressions had gone from confused back to panicked again at the single mention of the word "Fire".
    "I thought the crew of a battleship would know how to deal with fire aboard." Akihiro replied to the man.
    "Aye we do, we can deal with a fire resulting from battle. But its the cargo sire, it's explosive. A single spark and not just the ship but the entire harbour will be blown to hell!" It was Akihiro's turn to look surprised and suddenly very relieved he hadn't decided to use Fire ninjutsu to deal with the guards.
    "Are you the captain?"
    "Yes sir."
    "And what kind of captain is mad enough to load such large quantities of explosives onto a ship? A single round shot by a rogue pirate and you're all dead. Hell, a fucking accident at the harbour and we're all dead."

    The captain seemed hurt by Akihiro's words, surprised perhaps at the harshness of such a young boy's words. But Akihiro's face was well known and respected in the Land of Fire, and the captain made his best effort to give a serious answer. "You don't think I know that? I think its madness too. We all do! But it's the orders we've received from the Leaf Village."

    Akihiro rolled his eyes. "That explains the bat shit insanity..."

    "Where's the ship supposed to travel to?"
    The captain looked a bit hesitant, but ended up responding. "Kirigakure no Sato sir." The Sparrow's surprise grew wider. Could the fucking cat be that crazy? No, this couldn't happen. He needed to take charge.

    "Here's what you're going to do. You're going to finish up loading the explosives as safely as you can, and you're going to sail this ship away from the harbour. Far enough so that no explosion reaches it, but not beyond the horizon. You'll remain there awaiting further orders."

    The captain nodded. The thought of remaining within sight of Konohagakure no Sato's harbour was better than the prospect of risking travelling through international waters with such a dangerous cargo. Akihiro marked the mast of the ship with his Flying Thunder God technique's seal, and then descended into the cargo hole to take a sample of the product. He carefully wrapped around a single pound of it in cloth, and placed it inside of one of his cloak's pockets.

    Afterwards he went to the captain's room and took the ship manifesto. He also took some noodles from the ship's provisions- easy meals for sailors. What? He was a missing ninja and hadn't eaten in a while. Stealing is acceptable for missing ninjas you know? He needed to go now, the urgency of his business in Kirigakure no Sato had just risen to unnacceptable levels. He needed to see the Mizukage but above all he needed to see Kimiko. After making sure his orders were being followed, he vanished.

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