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    Through the Grapevine [Private]


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    Through the Grapevine  [Private] Empty Through the Grapevine [Private]

    Post by Tatts on Tue Feb 04, 2020 10:27 am

    Tatsu had always done business with contacts with the less savory members of society. Even her Resort was made to cater to members of that society to help give privacy to private matters. It's also why she built her Resort where she did. It being right next to the Red Light District that Neko-Sama frequented to sell drugs on the side and get shipments of good quality catnip.

    It was these connections that Tatsu knew, and was counting on to deliver a message in private to Nozomi. Time was running out.


    Nozomi. This is a jounin from Konoha, that has suffered more than any other Iwa-nin under their thumbs.

    My name is Tatsu Kotoshura, if it's true that you aren't affiliated with Menza, whom uses the Society's name, and has under the Society's name tortured and possibly killed my cousin's mate Rin. Then in 6 days time when we have too meet him. Kill him before he kills Rin.

    Honestly, I never wanted to be Kage, even my conquests was a direct response to not know who stole my cousin, and trying to find her. The only human I have left in this world to care about.

    I've asked for help rebuilding Iwa, to get advisers to learn a job I never wanted. I was literally tossed the job my first week in Konoha, having wanted nothing but to be with my remaining relative. But Konoha has betrayed her, has kept me from building up my homeland, and honestly, if Yui asked. Konoha wouldn't be ... anything.

    Fuck I had to get surprised about the Blood Prison, about Yui's kidnapping, about Rin's kidnapping, most of those have either the one who put the chains of office on me, or Akihiro Uchiha, who sabotaged my requests for aide to aid Iwa properly.

    Seriously, I successfully infiltrated Konoha, successfully infiltrated the Hokage's office, talked the Kage into giving me 250k Ryo, made a successful resort, all in under a week, and they forced the position of Hokage on me. Where I've gotten none of the advisors I've asked for since day one, I've gotten no training on how to build a village, how any of this works. The forced me into chains of office, and I've no idea what I'm doing. I'm a mostly a cat.

    If the Society truly is innocent, save Rin, and let Yui and Rin decide what to do to Konoha. Well let Yui. She's suffered more, and if she asks? I'll reduce Konoha to rubble after getting out Taichi, and the few innocents that remain. If you want vengeance personally, if you are "noble and not of Menza's ilk", then I ask that you spare the young, and the non-Combatants. Past that?

    They screwed over my homeland, Screwed over my human, and keep screwing me. I'm just waiting to hear Yui's judgement. It's for her, and her alone I've kept Konoha standing, since that was her last words almost a year ago. But everything I do, I do for her.

    As for the Blood Prision, I'll let you know that Seigi was was there, I, against Konoha's will, sent him to Kumo to be with family. People deserve to be free, cages and chains are the anathema of freedom.

    I hate being Kage with all my heart, but I know these Konoha serpents would do worse if given the chance to both Iwa and my cousin, whom they have constantly betrayed and backstabbed. All I've ever wanted to do was live a simple life with Yui and Rin as their cat, and run a few business where I could bring wealth and happiness to my Clowder.

    - sincerely,

    Tatsu Kotoshura (Neko-Sama)

    PS: I'm leaving my fate in your hands. Either you can tell the world the Cat Kage of Konoha is Tatsu Kotoshura, and everything here, or you can use me as a weapon when you see fit. All I care about is my Clowder. My human Yui, and her mate.

    And someday, saving my homeland of Iwa.

    PPS: I'm sorry for rambling, I just ... I really, really hate being Kage, and I really, really, hate Konoha won't help me fix Iwa. like it wouldn't help me save Yui, but I have to look after Konoha until Yui tells me what she wants me to do with it ... then I can finally leave, and not have to worry about the Kage non-sense any more.

    Just be a cat with it's humans. That's all I've ever wanted.

    The later half of the letter was splotchy with dried tears, and the frustration Neko-Sama felt at being an Impotent Kage, and worst of all being separated from it's human was palpable.


    Tatsu Kotoshura


    Strength: E
    Constitution: E
    Stamina: B [950]
    Speed: D [150]
    Coordination: C [450]
    Intelligence: B [950]
    Perception: C [450]


    800 XP Debt.

    BokuPower: Things using the Bokuton Element, are 1 Rank more Powerful, but Ijutsu is 1 Rank Weaker.

    Chemist Prodigy: A player may create chemistry creations one rank higher than what their current experience or skill set allows. This can result in an increased countdown (for poisons and drugs) or cooldown (for medicines and provisions.) The increase is the next rank's timer increased by .5 (rounding up.)

    Learning Advantage: Tatsu can learn 1 Rank Higher Jutsu than normal, but her rank up is increased by 10% (stacks with other learning boosts (high int, sensei, etc.)

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