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    [Mission] Drug Lord Assassination


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    [Mission] Drug Lord Assassination - Page 2 Empty Re: [Mission] Drug Lord Assassination

    Post by Irui on Mon Mar 02, 2020 1:01 am

    A plume of flame erupted from Seid's mouth, thundering as it filled the air and rushed to consume the drug lord. Irui had only glimpsed the technique from a window as he raced through the hallways to the outside. Through the barracks and hallways, the sickly scent of scorched flesh reached him, tinged with wood.

    The boy flung open the door, and immediately winced as the heat washed over him. He shielded his face with his arm, and stepped back into the doorframe, squinting through the smoke and embers. In an instant the monstrous drug lord had been annihilated, his body carbonized, permanently fixed with his mouth agape. With a shudder, Kodo's form leaned, and collapsed, giving way as it crumbled into ash and cinders. Wide eyed, Irui couldn't wrench his eyes from the scene. Just moments ago this man had been threatening their lives, and yet Seid had destroyed him in moments.

    Slowly, Irui turned towards the white-haired man.

    "You both performed exemplary." He stated rather flatly. "I will notify the Raikage that you both can handle missions of higher caliber in the future. Proving your prowess even further. Now..." Seid trailed off to pause, "....Lets return home. The Kingpin is dead."

    He turned on his heel, and without another word, took flight at a breakneck pace for the Hidden Cloud. Irui held back, his attention held on the grim figure of Kodo, waiting for Seid's chakra to fade from his senses, and he gingerly stepped forward. Irui crossed the still hot ground, the smoke parting in his wake. He didn't want to believe that Seid had so nonchalantly reduced a man to cinders, and left without hesitation. They'd left a building in ruin, countless others either dead or injured in their wake.

    He stopped short of Kodo's grisly remains, and settled his eyes on the empty sockets that once held eyeballs.

    "This is what it means...." He surmised, "To be a shinobi-- to cause death and ruin in our wake."

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