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    Emergency Evacuation


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    Emergency Evacuation Empty Emergency Evacuation

    Post by LeonInazuma on Sun Jan 05, 2020 6:09 pm

    The day stirred as the thunderous stomps echo throughout the city of Kumogakure. It was enough to stir Sven out of his house. Granted Sven just concluded his meeting with Vik, but it seems that things are in motion. Sven knew that violence wasn't the answer, and he didn't want to stain his hands in civilian blood. It was something Sven stressed to Vik, but alas it seems to fall on deaf ears. It wasn't what either of them wanted, but Sven will carry out his duty to the fullest.

    Sven weaved some handseals together to produce two clones of lightning. He even paid extra to increase their power so if one of the Jashinists managed to strike against Sven's clones. Their bodies will be charred more likely. Once he produced his clones, Sven ordered his clones to spread out and escort any civilians to the outside of Kumogakure. Beyond the walls, for he didn't want to risk the innocent to be trampled on. The clones scattered, one heading towards the Business District, and the second heading towards the Fuyuko District. Sven remains in the Residential District as he weaves his electrical strings to move his viper puppet from his house towards him. Once reached there, Sven pricks his finger on the viper's iron teeth as his hazel blue eyes shifted into a purple Iris with a horizontal pink line in the middle. Allowing the blood drop to the ground, Sven draws the iron rich liquid to the district. Letting that form up as Sven tells each civilian to hurry for the Kumogakure Gates. If anything, the guards at the gates will protect civilians if it came down to it.

    While one string is connected to the puppet, Sven also overlays the back alleys and rooftops with the other three strings. Keeping a sensory field of sorts and since they're difficult to see Sven could be alerted to somebody's presence without them even knowing it. Creating a small web of 30 meters radius while manipulating the gathered blood to move with him.

    Produced 2 Lightning Clones (Empowered to deal S rank Raiton if dispersed.) -26CP Total (UA - Affinity)
    Used Iron Mitosis Grandeur -5CP (UA)
    Used Electric Pulse String -3CP (Affinity)
    Activated Ketsuryugan -3CP (UA)

    [Empowered Lightning Clone 1 Exits > Business District]
    [Empowered Lightning Clone 2 Exits > Fuyuko District]

    [Beginning to Evacuate Civilians]

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