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    Team Recycle!

    Rin Matoi
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    Team Recycle! Empty Team Recycle!

    Post by Rin Matoi on Sun Jan 26, 2020 4:09 am

    Mission Name: Team Recycle!
    Mission Type: Cleanup
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Sort trash for recyclable items.
    Description: People don't understand the importance of recycling! They throw their trash in the nearest bin without much thought where it goes. Help out by digging in trash bins and fishing out recyclable garbage.
    Payment: 10,000 ryo
    Requirements: Genin+

    It was another day of grinding for Inari. She was given a very special task of recycling to help improve Sunagakure's infrastructure. The trash dump located far outside the village, while the endless sea of sand made dumping options endless, they were not infinite. Recycling helped save the planet and the beautiful desert. Inari was ready with her volunteer cap, bag, and pike. She'd move along the streets with a watchful eye skewering any recyclable material while shifting through public trash cans along the way. She retrieved glass bottles, plastic bottles, paper, and whatever miscellaneous item that should have been recycled in her bag. She stuffed the bag as much as she could pulling it to capacity before returning back to the depot and picked up another. She wouldn't finish until she was done clearing the whole section of the village making sure it was clear and looking very pretty. With a job well done she stowed her last bag onto the wagon which would be hauled outside the village and to the nearest depot.


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